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Nokia N78

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  • jason

can anyone tel me wat is fp2?i have this phone abt 1weeks ago,but still dont know wat is fp2,is it can lock application like message inbox by putting a password?
my comment on this phone is the keypad is not user friendly and the back casing is kinda wobbly.can feel cracking sound from the back cover when typing. not so impress in this phone

  • Bobo

i love to this phone suits me since the keypad is too small and sharp?is it comfortable?

  • Anonymous

This phone is the best midrange phone! I'm glad I went for this phone. Before I was thinking of N81 and 6220c. Now I've made the right choice. 6220c may have 5MP camera with Xenon flash and TV-out, but it doesn't have 3.5mm jack and the design is so ugly. N81 is a horrible device that is priced so unreasonably. N78 is the best choice. This phone is so much fun and very useful. It has everything I need in a mobile. It's not limited to a certain functions but it can do practically anything.

  • Tsepz

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2008Does anyone know if you can buy a replacement back for the N78? ... moreYou should be able to,check your Network or closest NOKIA store they should have spare parts in stock, also check eBay for a Genuine housing. All my NOKIAs have been made in Finland and not had any build quality faults, i think it maybe the China made units with that problem.

  • Anonymous

I like the design of N78 more than N81. N78 is thinner and a lot lighter in weight. The design is very elusive. And I like the look of the front view. It is very neat. You won't notice the alphanumeric labels when the backlight is turned off.
On the other hand, N81 maybe short when slide close, but when you slide it open, it appears to be a monster. It's very long, even longer than N95. And it's very heavy considering it's plastic all over. I would prefer the N78 keypad than N81. At least, N78 doesn't have a flat keypad. N81's keypad is actually harder to use. And the backlighting of the keypad is so uneven which spoils the design. Even the edges of the phone illuminates when the backlight turns on.

  • Anonymous

Excellent image quality. Great music experience. High-speed internet browsing and downloading. Fun and intuitive user interface. Good navigation. Long battery life. N78 is really worth it.

  • jamal

A2, 12 Aug 2008Any one know where dose made N78,N82BLACK?in finland or china?THXTheyre all CHINA my friend ...just got n78 and its frm CHINA..

  • kxy

The truth of the PopPort and infrared port as an absentee do disenchanted me a little..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2008hello people where can i download themes for n78

  • Al Beast

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2008hello people where can i download themes for n78 go to totally free.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know if you can buy a replacement back for the N78? the release latch on mine broke....

  • SuperSonic

FM transmitter is an installed device in the N78 that allows you to set same radio frequency on you car radio and start listening to music without any wires

  • SuperSonic

I tried the N78 and tested it for music, N81 is much better in sound quality and loudness both in speakers and earphones or headphones. But i have to admit that the N78 has cool features, especially the new operating system version with feature pack 2

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2008hello people where can i download themes for n78

  • New Mill


I bought today 2 mobiles N78. It is cheap, new model, fast, hot design, easy to use (even the keypad), light weight, new software, strong battery & contains all the other features of N95. So I recommend this mobile.

  • To piscean

piscean, 13 Aug 2008Heyy wats the FM transmitter ?the fm transmitter is where u can connect the phone to the car stero or the normal stero u have at home and actually play music frm the phone to the car stero or the normal stero like playin all the songs u hv on the phone to the radio

  • xxxxx

1)music n78=n81
2)n-gage n78n81
4)storage n78n81 if you drop a n81(140g) from 1m it will leave some big marks or if some water manage to get under the slide its....:))bye bye
6)business phone n78>n81
7)multimedia keys n78

  • noname

people this is just a phone i know i have the same problem n81 or n78. The n78 is a great phone its the new music phone maybe it hasn't got better audio quality then n81 but i don't think that n81 was so good when it cammed out in shop. all i can say is that there will be many updates on n78 software and in time will be better thats the way of evolution. But in gaming n81 is way better but i prefer n78 because i think its more compact. It feels tiny but it's very solid inside like n73.The main advantage of n81 its the 8gb(standard) you don't have to look for some more money in your pocket for a card(on n78). So I'll go for n78 because i like the candy-bar stile and usually i prefer listening to music but for games i prefer my console or the PC.

  • piscean

Heyy wats the FM transmitter ?

  • Louie

This is a symbian right with FP2.
Does this FP2 features, locking an application with a code so no one can access certain features of the phone (Messaging, Contacts or Gallery) without entering the code.
Please let me know. PLEASE. PLEASE.