Nokia N70

Nokia N70

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  • Odlo

It Has a Visual Radio that is better than FM Radio but i'm sure its more expensive too

  • Anonymous

hmm either this or n91 they really impress me and i was thinkin of either gettin a samsung i300, nokia 3230 or nokia 6680 but now i have changed my mind again and i am looking towards the n series. i like the design of the n70 better and it has all the features i need but i wish it had the 4gb hdd that n91 had.

  • joris

What will these amazing N-babies cost? I can't wait to get my hands on them, yeah!!!

  • prasanna

Excellent!at last nokia is moving with the world..
but still i doubt about fm radio.. nokia plz see that it is there and price in reacable for all

  • Anonymous

The whole market has been shaken, everyone is waking up to the Nokia N-Series!! Yeah!

  • Anonymous

Visual radio is FM radio...same difference. U can still tune in to radio and this phone being so superb wif the other 2 models, m sure it'll be in stereo.

  • Anonymous

Does tis fone come wif a stereo fm coz there's visual radio but there's no fm

  • luu

20X zoom!is TWENTY!!! how ridiculuos nokia cando that good? despite the design nokia is evolve!!!(its HUGE!!)

  • Julian

Wow! I can't believe my eye! This phone is totally amazing! I guess it won't be cheap. Too bad i just bought 6630 not long ago if not I could have gone for this one.

  • Anonymous

All the way Nokia! Go ahead and bit the competition!!!

We've always pin our hopes on you and yes, you've surpassed all our expectations!

Never failing us again.

  • Jason

I can't control my excitement!!

This phone is soooooo good, boasts some of the best features...I'm totally mesmerized!!!

Sleek chic...definitely the talk of the town!

  • Jason

this phone is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

nokia is coming back! bring down the house!

  • Onytzu

Visit the link --->

  • Onytzu

WoW the New Era of the Nokia
There are 2 models to... N 90 And N 91