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  • N79_user

i've been using this phone for over 2 weeks....really an awesome one. camera quality is very good in sunlight but degrades a little bit in dark...what really impressed me is the video quality...its awesome, even at night!!...guess u wont regret for buying this :)



How to extend the 2ndary camera's video length?

  • athavan

i think n79 is better than n82.. n79 it's greatphone.. i love n79, it's really amzing phone.. got sofware checker,app.upatemsg.readernet.setting and more.. it's really nice phone..i think n79 cemera it's nice..

  • Anonymous

HI frienz I'm planning to buy either N82 or N79 plz advice me

  • theo

hi there. has anyone used the nokia update server to update the phone lately and failed to update it because the was a problem with nokia update server? one more question can anyone tell me what the difference it between a nokia n79 thats made by nokia than one thats made in finland!!!

  • Anonymous

never liked the n s phones made they where usually the size of a brick but must say i bought this model eg n79 great phone cannot fault it i had 8800 arte did not like that one eventually gave it to one of my mates also had 6220 classic that fell to bits not well mede this one great stuff on it eg fm transmiter can listen to all my music through my car stereo even when i go on holiday i will be able to transmit my music through my radio , like the scroll key too , batt, life good , phones well made does not creak , and most of all its not the size of a brick its a good size , and the person who wrote n82 better sounds like sour grapes to me , i never bought that one it was slow and dopey and still big , anyone thinking of n79 go ahead well made in all the forums even gsm arena said its good and will make other n s phones go to the retirement home .

  • major_1985

i think that this phone is much better y . u can find so feature not avilable with other n series its much more better man

  • Pieter

What a great phone!!!!

  • Nokia

I think N82 better than N79

  • kalpesh

hi. is this one is better than nokia 6085? plz help.

  • athavan

Kevin, 21 Jan 2009I got problem with my phone. The letter picture keep blinking on... moreit's not problem. u have delete your sim message.. that's all don't worry...........

  • athavan

hello friends, yesterday i buy n79..and compare with n73. n79 it's really better with n73 (sound and camera).And it's really fast and faster processor. but it's really support tv but didin't give tv-output cable... i love n79...

  • quake

is N79's sound better than 73 m editions

  • ff

why the black color is not available yet?, i hope to see the black color very soon.

  • Anonymous

toxic(^-^), 21 Jan 2009hey every1 is dis phone better than N73M editionThis phone is million times better than Nokia N73..

  • toxic(^-^)

hey every1 is dis phone better than N73M edition

  • Kevin

I got problem with my phone. The letter picture keep blinking on top of my screen showing like my sms inbox is full but actually its not. I still can send & received sms without problem. How to solved this problem?? Other than that this phone is really great!!

  • THe N79

Solving the " 2mp low-entry phone picture quality " is easy. Just view it in your photos. It looks nicer compared to the oversharpening in the original shoot out. anyone can tell me how to get rid of transistions, or extend the secondary camera video time ? thanks :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2009does anyone know if speakers sound like n95 or n85 ?I had the N95 and now I got the N79 and the speakers are the same, maybe a bit more quality in the sound when u play music at max in the N79.

  • Patilan

I played for half an hour with this phone, and I must say it is very good, however not perfect.
The reason is the camera, which is a HUGE disappointment! Picture quality is something like a mediocre 2 megapixel low level entry phone.

Does anyone have experience with this phone, upgraded to the latest firmware ?
Please share your experience and if it fixes the picture quality?