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  • madviper209080

Zarif, 19 Jun 2009I Have one important question....... Did N78 stereo speaker i... moreHi there, yes the speakers are actualli loud
and clearer then of SE fones. I think nokia beats SE walkman series and Nseries are specially developed for multimedia. I was using SE W910i before and i prefer N78 then W810i

  • Torro

I have some questions about this phone, what is the problem of my phone?coz i can't hear any sounds while i'm playing music in my buit in player using headset. But radio using headset is ok,it is working! and also the speakers. What is the best way to fix this problem?what is cause of this issue?please answer

  • Anonymous

worst keypad.

  • محم

I think it's anice phone

  • hi

how up to GB can take this phone ?

  • doooooooon

nokia n78 is a brilliant mobile i am using it and having no problem using it

  • yvyy

Um, I have a problem with my one.
theres a little problem with my screen now =S, it has this little black icon on the screen looks like the screen damaged...but idk what happen to it help plz?
Anyways its a lovely phone and the speakers work lovely, great quality i reckon

  • Zarif

I Have one important question.......

Did N78 stereo speaker is loud and good ?
When playing mp3,did the sound is loud and not crack ?

Can it beat the speaker loudness from walkman series ?

Anybody please answer my question......I'll really glad if anybody answer to my question............thanx

  • Jason

Hi, I've been using this phone for 10 months and I dont have any problem with it. It's a good multimedia device with many features. But theres one thing I dont like, the keypad, when I 1st use this phone the keypad is very good and very tight but after 3 months of usage the keypad is now loss. But that's the only thing I dont like, all the features are so good and it's camera 3.2MP Carl Ziess Optics, better LED Flash than N95, Feature Pack 2, Theme Effects, Nice User Interface, and many more...

  • Anonymous

hi this is a good cell phone but there are some problems witht the software it suddenly sops working and mms stops anytime

  • waqas

I Think its a very good phone i am using it and there is no problem we should know how to use our phone properly

  • vnith

How can i hack my N78 that has firmware v21.002? When my N78 had original firmware i can use SecMan to hack my phone, but for this new firmware SecMan doesn't work anymore. And for HelloOX, i don't how can i get 17 capability dev cert to sign it. Pls help.

  • Carol

Can someone pls tell me which is better? G705 or N78?

  • Anonymous

I have a problem retrieving my voice mail message on the N78.I dialed 123(network defined)it said emergency call and directed same to 119(jamaica's police emergency).How do I set Voicemail number to 123?
I am in Jamaica.

  • Adel

n78 user, 13 Jun 2009PLZZZZZZ help..... i don know how sms icon started blinking on m... moreJust wanna inform you that the SMS blanking is a result from the "full" messages on your SIM memory..
Just delete one or more messages from ur SIM memory and ur problem is done!
And don't worry again about this issue cuz the phone has got an unlimited SMS shared memory

  • Anonymous

jAMAICA, 12 Jun 2009I just got the Nokia N 78-3 USA version and upgraded the firmwar... moreHey,i am frm india. And i m about to buy a phone. So tell me which phone is better sony ericsson W705 or nokia n78. Both costs about rs16,000.

  • Anonymous

Very good

  • n78 user

Ahmmmm sorry for my Lack of knowledge .... SIM msgs were full, i deleted one an all is ok... n i m in love with my N 78 again :)

  • n78 user

PLZZZZZZ help..... i don know how sms icon started blinking on my N78 and i upgraded the cell, hard reset, formated the memory card... nothing helping to get rid of this icon bliking as msg memory is full... can any one help????????????


jAMAICA, 12 Jun 2009I just got the Nokia N 78-3 USA version and upgraded the firmwar... moreI re-updated the firmware and it is now working