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Nokia N70

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  • mike

I believe this phone has stereo mp3, This phone is the best one yet! The only thing which really lets it down is the display, 176x208 pixels!. I would have though they would use the 352x416 display, then this would be the best phone around. Its still impressive tho, lets hope they put the 352x416 display in!

  • sx1_user

anyone knows what is the botton next to no.3 & 6 used for?

  • von

My only gripe, I wana get this baby bad and Nokia says she's coming out 3Q, man....that's from July to September. That could be 5 months away!! Any chance this gets here sooner?

  • sidsez

A few more things to compare!
I was disappointed by the 3230's performance and thats Y was waiting for as I was interested in SE's k750, but this ones perfect for me as I wanted a smart phone with an OS. 2 bad, OS-9 wud be better though.

I wanted EDGE class-10.
I wanted PTT, still not sure on that one yet.

I dont kno abt the battery life, Cam quality, Java 3D games and most importantly the MP3 player's stereo quality as yet.

The most important thing is...The SE's crap proprietary 'Mem Stick Duo' is DAMN Expensive in the market.

In INDIA, Nokia's resale value is better than SE anytime as Nokia dominates the market.

Just make sure U release this in time for a healthy competition by May end to give SE a run for their Money. Way2Go Nokia....LOL;-)

frenz! Any more opinions....Feel free!
Thats wat we r here share isn't it.

  • sidsez

Hi Guys,
In india, v dont need a 3G phone yet. So as I read in one of the press briefings, can v expect a non-3G variant of this one in the near future?
also is it a mono MP3 player like the 3230?
Thanks Guys

  • Andy

I only hope the prices won't to much higher than 6680 or other brands similar phones (ideal starting price could be around 550-600 Euro).

  • chris

Why does nokia make the N91 and N70 with the now old screen resolution of 176x208 (36,608), whats the point of the 256,000 colors then and the 2mp camera if you can see the images ultra sharp on 35,000 pixels! the N90 is far better with the 352x416 resolution display! thats 146,000 pixels!! you will be able to see every thing on the ultra sharp display. especially with 262,000 colors! The N70 and N91 are still good, but the display i thing lets them both down!

  • A.Shadid

Several questions about the N70 which.

On this site:­%5B%5D=1107&compare%5B%5D=1229&compare%5B%5D=988­&compare%5B%5D=845

it says that:
1) The N70 does NOT have the push to talk feature, although i dont know wht it is exactly but i heard it's useful
2) The N70 doesnt allow Global Roaming. Is that true?? How is that possible if it is a tri-band phone?
3) On it says that the N70 Call records allows only 10 received, 10 dialed and 10 missed calls. what about that? Isn't it like the other phones, unlimited number of call records.

Thank you

  • mike

this is really a very good phone, but i will buy it if the screen resolusion is 352 x 416 pixels (146,000 pixels!!!!!), not the old 176x 208 (35,000 pixels) Appart basically the 6680 in a different case with an upgraded camera and screen! Overall i thing the N90 and N70 are the ones to go for the N91 looks weird and would be really really expensive with a 4000mb memory store!

  • Zeeshan

Among all the nokia new n series mobiles N70 is da best complete fearues .....and good looking 2 ;) Cant wait to buy this beauty

  • Iceuk

I cant wait to get the N70!!

  • messus



BTW. This phone has 3G (WCDMA) 384kbs, not just EDGE with 236.8Kbs as claimed by GSMARENA here!!

The 3G version will be released first, then later an EDGE version!!

  • richux

It would be one of the best phones, if it,s weight would be less, then 100g.

  • brev

i currently have the 66630 i was going to get the 6680 but now i am getting this sexy little beast nokia i salute you, you have made another outstanding phone along with the n91 and n90 fantastic keep em coming nokia

  • sx1_user

BTW anyone knows what is the botton next to no.3 & 6 used for?

  • sx1_user

I will buy it if the screen resolusion is 352 x 416 pixels

such a shame only the camera upgrade!!

  • demy boy

lets see, it really looks like a n6680 smart phone, but there difference is having a 1.3MP to n6690 then 2MP camera w/ the N70, but i hope it will work as great as its look.BTW it looks simplier than the nokia6680.

  • the lost one

why the hell you want infra red.

it got cable and bluetooth. infra red is the thing of the past.

  • RDB

Has everything even 2MP camera!! just 1 thing missing.... Infra red! wtf they playin at! need infra red man!

  • Anonymous

looks quite similar with 6680, doesn't it ?