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Nokia Lumia 630

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  • since ao

Applications too large compared to android.
Can't downlod in 2g network

  • AnonD-154433

sid, 12 Jun 2014do lumia 630 have brightness slider in notification centre?not a slider.. but an option to switch from low, medium and high..

  • Anonymous

amanath, 12 Jun 2014I am 100persantage suport u.frnd is the microax phone is good or... moreI own Canvas music from 7 months and still no problem. Micromax mobiles are trending now.

  • joe

sid, 12 Jun 2014is lack of proximity and ambient light sensor a big problem in 630?no... there is brightness control in pull down notification and no one feel irritated during call without proximity sensor since it does not make touch or respond any option with our body during calls... but lack of flash is a little bit of disappointing one...

  • amanath

achu, 12 Jun 2014yes too frstly plnd to buy canvas colours..but there... morefrnd, how is lumia 630 ? Which should i buy l 525 or l 630?whats your option.reply

  • sakthi

Do you available Skype in nokia lumia 630

  • achu

amanath, 12 Jun 2014I am 100persantage suport u.frnd is the microax phone is good or... moreyes too frstly plnd to buy canvas colours..but there is a huge btry prob n heating prob too... so now am turned to lumia 630..

  • AnonD-100814

S@m, 12 Jun 2014bought LUMIA 630 on 01/06/14 from a local store AND NOW IT IS SA... moreu got a faulty piece i think. its a harware dude so definetly it can be faulty.. u got faulty piece that doent mean phone is bad.. go n replace it or tell them to repair it...

every appstore has junk apps.. if playstore is vast then 80% apps r junk in playstore...

about any format video player moliplayer is ther download it. vlc is coming very soon..

on any platform which is new 3rd party devs deservs money for ther hardwork.. app development is not joke..

n about experience every os is difficult to use if it is new for anyone.. even when 5 yrs ago when i used android ginverbread 1st time which is latest at that time i also faced huge amount of difficulties coz of new user - interface..

so its common..

feeling bad by reading ur screen problem bt every gadget in world has faulty pieces.

  • S@m

amanath, 12 Jun 2014I am 100persantage suport u.frnd is the microax phone is good or... moreno phone is ultimately good or bad.... certain models of Micromax are very good (as it is my MMX A 52). don't know much about recent MMX handsets. search the net u will get a general idea. but ultimately it is ur luck. u may get a defected set out of the box if u r unlucky.

  • Anonymous

don't forget it that nokia xl has 5 inch screen, front camera and flash,if you're gamer then go for it and if you want phone for social sites then go for lumia 630...

  • Riyaz

its a good phone(lumia 630) ...much better then android as it does not freeze like android.... but only thing which they should work on is a battery life... otherwise its a perfect phone & 100% value for money

  • raghuvir

Both speakers working in calling its irritating what is the solution please help me

  • amanath

S@m, 12 Jun 2014bought LUMIA 630 on 01/06/14 from a local store AND NOW IT IS SA... moreI am 100persantage suport u.frnd is the microax phone is good or bad?i like to buy micromax canvas 2 colour but, in here no service center of mmx.and i heard that they have battery problems and it will not last is it true ? But nokia service center is good also i avilable 2,and the main thing is it will last, which i should i select mmx canvas 2 clour or l630 ? Pls replay

  • S@m

bought LUMIA 630 on 01/06/14 from a local store AND NOW IT IS SAFELY DEPOSITED IN NOKIA CARE (dont panic!!! a minor display problem). below i am describing my firstever experience with a Lumia and WINDOWS PHONE 8.1

(i am a general but curious user of gadgets and previously owned a MICROMAX A 52 WITH Android 2.3.6)

I searched the net for nearly one month and found that Lumia 520 is a hit. as i needed a dual sim phone and i got bored with Android's common UI, i bought Lumia 630 DS.
I will not repeat the merits and demerits of this phone once again because u all know about them already. rather i will tell about my experience which, i think, will show light to the future buyers.

the phone and the OS both are smooth, lag-free but the OS is quite complicated. An Android user will find it difficult to use and find the things in phone. the OS is not as user-friendly as Android.

the WINDOWS STORE lacks the vitality of PLAY STORE. even if i neglect the numbers of apps , WP store lacks the essential and user friendly apps like MX PLAYER, JET AUDIO BASIC, CALL RECORDER and many more. (though the native vid player of Lumia 630 can play HD vid, i found it less user-friendly and there were no Free video player like mx player in the WP store). i've heard that too much restrictions on 3rd party App preventing the Developers from making good and user-friendly Apps. IT IS NOT TRUE THAT ONLY GOOD AND WORTHY APPS WERE PLACED IN WP STORE. I FOUND MANY BOGUS AND FAKE APPS IN THE WP STORE.

my phone has a manufacturing problem. the lower portion of the touch screen is not responding properly. so i brought it to the local nokia care. they checked the phone but surprisingly the problem didn't pop out then. i brought it home and downloaded a PAINT APP. when i started drawing lines.... i was unable to draw lines in the lower portion of the screen. went to the nokia care again and showed them the problem. i demanded for a DOA certificate which they refused to give. (my friend got a DOA from MICROMAX immediately). they took my phone and asked me to come at least 25 days later!!!!

well..... Android phones may lag a bit, but they are best for daily use and entertainment purpose. on the other hand Windows phones are secured but THEY ARE STILL UNABLE TO DRAW THE ATTENTION OF COMMON PEOPLE(even after the release of 8.1)

  • sid

do lumia 630 have brightness slider in notification centre?

  • sid

is lack of proximity and ambient light sensor a big problem in 630?

  • S@m

Tryx, 10 Jun 2014Do 630 owners also have uneven display brightness at top of the ... moreyes. i have faced the problem like that. the lower portion of the screen is not responding properly.

  • yogesh

vishal, 11 Jun 2014guyss tell me which is better lumia 625 or 630 i m vry cnfusng i... moreGuys please go for lumia 630 .at this price this is the best windows phone in the market.superb camera . Micro sd of 128 gb and if you thing 512 mb ram is less then its not.Its much enough.excellent spd on internet no lag.the best.................of nokia.

  • ton-itz

Tushar Chopra, 11 Jun 2014plz guys help me,which phone shud I buy nokia xl or lumia 630?buy lumia 630 instead..xl is not a good idea!!xl picture is not clear seems not a 5megapixel smartphone...

  • satyam

tenny, 12 Jun 2014which phone is better either lumia 625 0r 630??lumia 625 is better then lumia 630