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  • koolestprashant

Kailas, 03 Jan 2011This made me angry! Regardless of updating it to the latest v... moreHard reset your phone

  • Kailas

This made me angry!

Regardless of updating it to the latest version, the main problem remains.

This problem happens when I'm trying to create a new profile. After pressing 'Create New' from 'Options' under 'Profiles', the phone comes to a halt. And after a few seconds, it will freeze and restart!!!

This problem is something even the Nokia Care people have not resolved! This is aggravating! I've been using Nokia all these years, now I might have to switch

  • sohana

koolestprashant, 03 Jan 2011To all genuine n8 users and potential buyers, Do you know who ... moreu forgot the htc user !!!!

  • Anonymous

rdca, 03 Jan 2011 No your wrong info,, wave is only 5MP and N8 is 12MP.... morehow can i use hyperX for my n8???

  • adarsh xtyz

dse phone has a very good specifications and i have booked for it.i am gna buy it within dse mnth ya.

  • Anonymous

nokia sues apple for patent infringement with the count of 32......

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2011What is the good price for this phone in USA?449$ in Amazon and 469$ in Nokia and 499$ in dell. try at amazon.

  • rdca

818, 03 Jan 2011hi every body really am confused about this thing the camera r... more

No your wrong info,, wave is only 5MP and N8 is 12MP.. 5MP of wave is unmatch to 12MP of N8... Who told you that 5MP and 12MP is the same? off-course when you see the photos in your wave is brighter is because of super AMOLED and 480x800pixel but try to zoom photos taken by wave is blurred, n8 if you see and transfer in the computer zoom the photos nothing any see blurred images super bright.. and now if you put hyperX mode 1.1 for n8 the photos is super ultra clear... N8 is great camera,great features,great spec, great built in memory 16GB,USB OTG,Lifetym GPS,FM TRANSMITTER,HDMI MicrosdHC up to 32GB i have 16GB microsdhc on my n8 with fully loaded of 40movies with no hang ang laggy, 16GB internal memory fully loaded of thousand of songs with no hang and laggy, N8 is great GPU superb...

N8 is Rock

  • Anonymous

What is the good price for this phone in USA?

  • Ndimphiwe

This look far better than the Iphone just looking at the features. Must try it and experience myself.

  • Anonymous


  • Fordsta

I got my Nokia N8 on the 27th December 2010. The reason i bought this phone was because of the 12 million mega pixel camera which also boasts a high definition video camera.
The Nokia N8 also has an Fm transmitter built in so that music lovers can tune there Fm device (Eg Hi-fi,Car Radio Ect) to a radio frequency that is not being used then you can set the Fm frequency within the phone to the same freqeuncy as the hi-fi,car radio so you can play your music through your Fm device.

The Nokia N8 is the only device i have seen with this technology on & i believe that other mobile phone manufacturer's will be following suit.

My first impression of the Nokia N8 when i first saw the handset was that it looked very slim & stylish & was very surprised that the N8 actually supported a micro sd card upto 32gb as well as having a 16gb hard drive so you will never be short of space for all your movies, music, photos or what ever else you like to keep on your phone.
I paid £410 for my N8 & beleive me its worth every single penny i guess the N8 will be going up in price in the UK when the extra 2.5% Vat gets added this month.
My advice to anyone thinking about buying the Nokia N8 is buy buy buy!! you wont regret it.
Also the screen on the N8 is very responsive as i found that out scrolling through my music on my device i do also have a Nokia 5800 & the touch screen on the 5800 is nowhere near as responsive as the N8 i love the Nokia N8 & nokia have really exceled themselves with the N8 im looking forward to Nokia's next creation.

  • Kamrul

Could anyone tell me where is the Digital compass in N8 ???

  • Anonymous

Does N8 supports Teamviewer? if not now any idea will they launch it for symbian?

  • Anonymous

Plz register in this forum for nexus s
and post there

  • agusforthebest

Kirihara, 03 Jan 2011I have this phone and Samsung S8500 Wave N8 Vs Samsung S8500 W... moreDear Kirihara,
Do you compare the picture using the phone(wave and n8)?
if yes you did a mistake since the display resulotion is difference.
Please transfer both picture to PC or if you do not have PC, please transfer the picture from N8 to Wave then you compare its in the Wave or VV.
doing this procedure mean you do fair comparation and people will trust you. Goodluck.

  • saurabh

N8 has a great camera quality compare to I-phone & samsung wave... If u have any doubt, u can compare the photo quality from GSMARENA photo compare & u will see the results.....
trust me N8 has a great features too.........

  • josh

Kirihara, 03 Jan 2011I have this phone and Samsung S8500 Wave N8 Vs Samsung S8500 W... morewhat drugs are you on??? there is no way in hell samsung wave is better!

  • josh

john, 03 Jan 2011anyone knows what type of lens are nokia and sony ericsson using? nokia use "carl ziess" its written on the lense!

  • koolestprashant

To all genuine n8 users and potential buyers,
Do you know who are the people that are bashing the N8 here??? They are:
1. Apple iPhone 4 users : They have a gr8 phone but as soon as they hold it "IN" their hands, the network goes "OUT" of the phone. They have bought an expensive but stale apple.

2. GalaxyS users: They thought that if they have a galaxy, they have everything. But forgot that no "galaxy" can be bigger than the universe. And yes adding prefix 'super' to anything doesn't mean it is better

3. Wave users: What to say about them. Their phone is good for nothing. They wasted their money on a toy phone. Hats off to these idiots.