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  • Anonymous

its is the worst phone that i have ever used. my previous nokia n73 music was much better than that. fm transmiter has weak signals and the keypad is ugly and not user friendly.

  • pobazz

dylan, 16 Jul 2008Just installed firmware 12.046, and I can't say I like it. So... moreJust installed firmware 12.046,the performance wise improved.No hanging and lacks.I like it
To dylan : Im still getting my cool effect whenever i turn the camera on.You have to make sure that ur THEME EFFECT is check go to Tools>setting>General>Personalization>Theme>>general>Choose the any default theme press option and go to theme effect switch it on... Wallla u will get back the coll effect....

  • Anonymous

if you look closely, here how it goes: n81 is what n78 evolved from. and n96 is what n78 has become. n81, n78 and n96 are all related when it comes to features and design..

  • Anonymous

no Infrared port! bad very bad !

  • Anonymous

i can say that it's more worth buying than the n96.

  • Anonymous

weird placement of the speakers, bizaare keypad. it would be so hard to be used for gaming with such keypad. on the positive side, attractive & slim, nice UI, great battery life, packed with the latest features you'd expect from a mid class nseries phone. a little slip down of price and it's worth buying.

  • DJR

This Phone Is Worth To Buy Trust Me.Because This Phone Got It All Wat U Want (3.2mp feels like 5mp once snap , Nice Music , Creative Keypads n Lights , Faster , 8GB , Very Light,clear n clean screen, Hi-Tec Phone Menu)(u need 2 try it in de PhoneShop Then u Know The Real Answer, not only to see it)n It is a Smartest n Standard Phone . This Phone is Worth To Vote More.. man!! GoGoGo!!

  • Erick

Gaz, 24 Jul 2008fair point Erick - just 1 thing, the N78 also supports wi-fiHi everyone. Yes, the N78 does have wi fi. I have also read that the N78 and the 6220 Classic do not support VoIP like the N82 and N95 8Gb. Is this true? Finally, to let you all know, I just heard that globally prices among these devices are beginning to adjust which is good news. Of course if the rumoured N85 and N79 arrive before Q1 2009 then things will change very quickly. Meanwhile I guess the general public awaits the N96 and the Tube.

  • Anonymous

Erick, 24 Jul 2008This device is clearly full of features packed into a remarkably... morethe n78 has wifi

  • Boo

Good look
fast internet access
loud speaker

keypad too small

  • Gaz

Rahim, 24 Jul 2008Hi, I am looking at either the n78 or n82, now the green and red... moreRahim

the only button that is touch sensitive is the navi-wheel and this can be switched off. None of the other buttons are touch sensitive

  • Gaz

Erick, 24 Jul 2008This device is clearly full of features packed into a remarkably... morefair point Erick - just 1 thing, the N78 also supports wi-fi

  • Erick

This device is clearly full of features packed into a remarkably compact package. The only thing people should bear in mind is that until current pricing for the N82, the N78, and the 6220 beings to alter, people are understandably going to question the wisdom in spending virtually 300 for an N78 Classic when for the same money a N82 can be purchased at 300 which additionally has a xenon flash and Wi-Fi. The N78 does have the latest Symbian software on-board, though. The same applies to the Nokia 6220 Classic. Unless people specifically want Feature Pack 2 software and an FM transmitter then the N82 is clearly the better option. Pricing must alter or sales of the N78 and the 6220 will not occur in vast numbers.

  • Nee

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2008hey hi,,i got n78 yesterday, got excited to use, but within 2 ho... morejust tell me in which case u got dis error , is it when u try to transfer music over blue tooth also give me ur Emai id , i ll help u , coz i work for Nokia in New York

  • Anonymous

hey hi,,i got n78 yesterday, got excited to use, but within 2 hours of use, got an error phone memory full.delete some data..did d needful, but its very funny sometimes phone memory shows as 65 kb and the next minute it shows as 0b

pls help

  • Anonymous

I've tried using Google Map 2.0 instead of Nokia Map 2.0. Overall the GPS can get a much faster fix with Google Map, about 5sec after launch.

However, one need to take note that it is data intensive while using Google Map. It will be good if u have an unlimited data plan. Not advisable to use it overseas though.

Also, it is much "smoother" while looking at other parts of the map compare to Nokia Map 2.0.

  • zef

Over all the phone is with good feathures, accept the keypad its very small, but lot of software complaints, it liked the FM transmiter

  • Rahim

lesnnie, 22 Jul 2008hi there, i just got my n78 today but i want to quickly post thi... moreHi, I am looking at either the n78 or n82, now the green and red bottom are they touch sensative and are they stable like if my face touches the red button will a call end? Thanks

email me at rahimb (at) thanks for your help!

  • Anonymous

appointedkelvin, 23 Jul 2008Somebody can tell me that the secondary camera can open anytime ... moreThe secondary camera can be used for taking self-portrait pics and short video clips.

  • Luxius

Could you tell me the sound quality between N78 vs N73?

Because I see N73 had 3D Stereo Speaker meanwhile N78 only had Stereo Speaker.

Thanks bro