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Nokia Lumia 920

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Fade., 05 Sep 2012Oh realy SIII has way better cpu and gpu? Then why do the Androi... moreso what in the f... hell are you doing looking at this phone, go and look adn post in the siii phone, so get the f... out of here


AnonD-18125, 06 Sep 2012No FM Radio. No microSD slot. Only 8MP Camera. Only 32GB max mem... moreyea yea yea you samsung stockholder ha ha ha ha

  • AnonD-3571

hey.. i m really confused b/w nokia lumia 920 and sony xperia t, i know for some this question might seem rubbish bcoz both the devices are of different OS, for me this could be my first windows phone or my first android as right now me using nokia n8 i m really confused i will get any one of them as soon as they are launched so pls help...

  • AnonD-53316

In present time there are lot of fools who needs, a football ground to sit on a chair and call someone, this is for guys complaining about no xternal storage, and need a truckload of apps to scroll within to look for a calculator app or notes or surfing. Lol, There will always be fools who will complain what is not there, they don't have brains or guts to appreciate what is present in the set. Carry on guys about writing negatives about which u don't bother but still waste a lot of time to write comments. Love for Nokia will always be there. We are with Nokia.

  • rio

AnonD-18125, 06 Sep 2012No FM Radio. No microSD slot. Only 8MP Camera. Only 32GB max mem... morenokia is better than samsung

  • raj

it wont support adobe flash player and we cant download songs and video v cant save it after download

  • Singh

Never expected from Nokia that it will produce such a superphone again. was frustracted seeing the previous 101 restricted lumia phones.
but today Nokia lumia 920 has won back my heart from my two Years away with gs2.
price is not matter, certainly I will buy it once available in the Indian markets.

  • nae

interesting, but... [[[[ adreno 225 ]]]] is too slow...

  • samsung

[deleted post]why d hell r u unestimating samsung iii stil using tft capacitive screen(which belongs to stone age) and u r expecting that it has gt d best display ..and lokk at dat weight... v dont expect to cary a woping 185gms in our pocket..dats unexpectable ..wireless chrging havent yet proved to be successful...dont uplift any feature which hasnt been yet tested by a common user...dey must prove worthy for a normal usage den nly ders chance of praising the new features of the product nd for ur kind d features provided by samsung hav been proved to be awwesome!!!!!

  • AnonD-4340

Whats all the disagreements about? YES Lumia 920 has great hardware specs, a notch better than SGS3, thats already proven (dual 1.5 Krait + Adreno225 on the Sony Xperia T), but a mongoloid with muscles is still a mongoloid.

Retard OS = Retard Phone. Windows on mobile devices has again and again proven to be useless in the past, history has spoken, stay away from Winmo, WP and whatever name they will give it in the future to make us forget past failures.

  • AnonD-70138

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2012Windows Phone 8 on Lumia 920 and 820? People should open their ... moreOh? And that's why Lumia won the best design award for the past year(s). :P Where was Sammy back then? The only reason why the Lumia 900 didn't won the best phone was because of the so called 'low specs' of the phone. But nobody could say that as a low-spec. Coz it ran almost every apps found in the android or iOS without any lag. I have a tab with me having Nvidia Tegra which lags a lot even while running Angry Birds. :P You call that high-spec-ed? When you can't do anything seamlessly? And you can WP UI boring? C'mon dude, it's -The Most Sexiest and addictive UI in the world-. Even Android is trying to replicate it in the devices. And still, it's boring for you???

You're totally blind. :P Windows Phones are the best and they will continue to be.

  • Piktas lietuvis

I was strong believer with Nokia success, waiting this moment so long because since 1998 I was Nokia handset buyer and I was most patient fan until this day and... . So I reading news about most advanced Nokia smart phone and can't believe with my eye's... - no memory card slot, no radio, no java, primary camera 8 MP. You killed me, Nokia - go to HELL!

Compare this Nokia crap and Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III:
w w w­one2=4238

So, are you need more questions or answers?!!???

  • AnonD-43769

I have lumia 800, second owner in Germany, and for sure I'll buy the new 920. Once you feel the nokia curves in your hands and the materials quality you'll never need another phone.+ wp8 office skype, push email, a really business phone.

  • AnonD-70145

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2012I have only one thing to say for those who say that this phone i... moreexactly bro, stop being a bunch of ladies saying...ohh its so heavy?? how might i be able to lift it to my ears?? Its heavy because its made of some really premium materials, not some plastic crap.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2012Windows Phone 8 on Lumia 920 and 820? People should open their ... moreApple used the same design as well even on iPod touch for their iPhone and it was copied from LG and inspired from Sony so if Apple can just just release the exact same design why can't Nokia? (please take note that the new Nokia designs are superb) so i don't know what you are talking about it doesn't make any sense

  • Mark

AnonD-18125, 06 Sep 2012No FM Radio. No microSD slot. Only 8MP Camera. Only 32GB max mem... moreThis phone completely destroys the cheap plastic Ativ, has a much better camera, better screen, higher pip, exclusive Nokia apps (Samsung has zilch) wireless charging, etc, etc, etc. Ativ is a recycles S3 --> Boring

  • AnonD-70145

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2012actually I find heavy phone feel more premium too. when I held S... morebecause sg phones are cheap plasticky phones. nokia lumia's back is made of highly resistant ceramic. It add to its durability and its highly scratch resistant. I dont know why samedung fandroids are whining here.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2012Windows Phone 8 on Lumia 920 and 820? People should open their ... morewhy waste a good design when it still outstanding? you haven't tried it haven't you? wp have the perfect set out of the box unlike android that you have to install a few more things to make it work. the live tiles is just like widgets in android, if you customize it right, you make a good looking home screen of out it.

  • Anonymous

this is for nokia/lumia opinion and review, take your samsung crap and go away, fanboy they are everywhere lol...u should try windows os 1st, it's better for me than android, and the nokia build quality is better than most of android smartphone. and i believe this wp 8 will be a greatttt os..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2012Windows Phone 8 on Lumia 920 and 820? People should open their ... more"slaping old boring WP OS on it." You did not get it? You did not understand the press release or anything? You know... Windows 8 is so brand new that it still have not been released. This also goes for what you call old boring WP OS, namely Windows phone 8. Please tell me if you are ignorant, stupid or both combined. I will give you one advice. Read this carefully!
Next time you are going to comment on a phone, please, for your own sake, read about it first. If your native tounge is not english, i am sure that there is certain online magazines which specializes in cell phone news in your country too.