Nokia Lumia 625

Nokia Lumia 625

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  • noknok

music playback only 6h ?

  • raj

Why nokia gave this on 260 euro.there is no bigger differnece between 720 and 625 so why they have charged 260 euro (approx. Rs.18000/- to 20000/-)rather 720 is only 17000/-

Can anyone know that nokia launched lumia 525 if yes then when they have launched and what is the expected price for 525

  • AnonD-133243

Music play up to 6h and 50 minutes? Really?

  • Kris


4G phone with 4.7" screen only for Euro.260. Superb!!!

Only NOKIA can do this magic. Thanks a lot :)

  • AnonD-156904

The only great feature on desktop windows is versatility while in mobile OS... No different UI, No different resolution, Can't run any desktop apps and ...
They should build a phone that people can choose the OS like PC. You buy one, then install Linux. Don't like it? Format the drive and install Windows or anything else.
Nokia is good phone maker I'm sorry that managers are destroying reputation earned in years just for an ambition that Windows RT will eventually gain market share!
When android initially released, got the attention of many users and was promising in the first place then Google polished it further. But, Windows is rubbish in the first place.

  • AnonD-165321

260EUR, Nokia did not you ssaw the L520 sales which of pre-entry phones, People want try but not give more money
I am sure that you fall down on L625

  • DylanDog

geez this sucks. its an ok phone had they not stretched it to 4.7. no point in buying save for the sheer size. however this might be announcing a new standard for lumia.
I wish intel had bought Nokia back in the day n they proceeded to make atom powered meego/maemo phones. that would have been superior

  • MG

According to Nokia's website, it does have FM radio.

  • AnonD-1785

Not sure if this Lumia has a ClearBlack display or not like 620. :\ :/

AnonD-167170, 20 Jul 2013HII... i would like to buy lumia 820 can any suggest me..........Very good phone,but i prefer to buy lumia 720

  • AnonD-167170

HII... i would like to buy lumia 820 can any suggest me..........

  • Ashok

[deleted post]i agree

  • Ashok

2*(price of lumia 520) = (price of lumia 720)
good interface and OS
but not worth the money

there is not visible difference in 520 and 720 except for front cam and battery
520 and 620 worth buying comparing what the mobile market offer us at this point of time
all other high ends of lumia are not worth buying
i mean what is nokia is trying to do

no file manager,lots of temp file creation and no proper mechanism in OS to delete them after use

512MB RAM, what is the problem to give 1GB RAM when they are charging lots of money
non of real world video format are supported,issue with playlist creation

why dont you provide wide color range instead fix set of colors,better improve on theme
what we pay for lumia is too much

Nokia! why dont you give good headphone like given for 820??
it complete non sense,GIVE GOOD HEADPHONE for all lumia model

Cheap tricks of giving card slot support and removing in other models
cheap tricks of FM support on amber update
i mean nokia ,wht up on ur mind

Stop playing these cheap tricks and produce genuine products
bcoz someday day entire world will know about this truth and you will know that people will stop buying nokia as it had happenned earlier

Stop all non sense ,if you (nokia) are seeing this post


  • Rishi

Nokia just grow up the world neads nice softwares like ios android or give texting softwares like bbm or give nice sound quality like htc gives beats audio or give wonderful processors like samsung or give nice rugged quality. I agree you had nice quality but that were just box phones. IT world especially smartphones world is highly competetive. Just grow up.

  • vijayraj2311@gmail.

Twirlybob, 09 May 2013Wow, WVGA on 4.7"? Thats a lot, you know. I'd better h... moresuper

  • Twirlybob

Wow, WVGA on 4.7"? Thats a lot, you know. I'd better handle the same 4.5" what's in 928, and HEY, ppi will be better either. BTW, phone specs seem really good. I AM WATING FOR IT.!