Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia Lumia 820

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  • akshay

still i didnt use it but my brother is using now.i saw it.last i had used this way my brother purchased now.

  • Ricky

Why does the phone keep on resuming every time I open my phone to check mail or phone it says resuming what a wate of money should have bought either Samsung or iphone

  • Anonymous

Nokia will release new smartphones nokia lumia 930, 630/635 and all will contain snapdragon chip classic bored thing, why don't release new nokia lumia how contain MediaTek MT6592 chip which will be very successful, for example Nokia Lumia 830 specs:
1.Display.- 4.5inch HD - AMOLED - CBD - CGG3
2.Memory.- 2 GB RAM
3.Chipset.- MediaTek MT6592
4.CPU.- Octa-core 2GHz
5.Camera.- 8 & 2 MP
6.Battery.- 2300mAh

Believe me, many people would like to have a smartphone like this! So nokia please do it this smartphone

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know how I change the battery?

  • T.J

hw can i used lumia amber on lumia 820.

  • Lumia 820 User

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2014Windows Phone 8.1 soon, I am waiting eagerlyWindows 8.1 will be awesome...
An answer to all the cons...

  • Anonymous

Windows Phone 8.1 soon, I am waiting eagerly

  • Dimma

I have lumia 820. i updated black version. after updated my camera is not working.and battery is dead early.

what i do for this??

  • Raja

mathi, 11 Mar 2014is tamil supports in 820 or not ?No it doesn't support Tamil when updates into black there may be chance

  • AnonD-179617

Taimur, 13 Mar 2014Windows phones are the stupidest ever phones made compared to An... moreHi, what you miss ? Explain please

  • Taimur

Windows phones are the stupidest ever phones made compared to Android & iOS. These phones lack simple basic functions which makes one astonished that how come Nokia lacks simple basic functionalities which are requirements of users. I honestly regret buying Lumia 820 and will not ever in my life buy any Windows Phone again.
My advise to all of you would be go for an iOS(iphone) or if you find it a little expensive then go for Android Phones.

  • Sumesh777

couldnt know how to enable 4G LTE network wen operator service is provided.. no option on it to switch to 4g. only showing 3g and 2g networks

  • Jeep1

Onja, 10 Mar 2014Lumia 820 or HTC 8X?Hi,
If you use the navigation a lot,take the Nokia.
Also the extra camera apps are great.
Also sd card slot till 64GB !!

  • Jeep1

GaneshB, 11 Mar 2014Is Nokia Lumia 820 support only Kingston's micro sd card ?Hi,
I use a Sandisk, works great,no problems.
Type :Speed 4,16 GB.

  • Jeep1

mathi, 11 Mar 2014is tamil supports in 820 or not ?????

  • mathi

is tamil supports in 820 or not ?

  • rafeek

lumia 820 gud hs and gud features i like that

  • David jos

Athull, 05 Mar 2014If ur question is from the software side then android is atm bes... moreSo which phone is gud for gaming?

  • GaneshB

Is Nokia Lumia 820 support only Kingston's micro sd card ?

Vinu, 02 Mar 2014Is 82 good in whatsapp?I can't say it will good or not. WhatsApp has got several updates.