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  • Anonymous

Did any N78 have 'problems' using Nokia Maps? I want to install mpas on my memory card, but after starting it says something about drive C and it wants to use Drive E. Anyone?

  • Anonymous

lol in the conclusion its only 30 euros,
proberly all its worth haha

  • Elias

My impressions after 3 days:

- Excellent battery life, even better than what Nokia says.
- GPS works great.
- Navi wheel is useful
- Amazing screen
- The new S60 version has many improvements
- Decent camera
- Free 2GB memory card included

- cheap quality back cover
- location of the "c" button is very inconvenient (the rest of the keypad is fine)
- slow response in speed dials menu
- confusing FM radio interface
- no pre-installed games!

Hope this helps

  • iolo003

FP2 and FM transmitter is the cunning attraction of this phone, buttons are rather soft as well.. good points..

nokia offers something different every now and then and competitors just keeps on copying this ideas rather than creating something new

  • Anonymous

Rony , 10 Jul 2008which phone is better n78 or n82 feature wise n looks wise????N78 is better in music, gps, user interface, battery life. N82 is better in camera and video. Design-wise, N78 is thinner and has elusiveness. N78 is also more versatile because it's a dual band hsdpa phone and there's a US version also.

  • Stefanus

Thanx. I currenty have n 6233, but i want a new fone. I almost bought the N81, until i heard about the N78. I love music and photography, and the N81's camera is crap, but i still hesitate between the 2. Can someone please give their opinion!

  • Jake

got the phone today! and damn! its good! I have n95 8gb but sell it cuz i hate sliding phones now! it has a problem of loosing! but for n78! its the best! the design is cool and the features are better! two thumbs up for this phone! will recommend this to everyone!

  • kuboo

just you all wait for the n100, its going to haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnggg!! even longer heheh and bigger power on keys cos you'll need to keep resetting it like hell

  • Rony

which phone is better n78 or n82 feature wise n looks wise????

  • -

Stefanus, 09 Jul 2008Will the N78's music quality be better than the nokia 6233? Thanx!yes .. i would say it would be better..but who knows you may not like it

  • Jazzy

hey guys, just wanting to now if this nokia n87 is better then n95 or the same?? on performance and features...


  • Roy

I have seen some of the N78 H/S are made in china!!!!!!!!!!!

  • murat

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2008Do anyone of u have the problem of using the right shortcut key?... moreSame as mine, right short cut does not response sometimes, I think this is software problem. Second thing is while speaking if I try to turn on the loudspekar (right short cut again) it hangs on, I need to be very carefull about it since it is next to hang on key:( But overall the phone is good, needs software updates..

  • Omid

i just bought it and u know what ! garmin XT dose NOT work on this **beep** :D

  • Anonymous

ive bought is since a week and it has already started to get all types of problems such as the softkeys are sometimes not working, i have to press hard to make it work and i cant change its casing and on top of that the navi key doesnt work well. the buttons are very difficult to use!!!

  • Anonymous

Hitesh, 09 Jul 2008I wonder when is nokia going to wake up. They stil make outdated... moreits not outdated. its the 1st nokia phone to have feature pack 2, fm transmitter.

  • Stefanus

Will the N78's music quality be better than the nokia 6233? Thanx!

  • Hitesh

I wonder when is nokia going to wake up. They stil make outdated phones. Slow, bulky, ugly looking. Battery life was one their plus point, guess not anymore.

  • rassool

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2008does it hav tv out?No

  • Anonymous

Is the software upgradable if you have a mac? I heard the included software isnt yet OS X compatible?