Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-70145, 06 Sep 2012LOL I dont need anyone believing me. I would just say go and use... moreMy gosh, what the hell, 180grams. No removable battery, no memory expansion, radio. And still here someone is yelling infact...infact...infact...u don't knw anything about this phone. Pls guys judge this.; does html5 support flash contents in web pages?

U hate on samsung simply because u cannot afford gs3.U re here since mornin making som loud noise here when it's clear u cannot afford this phone. Well, That's your business. I got better things to do with my time than squable over nokia's announced sh*t.

  • Khan

8 MP cameara thats good but why not HDMI???????

n can some one plzzz tell me when this phone is coming? in 2014????? am i right?


  • AnonD-4814

Mobilemaster, 06 Sep 2012You are a professional liar kid, but I am not that fool to belie... moreHey, GS3 won't last 2 days. I use that phone and I charged it twice a day (yeah, that's true). okay, I'm a heavy users. but not extremely heavy.

And don't say about the GPU. S3 has the FASTEST GPU on android phone, save for the Adreno 320. So no argue about that.

  • Shan

People don't be so hurry to think negative about this monstrous handset. Even the guys at the gsm arena don't know the full specs because it isn't out yet. Just wait and watch how this phone becomes the king of the smartphone industry. Lumia 920 is the best smartphone as I guess. It will be true in a couple of weeks.

  • AnonD-70186


  • AnonD-27473

This is the most amazing phone that I have saw until today~
The PureMotion HD+ display stunned me for a while!!!Wow!!!
It seems like just copy and paste from the iPhone specs…but I don't care about it…I just care about the greatest and powerfull specs.
The HD+ screen resolution is the sharpest, brightest display in this world.
The PureView camera also shocked me with the nice lowlight shot~
Nokia Lumia 920 is the best choice for being yours smartphone.

  • Motaz

i hope they solve Arabic language problem on windows 8 because this problem made me hate windows 7 so much

  • Wind

bubemk, 05 Sep 2012Samsung is chip copybrend this is new technology,Samsung will co... moreIt's better to copy something and make it better (like Samsung) than to make crap all by yourself (like Apple). Of course, Sony is the best from that point of view. Not only ALL their phones look great, the new Xperias have a 13MP camera and a DUALCORE CPU that beats the QUADCORE CPU in Galaxy S3. I just wish that they updated their Android versions faster. Xperia Sola, for example, is still stuck at Gingerbread. Xperia Arc S won't get Jellybean, although it deserves the update (I'm not going to compare it to the Nexus S).

  • Yogeshwar

Nokia lumia 910 is Best win8 Phone camera,look and 4G compair to Samsung Ativ S

  • Anonymous

darksantacruz, 06 Sep 2012First of all i love this phone! Great design and great innovatio... moreBcoz WP8 dsnt suprt quad core nd 2gb ram with true maltitasking and thats y wp sucks all the time

  • AnonD-18125

No FM Radio. No microSD slot. Only 8MP Camera. Only 32GB max memory. No BT/NFC file sharing(copycut from apple). Only Zune file pass. Samsung ATIV S is much better. Samsung is the best :)

  • Anonymous

Lenny, 06 Sep 2012Just wait until Iphone 5 comes out people will be falling all ov... moreiPhone 5 is a dead project. Better to buy S3/Note 2/ATIV S or Lumia 920

  • bilal

nice comeback for nokia, but they need to continue their development. (quadcore....)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-69211, 06 Sep 2012hei if ur gs3 battery dont last a day its ur fault check out t... moreAlready nokia dead. WPs are just piece of crap

  • Anonymous

AnonD-69211, 06 Sep 2012another junk by nokia last year when lumia 800 was released eve... moreagree with you. Lumia 920 isnt so much realy wowing. Btw, wp is a dead platform. Quad core monsters already released

  • darksantacruz

First of all i love this phone! Great design and great innovations, but something is missing and i just don't no why!

1) QuadCore: it doesn't worry me too much because i think it will be more than sufficient, only android phones need QuadCore because the SO is made on java ( all said )

2) MicroSD: why not??!!

3) HDMI: again why not?!! my current sonyericsson xperia arc s has one...

4) FM transmitter: i simply don't get it even my old nokia n32 has one...

Great smartphone but why the hell didn't Nokia put the above mentioned hardware on it?

  • Anonymous

HHH, 06 Sep 2012if lion goes older he remeines king and nokia is king i bought s... moreDnt troll. Why u bought champ duos ? Get GS3 or GNote2 :)

AnonD-58994, 06 Sep 2012android sucks ;) this nokia will be better and the camera is ama... moreThey lied man! Nokia started to lie. It's really serious.

  • HHH

if lion goes older he remeines king and nokia is king i bought samsung camp duos he will die in 5mounth ...

  • Anonymous

trevor, 06 Sep 2012nokia phone looks like toys...come on nokia you can do better.really..?
what are all the samsungs
all look like same toy...