Nokia Lumia 625

Nokia Lumia 625

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  • Anonymous

kkkkkk, 23 Jul 2013Only,--480 x 800 pixels, 4.7 inches (~199 ppi pixel density,,What about galaxy grand ....5 inch screen n same resolution and 187ppi ??

  • AnonD-87921

199 ppi only?? the screen is a dissaster from the start! Rest of the specs are very good for it's price, but the screen is very low on quality.At it's size, only 199 ppi and 480x800 res...I wouldn't buy this

  • Anonymous

delta, 23 Jul 2013so the price group means that this phone is having the same... moreIt will priced similar to 720 not 820

  • AnonD-78634

delta, 23 Jul 2013so the price group means that this phone is having the same... moredude price will be somewhere between 620 and 720 or i would say little higher than 620 price..Nokia Lumia phones are launched with ascending/descending numbers and similar ascending/descending price range like most cheaper 520 then little higher 620 then 720 then 820 then 920 then 1020 so any new phone launch will fall in b/w these series and with their in b/w similar price range factor..hope you got my/Nokia point..

  • AnonD-144436

only 480x800 at 4.7 inch...and 159grams... :(

  • AnonD-43585

only 480 x 800 pixels, 4.7 inches...?

  • shekhar

Nokia in india most people use mostly duel sim phone..
4g phone in no matter in india
so plz launch a spl edition of lumia 625 with duel sim
nd in this compass sensor not awlable so put compass
to became superhit...
That why galaxy grand selling very fast
so ply make some correction
becoze in india nokia is no 1 trusted brand in india...

  • kkkkkk

Only,--480 x 800 pixels, 4.7 inches

(~199 ppi pixel density,,

  • Black Xero

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2013when nokia will launch lumia as dual simDual sim can't be launched on the phone which are distributed by Carriers, except that Nokia prepare two models, 1 for carriers and other with 2 sim slots for the users who buy from market. Most smartphones are single sim, e.g S4, Xperia Z, iPhone 5, Lumia 920 and BBZ10

  • delta

so the price group means that this phone is having the same price with Lumia 820?

  • Nokia Lover

I have read some reports that there is no compass for this device and hence user can't experience Nokia City Lens. I am wondering why is it stated on your website that compass is available as a feature. 512MB and 8GB on-board memory is a turned off especially the latter. With no options to view OTHER Folder to view hidden files attributes to the phone kept prompting no Space/ Memory. The Micro SD Card serves only to store doc, pdf, and media files and it doesnt help.

  • bob

Awesome! That might be my next phone.

noknok, 23 Jul 2013music playback only 6h ?Music play up to 90hours ! May video ..6hours

  • santosh

when will it be available in india? and what will be the price of this mobile?...

  • ukulle

a very nice phone..

  • mb

another wonder by Nokia

  • human

Nokia please remove 4g from this phone. more than 95% of the lumia 625 owners wount use 4g but it makes the phone more costly & make the screen 4.3 inch, 4.7 inch is too big. Making the phones screen 4.3 inch will also increase the ppi from 201 to 217 and make the phone price $250 than this phone will be a hit like lumia 520.

  • AnonD-105236

r.i.p nokia lumia 620

Good, but the price should under USD 220, to become hellfire in making high specification smartphones but low price.

  • SD