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  • aappt

Leeroy, 16 Feb 2009Hi everyone, can someone please tell me if this phone has accele... moreNo, it doesn't have accelerometer

  • Leeroy

Hi everyone, can someone please tell me if this phone has accelemeter for auto rotate when you turn the phone side ways, let me know please coz i wanna buy it! PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Please and thanks

  • Ali Ahsan Warraich

Its a good phone btu it cancle button work not properly
i love it
it doesnot slow

  • kenny

Ive found my n78 key pad freeze dont no why and i end up having to take the battery out too reset it as it wont let me turn it off

  • noidea

mITCE, 15 Feb 2009What is the light sensor for? How to use it? It is the small d... morethe 'dot' control the light of your screen depends on the condition of surroundening,you can still watch the screen easily even under the sunlight or in a dark room...

  • axarea

sarahh, 15 Feb 2009please relpy ASAP!!! is this phone better than nokaia 5300 xpre... moreoff course it's far better than 5300 ...

  • Jmwape

I'm currently using the nokia E51. . Its a brilliant phone, perfect size for its capabilities and excellent performance. . I want to switch to the N78 and judging from its looks, there is no difference with the N82, a phone I only used for a month and got rid of because of its bulkiness. Am i making the right decision.?? Help.

  • mITCE

What is the light sensor for? How to use it?
It is the small dot near the front camera. Thx

  • sarahh

is this a music phone?
xpress music, especialy designed for music?

  • sarahh

please relpy ASAP!!!
is this phone better than nokaia 5300 xpress usic?

  • noidea

Hydemus, 15 Feb 2009So, you are Indonesian? Where do you buy this phone? When? And h... moreI bought it on Oct 2008 for IDR 3,1M
I live in semarang and I got N78 easily from a mobilephone shop on plaza simpanglima

  • rizzi

ive used it for 2 months.some disadvantages of n78, only a user can tell.

1- battery cover is gives crackling sounds.
2- battery cover is prone to scratches.
3- sometimes the right selection key and the cancel key(red key)functions alternatively i.e if u press right key to operate the loudspeaker during a call it will infact cancel the call.and sometimes wen u press the cancel key it will open the application u have selected for the right key eg go to.
4- sometimes zoom do not work while using camera.
5- it cannot be hacked for n-gage (v 12.07).
6- the color of navi wheel peels off.
7- there is no shortcut for flash plays flv format but each time ull have to go to file manager and then open it from there.opening it from real player wont play it.

important:- there is no issue of numeric keys as it is said here in gsmarena n78's review that it is not user friendly and not easy to use for messaging.
believe me it is not the can write msgs in a very good speed.there is nothing wrong with the numeric keys.
it is the most cheapest n-series mobile phone with wi-fi here in pakistan.
in pakistan it is a flop mobile phone in terms of resale.its price has fallen from rs 33ooo to rs 21000 in just 2 months.n series mobile phones with good resale in pakistan are n70, n72, n73,n95,n95 8gb,n81,n82 and n79 to some extent.

overall phone is very good in this price.if u want wi-fi and n-series application go for it.but if want to resale it then do not buy will give u massive loss.

one big drawback of n95 and n95 8gb.

they cant play wmv format. while n78 can play. i think all n-series phones with navi wheel can play this format but iam not sure.

  • Hydemus

noidea, 14 Feb 2009unfortunately,I'm Indonesian.. :) you can ask another Indian ... moreSo, you are Indonesian? Where do you buy this phone? When? And how much money do you spend for this phone?
I buy this phone in ITC DEPOK and i spend Rp. 3.175.000.

  • aditya

well ... guys i m just abt 2 buy dis cell ... frm apperance & all it looks gud ... so do guide me is dis cell worth buying for d price tag it bears ...


omar, 10 Feb 2009NO n73 me's sound better than n78 .. BUT n78's speed,software,v... morethanks omar........
so n73 me's sound better than n78.
i have n73. but searching for more louder mobile in same price.


armaan, 10 Feb 2009can any one tell the price of this phone *... morenow its price in india is 16000rs.

  • maaz

try to buy it and not to expensive...
but awsome:P
no problem i m using it

  • Srey Sros

Heiii. I love this phone haa

  • Ackom

Does anybody know how I can set the n78 so that when it is in power saver time-out mode (screen goes dark after few seconds of inactivity), the backlit will still remain on for few more seconds to show the Now playing screen (shows date and time)? or it cannot do this?

Note: I'm using firmware 20.149.

  • noidea

Ash, 13 Feb 2009In some countries fm transmitter is not available in this device... moreunfortunately,I'm Indonesian.. :)

you can ask another Indian here on gsmarena forum or see the nokia website for India
just send them an e-mail via nokia site and you'll get the answer
I've tried many before when I wasn't sure