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  • Saurabh

Dk, 23 Nov 2010i've not been to a that remote area, gps doesn't have anything t... moreGPS Query in a no network area.


The GPS will surely work anywhere in the world. All you need to do is to be in an open area so that your phone can recieve the GPS signals from the GPS satellites.
Once the data from the satellites is received, your phone then represents that data on a map to show you where you are.. Now, to download the map you need GPRS connection or a 3G or a network.
If you use the Nokia OVI suite, you can download the COMPLETE map of your country to your phone in one go. Hence, there will not be a need of network to show your location on the map as the maps would already be there on your phone. It is advised to download the whole country map to your phone at once to avoud frequest data connections.
However, your phone may try to connect through GPRS or some other connection to download the Ephemeris data. Just uncheck the Network based/Wifi/Assisted GPS in the postioning methods and you will be able to use GPS at any location without any network.

Hope this helps.

  • 0v0

Symbian3 rocks. N8 & E7 rocks.
imaging also, free navigation for ovi maps, just through satellite.

Also, an enhancement update is coming, coooool

  • Saurabh

By the way, NOKIA is all set to release the upgrade for this phone. I mean the firmware. It will be released as a patch and will have a lot of enhancements. Major changes will be a faster browser. and a more user friendly keyboard. These updates are expected by the first week of Dec 2010.

  • postman3g

why is this great phone deprived the ability to shoot videos in poor lighted areas? meaning us night crawlers are restricted to good still images. the other thing that baffles me is the video frame rate which is at 25fps as opposed to 30fps, display pixels are lower than that of its competitors the i phone4, samsung wave, htc hd2 etc. if u ask me its still lacking...but a good phone nevertheless!

  • Dk

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2010I meant how can we use GPS navigation in remote areas where no n... morei've not been to a that remote area, gps doesn't have anything to do with network, but it'll require some data connection. For the first lock u'll require some data connection or it'll take loads of time 15 min... After that u can turn the network off after its locked.. But its limited to my knowledge, never got to try anything like that...

  • Saurabh

[deleted post]Josh,

The top and bottom of the phone is PLASTIC. the metal (aluminium) is only the middle part which makes most of the body. The top where the headphones plug in and the bottom where the charger pin goes in are PLASTIC.

  • Dk

sukrsa, 23 Nov 2010I use my N8 for connecting my Notebook with internet. I used to ... moresorry dude, if u lost the app, you can't re-install it just like that,
Yet u can try and log in to ovi store and go to "my stuff" and try and install the paid app, if it directly redirects u to installation or download then u can have it. Ovi store keeps a track of ur imei so may be that can be available, but it wouldn't be that profitable for developers so i'm not sure... Find out n lemme know...

  • karan

little bit confuse which phone to buy n8 or htc lefend please help me

  • sk

i like to play chess on orkut application CHESSLEAUGE2.0, can any one user tell m that browser of this phone supports this feature or not, i want to upgrade my cell to n8 from n95 8 gb. plz plz

  • sukrsa

I use my N8 for connecting my Notebook with internet. I used to do it with OVI suit. But there are a setting (Connectivity/USB/Connect PC to Net) which allow use N8 as modem. How to activate it?
Another question- Till now I have download many free applications from OVI store. They directly install to “Mass Memory” of N8. So we are unable to get executable file separately. They may download in future if required. But when we purchase application from OVI store, how to recover them if our phone needs to be formatted.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2010Can we use GPS Navigation without sim?, Will it voice navigate?Ovimaps can work perfectly without sim card,it is the greatest advantage of ovi maps, voice guided navigation works as well,

  • Anonymous

I meant how can we use GPS navigation in remote areas where no networks are available, without data connection?

  • Gitty

Raanjhaa, 23 Nov 2010Everything on the phone is up to the mark except the plastic us... moreCant u repaire it from the ? Itz not so costly !

  • dk

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2010Can we use GPS Navigation without sim?, Will it voice navigate?yes, use it via wifi...

  • Anonymous

Can we use GPS Navigation without sim?, Will it voice navigate?

  • Joe

Can we add android in Nokia N8? just curious to know.

If so, what will happen i mean will we get the latest updates from android? & what all fetures stop working?

  • Raanjhaa

Everything on the phone is up to the mark except the plastic used ,mine got cracked near the headphone output within 15 days of purchase and Nokia claims that is doesn't come under warranty.I have handled the phone very carefully but still it got cracked God knows how it happened,I think its the bad plastic used.

  • Ziad

Nokia has confirmed that some of its N8 smartphones have power management issues. It says that the problem is covered under the Nokia warranty and any customers should contact Nokia Customer Care should they see a problem.

Nokia's full statement: "There have been some reports in media on the Nokia N8 quality. Niklas Savander, head of Nokia sales and marketing, addresses the issue in a video interview published today in our company blog Nokia Conversations. In a limited number of Nokia N8 devices, there appears to be an issue relating to power management. As product quality is a top priority for Nokia, we have taken immediate actions to address this. As with any product performance issue, this is covered by Nokia's warranty. Any affected consumers should contact their local Nokia Customer Care. We apologize for the inconvenience." [Nokia via Boy Genius Report]

  • Ziad

no 1 messes hereeee...N8 z the best !!! itz truee that it hz got issuezz, but it aint for vry cell'z.and Nokia hz replaced it.. kindly do contact Nokia care in this casee..

Nokiaaa Rulzzzzz...

  • f

My N8 has been great.. love it