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Nokia N70

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  • raju

i evryone
can u tell me how can we check the firmware version of our mobile n70
pls help

  • sharp,BANGLADESH

gotta give sam tipz about antivirusez

the guy whoz haviong prob with a lagging fon due 2 installation of multiple antivirusez ..... uninstall both the programs

ma suggestion is not 2 install ne at all in ur n70 .... that will slow down the fon even more ......

whu givez a dam 2 virusez nw ... unless yo install hunddrez of softz .. yo r pretty much on the safe side ......

if yo get affected just 4mat the fon .... peace again .... blv me i faced no problemz in 2 monthz .... n did install a lotta softz ..

if yo hav 2 install 1 .... do just 1 .. yeah thatz the trick .... caz multiplez may well konflict ...

  • Anonymous

Hi there, I got the N70 I dont know what is wrong, I lose reception quite often, and the battery dies very quick. Also what is the maximum of MMC i can upgrage for this phone. Please let me. Thanks

  • Anonymous

i just bought a N70 with a 1 yr warranty and accidentally downloaded 2 antivirus programs...
now.. its lagging.. just dont know what to do..

  • venkatesh

hey can any1 send me d latest firmware available n ur country..... i m n india

  • nju

totally awesome! i like the features specially when your texting the themes is still there.. my only concern is that how will i activate my IM... oh well.. thanks!

  • sharp,BANGLADESH

hello dudezz

the only thing i hate about n70 iz itz weight .... it cud have been a lil slimmer az well ..... :(((((

dun blame me .... az i samtimez leave iot hum .. n take ma 10 mm bird woth FM.

az far az kam goez ,, yo gotta apply sam trickz ... disable extended zoom .. n apply all the seetings like white balance ... shooting mode n flash 2 auto......

that naw shud work a lil faster ... guyz thiz fon haz a good shutter speed ... it haz no auto-focuz .....thoo .. even then .. it takez a long time 2 save the pic 2 the phoneeee.. slowest of the lot :(((

but the quality iz guuuddddd

  • Anonymous

The n70 is a vry gud and durable phone. I have accidentally dropped it several times and nothing bad has happened. It has many features like secondary camera, extended memory and fm radio among others. But the music player can't play .wma files in the standard edition. Can anything be done about it?

  • Fazal Ullah

can i download Msword , Xp and pdf fileson on Nokia-N70 fromweb?pls reply

  • dizzy

its a nice fone! and nice video captured! very fast...very nice speaker...very nice model..NICE ALL..! i love this fone! :)

  • PolJan

Hi! can any1 send me a Apps or Music Edition Themes? thanks in advance...

  • Ahmed Mansoor Cheema

I must say it's a great phone. Attractive and practical. i love the shape. has a very solid look although the exterior is all plastic. silver and black blended together very well. camera results are great. i love to to hold it and use it. hats off to Nokia. very well done.

  • Jason

I own a Nokia N70 Music Edition and its firmware version is

V 5.0705.3.0.1

My only concern is that why my unit doesn't come with the following default applications like :
1. Push To Talk
2. Wireless Keyboard
3. N70 Tutorial
4. Quick Office
5. Setting Wizard (for GPRS)

Please help me find out... thanks

  • Ktulu

Don't buy from !
It's strange that they got mobile phones 70% cheaper, e.g. 8600 Luna - $150. It's that odd, that it doesn't even cover production expenses...
So, my advice: don't even write to them. They aren't really from Italy! Their host is somewhere in Israel! It might aswell be some kid playing around behind his PC, and getting his money off our backs.
When I asked for their company's registration number, business rate, or something like that, the director replied to me they haven't got it for anybody. 'Cause that's something that has to be made public, so anyone may verify it.
Thanks! Bye!

  • sharp,BANGLADESH

hello dudez ... here goez sam known issuez ab n70 ME

The antivirus actually slowz down the fon even more ..... don install it if possible .. i wud rather 4mat the fon memory if i need 2 .... used it 4 two monthz now ... no antiez 4 me :))

the battery may get really hot while charging .... happens with some
bl-5c modelz ....

don stuff ur mmc with 2 many stuffz ... keep at-least 100 mb free space.

thoze whom had problem with bluetooth loozing connection while fon-fon transfer ..... change the default message memory 4m mmc 2 fon. no more lost connectionz :))

don set filez that r on ur mmc az ringtonez .... copy them 2 pgone memory first .. n vaulaaaaa.. ur fon will work faster .. n no issuez with the ringtone :))

if uve been loozing ur phone memory in alarming rate ... go 2 music player n update the collection ..... that may samtimez free up2 a MB 4 yoo :))

i prefer a file-explorer like e-explorer .... not preferable 4 greenhornz tho .... del usused filez or cloze a task ... like presing (ctrl+alt+delete) in ur pc :)))

Use any headset of ur choice .... i found thoze with big earpiece far better than the supplied 1 .. n better equipped with the bazz n othaz ....

use powermp3 4 an eualizer efect

i mizz a recycle bin n the facility of editing my docz like word.. ppt....n... excel :((

********************** starz 4 yoo .... don count them .... n70 rockzzzzzzz

  • Tom

Hello!, I got this phone days before!
and i like it very much, its design, its keypad, and its camera, but the video is not really accurate, when you are recording it is slow but when you play it is simply amazing. I own a music edition, may i ask why the music get scratchy when you are playing it with the earphone? thanks!

  • Ball Sack

im gonna but it soon and i think any1 that doesnt like it ca shut the fx@! up! its a great phone and is sleek and sexy at the same time! there is no need to put a freakin 2 GB card in it! its not an IPOD nor a storage device! its a phone! so treat it like a phone and it will work perfectly!

  • Anonymous

Just got N70 for a only less than a week now, I must say it unsatisfactory,
1. Inserting: for one, if you want to add contact number to the message you are creating, it is not insertable unlike motorola or the old nokia

2. Saving messages: Unlike the old nokia that I can save or forward my messages to calendar, i like saving messages to calendar.

3. Radio: Not so easy to play around it, Iam in canada, and want to test music over the radio of another country, and regreted for doing it because there is no key for me to go back to the main menu on the country choices, I am stucked in a foreign country radio.

What a pain. This is not a friendly user phone as I have high hopes for. There is no return policy on phones, after use.

  • remy

n70 is gd, but lately ive got prob wit it...!! whn anybdy smses me, ma main menu didnt state dat ive received a msg.....ive got 2 enter d inbox n check frequently if derz a msg !!! wat can i do? sumtymz i duno if der are msgz in my inbox

  • Anonymous

I got the n70 as a present i think overall it is a good phone with great features, but the camrea has no auto focus and is very annoying. If i want a clear picture i have to keep it very still. Also the battery lasts quite long if you set the screen brightness to low or medium, when you buy the phone it automatically set on high. The video quality is reasonably good. Like i said a good phone overall.