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  • gary

i just bought the n8 after reading that the n8 got so many faults,so i was a little scared that the phone will be dead or not and im excited that mine is perfect. its an orange one and is in perfect conditions. all applications r working quality is superb and rocking on headphones. camera is also excellent. but just need its settings for best quality 12 mp experience. overall im so happy & proud to own phone of nokia...Iphone4 is not even near to it. nokia n8 is the perfect mixture of Iphone and traditional nokia softwares. so i prefer everyone try it once.and u all will feel u did the right decision!!!

  • keex

eyeshield, u may go to tools > settings > connection > access points, then start to delete ur WLAN point.

as soon as you deleted it, you may activate your WLAN your WLAN is detected and might ask you for a password. Continue enter your password and that's it. You may online after that.

  • Rajiv

Hi All please show the quality of camar's in Night and day time please add one 2 picture.

  • Noble

Pls i need help am having problem with my Nokia N8 it won't power on don't know what went wrong....pls get back to me


  • james wonderful

my experience of Nokia N8 was so far impressive and expecially high detail photos from the camera. I did in the begining strugle with 2 minor bugs. first was the picture viewer was unable to see any pictures, it was fixed by simple hard reset the device. After the hard reset, i encounter the Ovi software was loading, it was then corrected by uninstall both softwares from computer and the device and reinstalled computer ovi then was fixed.
Now, my nokia N8 is phucking amazing, playing many nice games and the dam Angry Birds is my favorite one. Guys, sorry to hear those whoever experience the hardware defect, but the software bugs are all treatable and fixable.
Wish you all a wonderful, beautiful, meaningful, colorful, and sensible Christmas.

  • dadgio1979

i own 2 n8 already a dark gray and a white silver which i will give to my younger sister as a present for passing the professional teachers exams. Yesterday i was able to use its hd video potential during our companys christmas party, i am really happy with its performance, the videos taken were clear and smooth. No problems encountered so far since i had it more than a month ago, but im excited for a firmware upgrade. N8 rocks!

  • Age

What a piece of junk; here in Australia the first batch would not turn on fresh out of the box. All DOA. Very poor quality control Nokia, and Symbian is well dated. How the mighty fall.

  • Anonymous

Going nearly two months on ma n8 and still loving it. Still learning its great features. Not bored yet. Sorry for those with bad experiences. Was nervous to buy after reading bad reviews. Could I buy one and risk gettings a defective unit or could I not buy one and miss having all those awesome features? I took my chances and Im a happy man. The N8 is the best phone every made!

  • Gitty

Hoping to get bug n defect free replacement this time ! I ve bought it on 28 oct but I could enjoy it only 8 days :D ! is helpless in case of N8 !

  • Javed Malaysia

1 month complete..
i m using N8... soo far everyting goin normal..
and i once again i proud to be own Nokia N8!! its a Smartphone of the year!!

  • Anonymous

eyeshield, 25 Dec 2010Please help.. Anyone encountered invalid server name when browsi... moreits bcoz of low wifi connection or maybe locked website.

  • ilu

dont show that "f" kamala colour in tat 360 view

  • Anonymous

Adkane, 25 Dec 2010Nokia said that they will replace the defective n8, which is cov... morei will tell u these bashers cant even afford one so will try to prevent others buying it so that they can be among the ones to flaunt their cheaper and less feature packed units so lets pity with them... then shall they may get their requisite support... these haters just copy n paste each other's links against n8 even before experiencing one... i repeat again n again those who wish to buy an n8 go ahaed without a single worry coz if your unit becomes dead or is manufactured with some serious flaw it will be replaced under warranty... ask any user around you who actually holds an n8

  • hani

DK, 25 Dec 2010I bought a N8 two days ago. Everything was fine until yesterday.... morei would like to say to dk (try to format the mass storage than reput the songs and refresh the music player)

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]there are more than 5million units sold and the blog doesn't have even 1800 posts... calculating the percentage i leave it to u if u r good at it or else go back to school mama's boy... get the hell out of here u shameless losers

  • Shivam

guys i tell u the fact. n8 is good and the camera n8 has is also good. many good features r there. i accept.. n8 is a good phone but u cant do any frther modifications and changes in it.. i m 100% sure u will get bore very soon keeping it and playing with same features.. but n900 has many features which u can modify and the applications are same as ur computer has.. no doubt it can play avi flv and many other formats directly without any problem coz it is Linux based phone.. NO VIRUS AT ALL as Linux is virus proof OS.. I dnt know abt u all but i m extremly happy with this phone.. hey guys read reviews abt it and then decide urself....

  • Adkane

[deleted post]Nokia said that they will replace the defective n8, which is covered under warrenty.

What have you got against the n8 btw? Mine is working fine any ways

  • DK

I bought a N8 two days ago. Everything was fine until yesterday. Yesterday, I put my favourite songs that I had on my N95 and some more into the N8 mass storage(about 700 mp3 files closer to 4GB). Then I refreshed the music player and started listening to songs. All of a sudden the music player got stuck. I couldn't do anything. I had push the power button for about 8 - 12 seconds to turn it off.

The N8 worked fine with 100 mp3 files. but as soon as it exceeds around 700 (according to my experience) the music player gets stuck (- with the whole phone if I try to close music player). and I cannot log into ovi store from my N8.

I tried putting songs into a microsd it didn't work either. so I went to exchange it to a new one, but I checked two devices with 700 - 750 mp3 songs, all of them got stuck in front of the reseller. So he I'm getting a refund tomorrow. By the way my N8 was from India.

  • TravelKid

mata elang, 25 Dec 2010the features that most I need from mobile are both the best musi... moreSame here. I'm also looking for a great camera / video with excellent mp3 music in a phone. My dream phone. As of now, I can only dream.

  • Anonymous

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