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  • raj

i want to know which one of the phone better n8 or n900
plz help me up guys

  • Ali Abdulla

mat, 02 Jan 2011this phone is shocking. I work with trev and he is not lying it... moremat and trev has same ip(MfyM), so same person,

please dont listen to samsung employers, and their bullshit..

  • mat

this phone is shocking. I work with trev and he is not lying its terrible. Some customers had thier N* swapped for a new one 3 times before accepting a different phone.

  • trev

does anyone remember how many problems nokia n97 had on it first release. N8 has more. Working in a phone shop i have seen every nokia N8 sold returned within a week.

  • Sun

V good phone but missing equalizer settings which is mostly important guys common start raising this bug to reach till nokia added this n8 .

  • Gitty

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2011me, ifan? You didnt read my post. You think iphone and N8 are th... moreTrue,N900 is truely a futurephone but N8 is not !

  • Anonymous

simply a gr8 phone

  • adkane

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2011people have such a short memory. I didn't know how i got rid of ... morethe n97 was a failure, i even warned my friend not to buy it. She got herlesf a iphone4g instead, but now she is not happy cause somehow her iphone got corrupted and she cant transfer and receive files anymore from her pc. Now she is warning every of my friends not to buy apple products, but thats another story...

One phone should not be used to reflect a whole company. Even other companies had experienced thw 'n97 fiassco' too.

  • Anonymous

people have such a short memory. I didn't know how i got rid of the n97 the greatest fiasco of all phones with a rate of unsatisfied customers close to a 100%. (the satisfied ones bought it as an epensive brick!). Wake up people, nokia is still surviving on old reputation and ads with no substance whatsoever. They claim a long list of features out of which only few work properly and use the customers as "paying" lab rats to test their products and to provide them with feedback to fix their never ending crashes and bugs!
I mean, what better arrangment could a company dream of than to sell unfinished products? Fool me once shame on u, fool me twice shame on me.

  • adkane

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2011me, ifan? You didnt read my post. You think iphone and N8 are th... moreIMHO, most of what you posted was wrong

E7 is a loser coz it has the bad keyboard mechanism from N97, and same screen resolution and similar processor and OS to N97. Remember that N97 was a failure already 1.5 years ago, and it was better than E7 (better cam, 32gig, cardslot...). So when N97 was a loser already so long ago, how can a weaker unit be good so long time after? Coz relatively speaking the E7 is much much weaker, compared to the competition at the time of launch. Its the demn same procesor, onli slightly higher clocked, and the OS has gone through cosmetic surgery to look more up to date but is the same outdated symbian on the inside. And 4 inches of 640x360, that is plain ret@rded....'

whats wrong with the e7 slider mechanism? for me i think is the best slider mechanism to use on a mobile, rather than the straight sliding mechanism. And the e7 and n97 runs on the same OS but in another version. Cant get it? e.g the n97 is running on android 1.6 while e7 runs on android 2.2, same os different versions. Is already proven that s^3 is a huge improvement over the super crappy s60v5. The change isn't a mere 'cosmetic surgery'. True processor is still arm11 but it also comes with the same great gpu that nokia currently has right now, the broadcom bcm2727. and a nHD resolution for a 4 inch screen is not too bad? Is pretty adequate if you ask me. why need to make so much noise about it? And for all of this you fail to see the value added features such as built in secure encryption, HDMI port (for projectors), USB OTG (which i think will be very useful), out of the box office document editor for FREE, ovi maps, super nice qwerty and loads more

  • adkane

[deleted post]Y so insecure pal? Of all i know you could be an agent for another company as well. Do you even have proof? Talk is cheap

  • Prasanth

Nokia N8 Have Plug And Touch Option.......
He uses the Nokia N8 connected to an HDTV via the HDMI output. The gestures are recognized by the Nokia N8's camera.Nokia Plug and Touch is a gesture-based technology from Beijing's Nokia Research Center (NRC). It can transform any screen into a touchscreen

  • Anonymous

i love this fone! i can text even in the sun!. and its fantastic!, no one can deny that!. only trolls says bad things about this phone! after a months use i am still loving my n8

  • Wheez

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2011so if ppl dont like Arm11 and symbian they are all troll? Noone ... moreYour argument is non existant as well. You are only complaining cos on paper the numbers/name of the CPU doesn't attract you. Having used it since last day of september I don't have a single complaint of the resolution or the CPU. Symbian is relatively light compared to Android or iOS, it simply doesn't need as powerful CPU (cos it has more powerful GPU than android phones/iphone). Look at the benchmarks, N8 doesn't really lose to any big names out there.

Personally I rather take an AMOLED screen with lower res than iPhones screen for example. I want to be able to see the clock without having to "light up" the screen like you have to with the iPhone. I'm more than willing to trade some resolution for that if needed. But either way, if the resolution ain't a problem anywhere but on the papers where it merely seems low, why are you complaining?

Your argument is only what you see in the spec sheets.

  • AD

i am not getting video call on skype. When i select any contact, i have only call option. Can anyone help me.

  • Anonymous

dr himanshu, 01 Jan 2011hi guys m buying n8 silver in couple of days. I hv even enquired... morePixelpipe can do video uploads as well. Try the latest version from Nokia beta labs once you got the phone.Then you can upload videos to you tube via pixelpipe also, there is a blog for N8 . try that. Web browsing experience is almost identical to S60 V5 and better in some cases thanks to pinch-to-zoom and some UI tweaks. N8 is due for a better browser this month.

  • Andy Burgin

Hope now in 2011 we do get the first update from Nokia to improve the N8 more an show they are really bothered about symbian competing more,as the C7 got it first update today i have seen,as the N8 wants a better browser an swype with the keypad horizontal not vertical all the time,an get the n8 running smoother

  • Shahroz

hi can any1 tell me tht does n8 supports flash player? thanks

  • deep space bar

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2011Anybody test this battery, is it worth it? http://www.obostor... morefirst try it in the C7 cause they are all using the same shape battery

and run the same OS at the same speed with same RAM
with same reso

  • Anonymous

so if ppl dont like Arm11 and symbian they are all troll? Noone has any reasonable arguments against what i wrote? You cant answer so you attack the messenger instead of his message.

Ok, i won then. But ofcors i did, any fone in 2011 with Arm11 and low res screen is big joke and not to be taken seriously.