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Nokia Lumia 900

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  • jagwar


  • Pat

AnonD-143173, 18 May 2013Now, I want to write a review and share my experience about this... moreTotally agree with you - I've had Nokia N95 for six years and it's much better than Lumia 900 on all the points you mention about N97; I don't use it as a phone because it's awkward to hold so I just use it as a small "phablet" and still use my N95 for phone calls, sms etc.

  • Harish

My Lumia 900 was working OK. Entering to other country I changed SIM card and it shows "No Sim'. After putting old sim, it shows NO SIM.Pl advice as there is no NOKIA center in BURUNDI where I am staying presently.

  • alfa

tashi, 05 Jun 2013which one is better sony xperia sp or lumia 900???lumia 900 i better than sony sp

  • sabrah

my lumia closed even battery is full and dosent open

  • tashi

which one is better sony xperia sp or lumia 900???

  • navil

alam nure, 02 Jun 2013i want to read bangla language in my nokia lumia900 plz do soome... moreThen go ahead, read it. LOL Jk i don't use it thought i would get a light moment from your question

  • bear

how do u download whatsapp for this fone

  • alam nure

cool, 04 May 2013lumia 820 is better than 900i want to read bangla language in my nokia lumia900 plz do soomething,,,,,,,,,it is my mother language plzzzzzzzz


there is a lot... Of confuse to buy a phone.......!!!!!!?!!!!?? By seeing all nokia,samsung,sony soon...... Our mind gets confusion...!!?????!!!??!??? One will have camera fine.,one will battery problem , one will have some othere problem.... SO AT LOST OUR MIND SAYS THAT ,.., ITS BETTER TO USE BASIC SET... AND SHUT OFFFFFF.....What to do.......??????????????

  • paco2x

Mulay587, 24 May 2013Guys which one is better here? Lumia 900 or Xperia Arc S? Than... moreBetween those 2 phones in specs only, they are almost the same: CPU, GPU, RAM and camera. The biggest difference is the OS. Managing any Android device with ICS and only 512MB of RAM it will (Most likely) give you a slow performance and many restarts. Only with some proper custom rom could give a decent experience, but you have look for it and before that root the phone. And you have to deal to the very limited internal memory which is only 1GB.

The Lumia 900 in the other hand is using WP7.8 which is some kind of dumb down version of the WP8, but it give you fast and smooth experience, keep in mind that in WP the app selection is limited comparing with Android but the basic apps are covered. There is no SD card slot but you have 16GB internal memory and no battery access.

My bet is on the Lumia 900, i had that phone for 1 year and is an excellent phone, never had any problems. Now i have the L920 is much better of course, well except is quite bigger and heavy, but no so much to complain.

  • Chriss

how can i make my nokia to not recieve private calls anymore,thank you

  • Mulay587

Guys which one is better here?
Lumia 900 or Xperia Arc S?
Thank you all.

  • AnonD-143173

Now, I want to write a review and share my experience about this phone. I have been a big fan of Nokia for more than one decade. My first ever mobile phone was Nokia 3310 and I had that in year 2000. I have used Nokia 2600, 1600, N70, N97, iPhone 4S and Lumia 900 respectively after that. I will give a big kudos to Nokia for making strong phones. None of my Nokia phones ever got spoil. I lost my 3310 to armed robbers at gun point (yes, 3310 was a tech phone then), I misplaced my 2600 and I still have all the other models and they all still work up to date. I still use both N70 and N97 before I decided to upgrade my devices even though they still work fine. I bought a Samsung galaxy tab 2 7 sometimes in January, just to have a feel of android device and tablet PC generally. Although it has a full gsm/mobile phone functionality (I call it Phablet i.e. phone + tablet), I thought it is too big to be used as a phone and I decided to buy another "Smart" phone. I bought an iPhone 4S in March but iPhone is a total crap!! (It will take another long review to share my experience about iPhone). The only thing I like about iPhone is the Camera. All other features are total bullshit since iPhone is a closed garden system. Take it or leave it, it will take a long time before other vendors could match the camera quality of an iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 (both 4S and 5 have the same camera specs). Not even a Lumia 920 camera!! The only good thing about 920 camera is the low light snapshot. The normal day light snapshot, which most people use more is total bullshit compared with an iPhone 4S or 5 camera.

Back to my review. Of course, it is obvious that I am not satisfied with iPhone and that got me start reviewing other phones, most especially Nokia phones because I am Nokiaís big fan and because of their long reputation of making quality devices. After a lot of reviews online, from friends and from here (, I decided to buy a Lumia 900 (even though it is not a windows 8 phone). The only reason I chose Lumia 900 (even though it has lower specs compared with 920) is because of FM radio. Yes, you may think I am crazy but that is just it! I use my FM radio and no music app can replace a normal FM radio. I bought Lumia 900 2 weeks ago and I wrote about that. I criticized those saying negative comments about this phone because I thought itís a very nice phone from my first impression and the tech reviews I have read everywhere. I did not know that those people writing negative comments about this phone are totally correct!! Sorry guys for my previous comment but you guys are totally correct! This phone called Lumia 900 (and other Lumia phones running windows phone OS) is just a f*cking stupid phone!! This phone is nothing but a big disappointment from Nokia (even though I am their big fan). My nokia N97 is 1000 times better than this phone and I will state my reasons for that. Below is my simple comparison between nokia N97 and Lumia 900.
External storage/card slot
N97 yes (I had 4gig memory card on it) | Lumia 900 No

Internal storage
N97 32 gig | Lumia 900 16gig

N97 yes, supports anything that has Bluetooth | Lumia 900 yes but limited. Only recognizes other Lumia phones and recent Nokia models. It does not even recognize my nokia N70 (f*cking closed garden like iPhone.)

USSD code (e.g. *123# for checking account balance and easy access to the network)
N97 yes | Lumia 900 No (What the f~ck?)

File Explorer
N97 yes | Lumia 900 No. (What was Nokia thinking? You donít even know where your files are stored)

N97: Drive and Walk | Lumia 900: Only Drive

GPS Speed Camera Support
N97 Yes | Lumia 900 No

Synchronizing with PC
N97 yes. Plug and play | Lumia 900 No. You can only do stuffs with Zune software. Your PC does not even recognize your phone. You canít even copy mp3 file on your phone without this Zune software (another copy from iPhone just like crappy i-tunes)

Phone Profile (Silent mode)
N97 yes | Lumia 900 No. They copied iPhone

Removable Battery
N97 yes | Lumia 900 No. They copied iPhone

Easy SIM-card removal
N97 yes | Lumia 900 No. They copied iPhone

Flash Player / Java
N97 yes | Lumia 900 No

In short, Nokia copied iPhone in most of the features in this phone (and all their other Lumia Phones running windows 7.5 and above). What is the essence of buying another iPhone (Lumia 900 and other Nokia Lumia phones) when I do not like an iPhone? So, what is smart about this phone? Absolutely nothing!! Its just a bullshit. My nokia N97 is even smarter than this as you can see above. Even Lumia 920 is not any better than this. It only has higher hardware specs. So, why will I continue suffering just because I want a Nokia phone? Fortunately, I have been using android for the past 5 months and android has all those features missing in Nokia Lumia and other windows phones. Itís been a fabulous experience with an android device.

Good news
Today, I bought a galaxy note II and I returned my Lumia 900 to amazon. Samsung galaxy note II is worthy to be called a smart phone. I can recommend this phone to anybody that wants to enjoy the feedom of a smart phone. Until Nokia decides to reverse to a Symbian OS or android OS, I will say hej då (meaning goodbye in Swedish) to Nokia forever. Nokia should improve their Symbian OS and make all their future devices run on that, rather than Windows Phone. In Symbian OS and Android, there is freedom. In Apple IOS and Windows Phone OS, there is no freedom!! If you want to be in a closed garden, then continue using IOS and Windows Phone OS. Love from Sweden.

  • Ako Igala

Please remake the Lumia series and this time do not forget to include FM radio.

  • reedeemer

crox, 09 May 2013trouble is those lumia phones don't have FM radioThey do infact. In Music+Videos.

  • crox

Anonymous, 06 May 2013Forget 900. Get 920 or 820. New Lumias are WAY better.trouble is those lumia phones don't have FM radio

  • AR

dhunanga, 06 May 2013Yes it is up-gradable to Windows 7.8Thank you

  • AnonD-4863

it is possible to use it, just download the apps in marketplace, you will install it, but i remind you only picture and music can only be read by this phone.

  • hackie

All of you criticizing this phone should get a life. Maybe you should try iphone instead. I bought this phone because I think my iphone 4S sucks!