Nokia N79

Nokia N79

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  • koko

This can run myanmar fount please?

  • caj

Mine is 4yr old and counting. Very good phone!

  • rnr

a durable complete hellovah of a phone...less the touchscreenish qwertyish style...really a classic n-seriesh kinda mobile using it for another year or 5 or forever....!!!

  • Chinmay

Chinmay, 14 May 2012I want to buy this great phone, but unfortunately i heared that ... moreMe too want to buy this phone becoz it's much better than C5 which i'm using right now. I don't know why nokia stoped making such a fantastic phone.

  • chuck

Biggy, 11 May 2012Please where can i get new casing and pack for ma Sexy n79(sorry... morehey go to a nokia store wherever is nearby to u. i gave mine 2 weeks ago... they do good service. they charge around 700 bucks to change the whole keypad

  • Soumya

sup camera quality but flash isnt it powerfull like xenon flashes but enough n moore better than most LED f;ash need repairing work yourself as the light from flash enter into camera hole directly by a hire like gap..its why u maay found some whitish foglike image or unsharp image at night photography.u need some lil piece of black tape to solv it...its never cured by nokia care..
Muzic is super and tremendous with original headset and pin drop clearity and auxuliary 3d surround effect in both headset and speaker .bomb can bit and bite any sony/samsung...if u need walkmanish hiphop sound than use any in-ear hp..these way it will also bite sony/samsung with bass and loudness
display is clear and CD-like ambient like detector at direct sun,generally cristal clear all time, video playback is super
internet sppd isnt it like most hiend nokias but not bad..enough fast,with 3G ,,i dnld a 3.7mb song within 5seconds..battry back up if also good emnough 3days normal usage,2 days mp3/net moderate usage...FM transmitter work within 10mtr works..OFFICE>>>..Email is fantastic and fast like blackberry...vvvv good serviece...PDF/ZIP/word/excel/ppoint work but read only..u can edit also but u ave to buy quick-office full version
only 50MB internal memory and small RAM where 4GB card provided and 8gb max expandable and to much usefull things soo there is the weekness, the phone is a bit slow prossing deviece,so use gently to take it brathe.

200% satisfied with 2years of usage..just mindblowing..i donnno thinging to buy a new ph now...its a micro bomb having too much explosive in it hence looking tiny-genarel,slimtrim handy candy...

  • bazee

such good set igot it super fast interne 5mp camera dual spekers high battery back up good flash and happy with nseries

  • Anonymous

I lost my password how can i get new one. How can i also download video and play them.

  • ezeben59

plz am from nigeria lagos,where can i buy this nokia n79?some1 shuld plz help me out

  • prasad

i'm using this phone since 2 years.. and i'm really satisfied with this.. great camera, great music quality, good battery life, fast connectivity.. in short perfect all-rounder..
but since 2-3 weeks i am facing problem with calender application. it is not opening. whenever i try to open the screen remains idle and not gives any response.

what should i do for solve this problem? please help.

  • Chinmay

I want to buy this great phone, but unfortunately i heared that nokia stoped making this phone. So Sad now.

  • Bhadri

Please help me. Keypad is not illuminating. How can i resolve it? how to adjust light sensor in order to illuminate it?

  • Biggy

Please where can i get new casing and pack for ma Sexy n79(sorry dats wat i call ma nokia). I currently reside in Ebonyi state. Pls i really and seriously need ur help cos ma key 9 aint workin. I use copy and peast option. Pls u can detail me wit ma email pls help me. Tanki and God's speed.

  • Alok

akash, 08 May 2012i have one nokia n79.2nd hand.i sell this phn 3500.where do u live

  • akash

gee12, 25 Apr 2012go to e-bay online if u cannot find one{brand new or 2nd hand) i... morei have one nokia n79.2nd hand.i sell this phn 3500.

  • Bhadri

how can i illuminate numeric keypad of my N79? is there any options? Now it is not illuminating!

  • silky

REHAN, 17 Apr 2012plz i want purchase nokia n 79 plz help meI am using Nokia N79 since classX and now i am in university(means 5yrs running). And in this mobile many facilities i am getting. Wlan(Wireless Local Area Network)/Wifi 5megapixel carl zeiss camera secondary camera 3g facility superfast internet if you compare with any other mobile all type of video support here e.g. Mp4,3gp,HD video,avi,etc. Also Maximvm Softwares are support here >Awesome mobile and handsome too< You should get1. Thank You.

  • gee12

REHAN, 17 Apr 2012plz i want purchase nokia n 79 plz help mego to e-bay online if u cannot find one{brand new or 2nd hand) in your place.


plz i want purchase nokia n 79 plz help me

  • AnonD-50671

Camera result is stunning beautiful
sound quality is best