Nokia Lumia 625

Nokia Lumia 625

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  • Nokia Lover

I have read some reports that there is no compass for this device and hence user can't experience Nokia City Lens. I am wondering why is it stated on your website that compass is available as a feature. 512MB and 8GB on-board memory is a turned off especially the latter. With no options to view OTHER Folder to view hidden files attributes to the phone kept prompting no Space/ Memory. The Micro SD Card serves only to store doc, pdf, and media files and it doesnt help.

  • bob

Awesome! That might be my next phone.

noknok, 23 Jul 2013music playback only 6h ?Music play up to 90hours ! May video ..6hours

  • santosh

when will it be available in india? and what will be the price of this mobile?...

  • ukulle

a very nice phone..

  • mb

another wonder by Nokia

  • human

Nokia please remove 4g from this phone. more than 95% of the lumia 625 owners wount use 4g but it makes the phone more costly & make the screen 4.3 inch, 4.7 inch is too big. Making the phones screen 4.3 inch will also increase the ppi from 201 to 217 and make the phone price $250 than this phone will be a hit like lumia 520.

  • AnonD-105236

r.i.p nokia lumia 620

Good, but the price should under USD 220, to become hellfire in making high specification smartphones but low price.

  • SD


  • Anonymous

Manh , haters will hate it , but people like us really trust nokia , and we go with them. yeah , they faced some starting trouble with the OS, not even android was perfect, give sometime to grow, and see how big ,our nokia gonna get back. Even so called samsung fans, they even exchange their phones and get nokia instead. Guys accept it , no one want to use the junks anymore. Realise the fact that , you cant stop its growth.
welcome back nokia.....!!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-165321, 23 Jul 2013260EUR, Nokia did not you ssaw the L520 sales which of pre-entry... moreWaiting for the launch

  • Anonymous

when nokia will launch lumia as dual sim

  • noknok

music playback only 6h ?

  • raj

Why nokia gave this on 260 euro.there is no bigger differnece between 720 and 625 so why they have charged 260 euro (approx. Rs.18000/- to 20000/-)rather 720 is only 17000/-

Can anyone know that nokia launched lumia 525 if yes then when they have launched and what is the expected price for 525

  • AnonD-133243

Music play up to 6h and 50 minutes? Really?

  • Kris


4G phone with 4.7" screen only for Euro.260. Superb!!!

Only NOKIA can do this magic. Thanks a lot :)

  • AnonD-156904

The only great feature on desktop windows is versatility while in mobile OS... No different UI, No different resolution, Can't run any desktop apps and ...
They should build a phone that people can choose the OS like PC. You buy one, then install Linux. Don't like it? Format the drive and install Windows or anything else.
Nokia is good phone maker I'm sorry that managers are destroying reputation earned in years just for an ambition that Windows RT will eventually gain market share!
When android initially released, got the attention of many users and was promising in the first place then Google polished it further. But, Windows is rubbish in the first place.

  • AnonD-165321

260EUR, Nokia did not you ssaw the L520 sales which of pre-entry phones, People want try but not give more money
I am sure that you fall down on L625

  • DylanDog

geez this sucks. its an ok phone had they not stretched it to 4.7. no point in buying save for the sheer size. however this might be announcing a new standard for lumia.
I wish intel had bought Nokia back in the day n they proceeded to make atom powered meego/maemo phones. that would have been superior