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Stupid me, 31 Jul 2013Carol & MdN I forgot this. What if I transferred all... moreYou don't have to remove the SIM card, actually I'd keep it in. Just see that the PIN request is off. You can do a backup any way you want, transfer your music to the PC or to a memory card, or via USB on-the-go to a memory stick, who cares! :-) If you do it via Nokia Suite you simply go back to the backup function and click "restore" and find your backup - well, you know where it is now. :-) I have photos with some of my contacts as well as birthdays and other stuff, all of that gets backed up, but if you do it on a SIM it only keeps names and numbers.

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Carol & MdN

I forgot this. What if I transferred all my contacts to the Sim card and removed it? Is it necessary to have the Sim card in to do the upgrade? And what about putting all my songs and pictures etc on a Micro card and then removing that too? Is that possible? Hm! Just looking for the easiest way to "backup".

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Stupid me, 31 Jul 2013Try 4G :-) :-)what i mean was slow os (symbian) it lags. and crappy camera n82 is better

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AnonD-131418, 31 Jul 2013how to use wechat on nokia n8??to active we must install ph... moreIn the spirit of those who have helped me, you'll find your answer here:

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MdN, 31 Jul 2013They can be safely unlocked, but in the old days you just c... moreI told you you're a riot!:-) I bet the numbers jumped to 13 because all the electronic nerds out there who havn't yet upgraded to Belle are BUSY reading up to take the plunge too! For the next few days I'll be busy so I'll have to try it over the weekend because I don't want to start & drop. I've got to CONCENTRATE and that is hard for me!!! Too many interruptions today too.

For my local sat weather map, I use Wunderground. I don't even bother with forecast anymore as I can see the map itself at my own time. See here:

When I open Opera Mini, 2 sites come up under "My Sites" (because I use it so often). The first one leads to the second (by tapping on the little map) which goes straight to the Interactive Weather Map. That's the one I use. The map on Opera is a little smaller than if I used Google but the speed of Opera compensates for the size. If there is a faster way to access a sat map, I don't know about it.

The weather app that comes with the phone doesn't work and after finding this way, I don't need to install an app which will just use up memory on the phone unnecessarily. Maybe if you fiddle around you might be able to zero in on your particular area. I have a phobia about heavy rain (and we are in the rainy season) because I got marooned because of flooding 4 times and could not get home. Today is beautiful though.

I'll take Carol's advice. To be safe, I'll open a file on my PC and move everything that can move into that file because I have not yet collected much junk in the phone yet. That will be as good as stripping it of personal items. One step at a time!

Stupid me, 31 Jul 2013You're a riot! A dummy model? Sounds neat. :-) Geez! If I w... moreThey can be safely unlocked, but in the old days you just connected the phone to a PC via some software and clicked "unlock" whereas today each phone has an unique code which has to be bought "under the table" from the operator, or you pay the operator the full price for the unlocking. Some phones are sold unlocked, I think my operator sold Lumias like that.

What satellite weather map are you using? I'd be interested in that. I'm just checking the forecast on which is very accurate but I wouldn't mind seeing exactly how far those clouds are from me and my dog. :-)

As Carol said, the torch app just makes the display glow at full force, vLight is good, as well as the free "Flash" app by Matthias Bay. But it's enough for me. Not as blinding as the LED on my other Nokia X2-00 but it does the job.

As for locking, I use the free "QuickLock" app from the Store. Just put the icon on the home screen and you're good to go. But hey, update the phone to Belle first. :-) I see the daily interest jumped from 11% to 13% so I'm guessing thousands of people are checking to see if you've made it. :-D

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walkman, 31 Jul 2013worst slow phoneTry 4G :-) :-)

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worst slow phone

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how to use wechat on nokia n8??to active we must install phone number or ID like ipod??...

  • Carol

Stupid me, 31 Jul 2013You're a riot! A dummy model? Sounds neat. :-) Geez! If I w... moreYou cannot open a backup file, it is compresed into a nokia format. Also, the backup shuld not take long. Don't backup your settings or apps, just contacts and messages. While you are doing a backup, you will have the option to select what you want to backup. So unselect music, photos, apps, settings and so on. You can save your files from mass memory by plugging your device in your pc and copy them just like you would do with a memory stick. If you already have a backup only of what i've said, also, if you don't hqve any new contacts or messages you would like to have, just rename that one (if it is only one, if are more, be careful which one you rename:)) from the folder mdn just said, if not, do another with what i've said and delete the old one. Is very important not to restore old settings and apps in belle. Belle has a mind of it's on and this is a great update. It is like going from windows xp to windows 7. It's kind of the same, but things don't mach. Also, even upgrading from anna to belle was not posible via OTA (over the air), only with Nokia Suite, cause there are to many things that will change. That pretty much sais that you should treat belle as a new system and not as an upgrade. As for tourch? Xenon flash will never have a tourch. Lighting that flash to much will destroy it. Xenon flash has a life span, so you will want to treat it good. Anyway, there is no app that will force it to turn on. There is one good app, the best you can find in store, that will light your screen to the maximum and will keep it that way until you pres the screen again to turn of. Vlight it is called and you can find it for free, no adds, no interent is requierd...

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MdN, 31 Jul 2013It should be in My Documents - Nokia Suite - Backups, that'... moreYou're a riot! A dummy model? Sounds neat. :-) Geez! If I was enterprising I could have taken a loan and bought some 808's and sold them on Amazon! Of course, I would have had to get them unlocked first! :-) But tell me - can these smart phones be safely unlocked? Or are you stuck with the service provider forever if you don't want to damage your phone?

You're right. The backups are in Documents. I can't open it though.

The Opera Mini is real handy. I can check my favorite sat weather map real quickly now to see if it will rain without having to use a computer. THAT is important to me. I also use it to check my emails for now, until I set up the phone's email. I'll look for a torch app for sure to replace the one on my ancient 1108 which I have kept solely for that feature. That locking the phone by tapping an icon, is that an app or something? I tried it and it just opened up the icon.

Stupid me, 31 Jul 2013I will have to revisit Nokia Suite and do over the backup a... moreIt should be in My Documents - Nokia Suite - Backups, that's where mine are stored. But it doesn't hurt re-doing it. ;-) Well it depends, the 808 had one update too, it had Belle and now it has Belle fp2 so if you got one with the earlier version you'd still have to make an update. That phone is still around $550 here so I can only dream about it. Well, I have a shop window dummy model of the PureView so I at least know what it feels like to hold it, haha. I see people have some problems with it, and a few things are a bit better on the N8 but still I want it some day.
Oh well, I don't think it's too "pro" if you get a few apps to make stuff work easier and faster. For example I lock my N8 by tapping on an icon, unlock it by a two-finger swipe, also I got an app that turns the camera on when I press the camera key (when the phone is locked), I have some fun camera apps, a torch, games, gadgety stuff, trying different browsers etc. Mostly stuff that makes it more efficient. Oh, and Belle Extra Buttons, best app ever (you get two extra buttons at the bottom to a total of five, you can assign anything to them via long or short press), blah, blah. But you need Belle for it, obviously, but we'll get there soon enough. :-) And my geekiest app must be the one that synchronizes the clock to an atomic clock via the internet. :-D
Carol's method is a bit longer than just hitting "gimme my update" but safer, you'll get more free space and freshly installed software without possible bugs and the apps you probably won't need (Like, Office Suite is cool but a bit slow, there's a better alternative). It's not too hard, just read it and blindly follow what Nokia Suite tells you. And good luck. ;-)

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MdN, 30 Jul 2013Okay I haven't done this myself as Belle was already there,... moreI will have to revisit Nokia Suite and do over the backup and rename them as Carol said. I'll probably have to delete the first back-up of everything which had taken quite a while to complete. I don't even know where it went so I'll have to look for it (unless it shows up only when the phone is connected to the PC).

I will really have to proceed slowly on this one to make sure I get it right. Such a pity I could not have just bought the Pure View 808 you spoke of, instead. It would have had everything installed. But $155US is a whole $1000.00 here! It would not have made sense either since I won't use most of the things on it. That's for you pros. With or without Belle, I just love this phone - and now my sis is sorry she was not adventurous enough to get one too, now that she sees I'm coming along with it, thanks to you folks.

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Carol, 30 Jul 2013Ok, from the beginning. I already told you, you really have... moreWow! Thanks ever so much for giving me the step-by-step process which I am sure took up quite a bit of your time. I am indeed grateful. I am sure it is helpful to others too! There are going to be people carefully reading this I am sure, because not everybody is an electronic pro!

I will get a hard copy printed because I can't rely on my memory once everything shuts down. I also need to read through the procedure a few times because the whole thing is like Greek to me.

Now! Do you see why I'm afraid to tackle this on my own! I have read enough comments all over the net about people complaining of various things not working (including the camera) after the updating and wanting to go backwards. I am sure they were clueless people like me, who were just merrily tapping or clicking away without knowing what they were doing. My policy - when in doubt, find out!!!!!

We are so fortunate to have people like you and MdN who are always so willing to share your knowledge and help us geeks.

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I found the n8 quiet amazing as to wat it can do i had it for 2months and al of a suden i couldnt turn it on or off gt seems that the button wouldnt work any one else had this problem cheers

  • Umesh

AnonD-131418, 28 Jul 2013please help!!!!can nokia n8 use wechat,whatssapp,line???...... moreYes but camera oooooo

  • Carol

Stupid me, 29 Jul 2013MdN & Carol OK. I'm tackling Belle now. I just backe... moreOk, from the beginning. I already told you, you really have to stop worry. All you can do is to destroy your files, which i presume, you backed up.

1. That memory that is shown in windows a 0, it is the ROM which is locked. Locked memory cannot be written by windows and therefore it will show you it's full. Meaning you are not able to write something on it. So to say, put a closed (closed means you cannot write any files further on it, the burner closed it even though, maybe still has some free space left) dvd inside your pc and see how much space is left. That will be 0 bytes. Hope you understood the theory.

Now, what windows says does not matter so much. Nokia suite is pretty much able to do more the you think. And that means, to rewrite your system. SO STOP THINKING. Nokia will not release a tool that can destroy your device;).

NOW. Do a backup of important files and rename it with what ever name you want (don't let the default name) tell you later why.

now factory reset the damn thing. dial *#7370# and follow the instructions (this will format your mass mem, so if it came with apps on it, they are gone). The format will take from 3 to 10 minutes depending on the memory. So let it do it's job until start's up and asks for PIN (if you have one, which i recommend deactivating during the update, just deactivate to spare some seconds and to much THINKING:)) continue with setting up your country and clock and so on. Set the time and date and go on with the start up (set the time and date good, don't pass them (not required, but for safety in case of a phantom or something:)). Now after starts and while loads the widgets. Let it do it's job, just let it 1 or 2 minutes to load all the crap it needs to load. Then open Nokia Suite then plug the phone in USB. Let Nokia suite install it's plugins. This will take something like 30 seconds. No big of a deal. Now (again just to avoid any possible problems, minding you are scared as hell) unplug your device and restart it, let it load to the full, just let it after restart to be secured has loaded everything. Meanwhile, restart your pc to and let that rig load it's system till goes crazy, by the way, you will need to remember what i've said cause we're not gonna open anything besides Nokia suite. After everything is loaded, finally open Nokia Suite and after is fully loaded, plug your n8 in USB and FINALY Hit software update. Follow the instructions, nokia will make an automatic backup of NOTHING, cause your phone is empty, so that is why your original backup has a name of your own so you won't get confused while manually restore. Let Nokia suite do it's job, your phone will go blank and windows will say several times that your device was plugged unplugged trying to install it. Ignore everything what windows says and just follow what Nokia Suite says. Don't touch your device during the update. Don't set anything until Nokia Suite says it has finished (only if you have set the PIN code i told you to deactivate), and installs additional and so on, when Nokia says you can use it. The you can unplug and you can use it. There you go, you are up and done Belle Refresh is in your device:). As addition, Don't install Microsoft office update, they will eat to much of your memory. Update i think are useless and never installed: Colorizeit, Microsoft Apps, New Social, Nokia Music, upload to skydrive. Stop your negative thinking and go ahead.:)

Stupid me, 29 Jul 2013MdN & Carol OK. I'm tackling Belle now. I just backe... moreOkay I haven't done this myself as Belle was already there, but I think the phone manager is correct, memory space sounds right. The update is said to be small, I think 40 MB so it should be enough, and some space might be cleared in the process too as system files get replaced by new ones. Just do the automatic update stuff on Suite, and when it's done see if you lost anything, so if the backup isn't done automatically you can restore it manually with the backups you made.

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I have my nokia n8 since July-2011 till date it working and used it as my primary phone, Isuperb camera and maps navigator, also used other phone. As secondary I also hacked using norton hack foind in n8 mostly my apps I download there also in nokia store 25.7mb left in C: installed Launcher n8 and qoobattery its cool, I feel lyk its new again. Abt lamination they have also here Shield in mall they laminate whole body but mine I make only screen. I love my nokia N8 silver
Dharmesh Roy
Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

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MdN, 23 Jul 2013There's not much to mess up with upgrading to Belle really.... moreMdN & Carol

OK. I'm tackling Belle now. I just backed up EVERYTHING on Nokia Suite. Will that be problematic? Like, will I end up with double of nearly everything when I restore, with them using up all my memory?

Here's what I saw! My PC is showing:
Phone Memory - 0 bytes free of 251 megabytes and
Mass Memory, 14GB free.

The File Manager on the phone however, is showing: Phone Memory - 109.3 MB free and
Mass Memory - 14 GB free.

I don't understand the discrepancy. Is there enough space on the phone to take Belle (seeing that the PC is saying O free bytes). I'm a little confused. All I have to do is click on "Install" and I'm still hesitating!!!! :-) Gee! This is torture!