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  • bazza

to T

I flashed my n73 to music edition software a couple of months ago and find it lightening quick for a symbian phone, it's also elimanated crashes i've not had one since i done it. So to all those complaining about it get the latest firmware asap!

just a note: i bought a w850 because i had heard great things about it and can tell you all it's a heap of shi@@. If your thinking about one don't bother the n73 is head and shoulders above it. I ended up giving it to my son.

  • newbie

I just saw a fake Nokia N73, N70, N90, and N72 at our local stores here in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines... some of you might have seen it but i tell you guys it looks real. My goodness! even the Nokia N73 logo was perfectly copied. Probably the OS is like any china-taiwan platform but who knows they might have copied the symbian OS as well... im just curios if Gsmarena could somehow flash it in their News section. my guess is that it came from China and illegaly sold here in the Philippines.

  • n73

good day sirs

I was just wondering

if you turn the flash off when taking pictures and videos

will the white diode flash be replaced by the red light (like those seen in n70,n90,n71)?

  • sda_ind

hey ppl,
can some one plz help me.
has any one updraded the firmware to V3 in india? if so, plz tell me the procedure....
is it done online or at nokia care....
also if some one has purchased this cell in last 1 month in inida, can u tell what version is it?

  • sda_ind

solution to u iis simple.
play it in the music player thats come preloaded....
select that from application or to use the shortcut,
press the key next to number 3. keep it press for some time and the player will start automatically.
it takes up all the songs in ur phone and ca play one by one. u can also make ur own playlist.

  • sda_ind

i need urgent help.
has anyone updated n73 in india. if so plz inform me how?
also, to those in india who has bought this phone recently, what is ur firware version?

plz reply... its important.

  • Anonymous

you can make n73ME out of normal changing product codes

  • Bob

Hi - I have a N73 and its great. I am trying to find out how I can get it to play all of the music tracks, like a MP3 player, instead of selecting one track at a time. Does anybody know the answer to this?

  • Jon Man

You guys know how to transfer SMS' from your PC to the N73?

  • bob

good, but thier sound is not much good.
not much software can support

  • N73


Could anyone advise how to send a gp file via bluetooth??


  • N73

Hi T

You are referring to the ME edition firmware for the ME phone correct??


  • sir-gee

it has been confirmed that n97 and n99 were disigned by photoshop like so long time ago and i see ppl still thinking its real and it will come out...maybe it will come out in 2 years time but the looks will be much different

  • T

I updated to the latest Music Edition Firmware yesterday - v3.0649.0.0.31

The menu is very fast now. Those who are worried about the slow menu/navigating/etc. go get yourself the latest firmware.

Also the hanging/crashing problem is almost gone now.

  • FCO

has this phone universal headphone input?

  • [ i ]

dear everyone who owned n73..

i'm going to buy this phone but most people said it's slow on menu navigation and easily hang.. is it true?

and what's the different with the music edition one?

thanks alot

  • Niazibl

g-mail configuration on ur n73

plz active below two things before configure your e-mail

1.u must have g-mail account gprs

.follow the procedure

1.go messagin
2.go in option
3.go in setting
4.go in e-mailgo in mailboxe
5.create mailbox type ‘pop3”

then just create account as steps ask you then adit it according to below procedure.

6.go in connection setting
7.go in incoming e-mail
8.write your user name not e-mail address
9.write your password
10.write “” in incoming mail server
11.go in access point in use and select gprs access point
12.mail box name “ gmail”
13.mail box type “pop3” (ports) “ssl/tls”
15.port “deault”
16.apop secure login “off” come out from incoming e-mail and
18.go outgoing e-mail
19.write your e-mail address
20.then user name and password
21.outgoing mail server is””
22.put remaining figure as incoming mail go in “user setting”
24.write your name, select “immediaately”, select “no”select “yes” select “on”
25.come in retrieval setting select “ header only” go in automatic retrieval select “disable”

now go back and come on messaging and e-mail then open option and select connect and send first e-mail to me.




i think its the phone of history
its the best cell phone ever which has the outstanding camera and pixels result.
it has a outstanding sound also im proud of nokia who make such models like nokia n 73

  • QQ

Can i knw why i use the Real player s/w on the N73 phone, i cant watch the video but jz can listen the sound from it, and i'm sure the file type tht i copy to phone is real file (.rm) .....anyone can help me?? Thanks...

Alert:(Unable to play either sound or video clip, try to play partially)

  • Anonymous

personal i think is the first after N95
is great and is not so big
...and is a very performance phone