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  • chris

Why does nokia make the N91 and N70 with the now old screen resolution of 176x208 (36,608), whats the point of the 256,000 colors then and the 2mp camera if you can see the images ultra sharp on 35,000 pixels! the N90 is far better with the 352x416 resolution display! thats 146,000 pixels!! you will be able to see every thing on the ultra sharp display. especially with 262,000 colors! The N70 and N91 are still good, but the display i thing lets them both down!

  • A.Shadid

Several questions about the N70 which.

On this site:­%5B%5D=1107&compare%5B%5D=1229&compare%5B%5D=988­&compare%5B%5D=845

it says that:
1) The N70 does NOT have the push to talk feature, although i dont know wht it is exactly but i heard it's useful
2) The N70 doesnt allow Global Roaming. Is that true?? How is that possible if it is a tri-band phone?
3) On it says that the N70 Call records allows only 10 received, 10 dialed and 10 missed calls. what about that? Isn't it like the other phones, unlimited number of call records.

Thank you

  • mike

this is really a very good phone, but i will buy it if the screen resolusion is 352 x 416 pixels (146,000 pixels!!!!!), not the old 176x 208 (35,000 pixels) Appart basically the 6680 in a different case with an upgraded camera and screen! Overall i thing the N90 and N70 are the ones to go for the N91 looks weird and would be really really expensive with a 4000mb memory store!

  • Zeeshan

Among all the nokia new n series mobiles N70 is da best complete fearues .....and good looking 2 ;) Cant wait to buy this beauty

  • Iceuk

I cant wait to get the N70!!

  • messus



BTW. This phone has 3G (WCDMA) 384kbs, not just EDGE with 236.8Kbs as claimed by GSMARENA here!!

The 3G version will be released first, then later an EDGE version!!

  • richux

It would be one of the best phones, if it,s weight would be less, then 100g.

  • brev

i currently have the 66630 i was going to get the 6680 but now i am getting this sexy little beast nokia i salute you, you have made another outstanding phone along with the n91 and n90 fantastic keep em coming nokia

  • sx1_user

BTW anyone knows what is the botton next to no.3 & 6 used for?

  • sx1_user

I will buy it if the screen resolusion is 352 x 416 pixels

such a shame only the camera upgrade!!

  • demy boy

lets see, it really looks like a n6680 smart phone, but there difference is having a 1.3MP to n6690 then 2MP camera w/ the N70, but i hope it will work as great as its look.BTW it looks simplier than the nokia6680.

  • the lost one

why the hell you want infra red.

it got cable and bluetooth. infra red is the thing of the past.

  • RDB

Has everything even 2MP camera!! just 1 thing missing.... Infra red! wtf they playin at! need infra red man!

  • Anonymous

looks quite similar with 6680, doesn't it ?

  • hmm?

i wonder... with such a great phone.... jam pack with features n stuff... do u think there wont be bugs?? i hope that the bugs wont be there to spoil the phone... plus its a smart phone.. its more vulnerable..

  • the lost one

of the N series i find this baby the best. why? because it has got everything that others have and not have and it is smaller and lighter and better looking and business-like.

yes, one got bigger screen and the other got 4GB but:
1. the memory of this phone is good enough and one can get extra MMCs.
2. bigger screen comes with the tax: affects weight, size, looks and it makes the phone a speacialist and not an alrounder. but if you want a specialist go get a dedicated equipment that does infinitely better than any phone.

  • wale

nokia is simply unbelievable. when they said they were going to release 40 phones this year and concentrate on multimedia phones, they certainly weren't kidding. with the release of these new N-series phones they have certainly blown the rest of the mobile phone market away. what with 2MP cameras, 20X zoom, Carl Zeiss lenses, 4GB microdrives, high colour screens and visual FM radio and finally a whole lot more internal memory 30MB. I gues nokia really does listen. Even when they don't seem to. I say they should keep up the good work but they do have to work on their phone designs. The N91 is simply cute but they cud have made it look better.
To those who wonder if these phones have FM radio. Well, yes they all have stereo FM radios though they are called visual radio, this refers to a service that works through WiFi that allows you to see the artist and interact with the radio station. These function can of course be turned off and the phone used as a regular FM radio. For more in check out,121,,,383.html.
To all nokia fans expect more surprises before the end of this year. UP NOKIA!!!!!

  • Janry

The N-Series are probaby the first time nokia has wowed me. Good job to the people at nokia. I take my hat off to you. These few phones will be directly competing with the huge range of new Samsung phones recently announced, and in my opinion, they win by a mile in terms of desireability. Couple these phones with Nokia's superb marketing, and these phones will conquerthe market. Again, good job.

  • zimmy

thiz baby has everything on it but it lack of one thing!? the screen resolution is juz normal with other series 60 on the market right now 176x208.what a rooting 4 N90 bcoz the screen is 2x better,352x416 WOAH, n i will buy it 4 sure when it came out.

  • Odlo

It Has a Visual Radio that is better than FM Radio but i'm sure its more expensive too