Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

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  • Anonymous

trevor, 06 Sep 2012nokia phone looks like toys...come on nokia you can do better.really..?
what are all the samsungs
all look like same toy...

  • alecman

Wireless charging ! Great

  • AnonD-70180

wooowww this nokia lumia 920 its a amzing phone! its better than iphone and samsung together! the camera is amazing to! THE KING IS BACK !

  • AnonD-69211

another junk by nokia
last year when lumia 800 was released every nokia lovers said wow only wow nothing else

this year the same thing will happen

  • AnonD-58994

android sucks ;) this nokia will be better and the camera is amazingg !!!

  • AnonD-69211

AnonD-70145, 06 Sep 2012I own two samsuck phones. one of them SGS3, that crap gobbles on... morehei if ur gs3 battery dont last a day its ur fault
check out the battery test for gs3 in gsmarena blog

what does nokia and its precious windows have to offer???
android rocks man

tell u one thing go and get this crap lumia cause next year this time there wont be nokia it is gona die die like hell

  • popo

obsolete.too late to be out and too behind from android phone. not supporting for nokia anymore

  • jay

bullshit s3 way better you. i have s 3 my brother have this crap and the diference is too great

  • lumia lovah

its gonna be a great device... Bye bye android!!!!! Hello Nokia :D i hope its going to be better than SIII

  • AnonD-59342

Samsung announced first the Ativ devices before Nokia WP8 devices. How do Samsung became copycat?

  • Noxus

A very cool phone from Nokia and I would love to have one.

  • WAEL

bubemk, 05 Sep 2012Samsung is chip copybrend this is new technology,Samsung will co... morebubemk you are absolutely right.

  • Lenny

Just wait until Iphone 5 comes out people will be falling all over themselves telling you how great it is even if they do nothing to improve it. Nokia has done a great job for a second generation phone there should be alot more praise but that's only for the IPhone.

  • alpine

Osman Farooq, 06 Sep 2012Nokia cannot be beat. Nokia is the King and will always stay kin... moreyou are my man,who introduced pure view-Nokia
now wireless charging ,auto bright adjustment and more

  • truth

why does nokia even try? i feel like they should have been sold to samsung already, and windows 8? dont they know better, nokia has had the worst upper management decisions for the past decade. I used to be a religious nokia user, but since they dont dont give a **** about their previous customers, with bleek software updates, and outdated cp's im astonished to see that the "nokia" name still exists.

  • anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2012Galaxy S III crosses the 20 million sales mark in 100 days......... moreWhen you talk about sales, are you the one who has sold those? or are you the one who has bought all those?

Let people check it out and feel which one's better, rather than showing sales figures

  • alpine

hey we are talking of stability and performance ,nokia is top ,let give them time,forget about this lots of s1 s2 s3 s4 may till 100,slow but sure

  • raj

End of S3......

  • nokia

What is this nokia, 185g r u put stones or pieses of iron inside this phone. According to that your next phone will be about one pound. Please nokia do some thing better. Or forget smartphones

  • tom t

it could be my next mobile.