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  • Conrad

I'm sitting between a rock and a hard place. Except for the obvious specs between the Nokia N8 and Nokia N900, I need to decide which one to get. Any advise, opinions or recommendations will be appreciated. This is going to be the phone I use for the next 24months.

  • snonre

[deleted post]What does this prove anyway? The votes here in can be manipulated very easily.

  • Anonymous

This is a win/lose situation. If you have an N8 you win. Any other mobile, you lose.

  • phones fan

[deleted post]I don't agree with you,yes, Droid and iOS have great entertainment capabilities,but also they are great professional and business devices

  • snonre

[deleted post]Ur not fooling anyone man, trying to be different people but you fail cause your server address is still the same. BTW do you own an N8 to back up ur claim?

And why do haters and trolls come here and say something short like 'n8 sucks, dont buy it...plllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz'?, with no explanation what so ever

We the real n8 users can provide a detailed post to answer other people, and yet haters and trollers come here and make statements with no such explanation, thinking that people will follow what you say.

  • Joe

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2010Haters (aka Droid & iPhone fanboys) try to drag N8 down.Yes u r rite, u knw i also think right now android OS is better than Symbain3. but symbian 3 will improve when it upgrades to symbian 4.

Dn knw wen it gonna happen :(

Android OS is glamorous & have 100,000 of apps. dn knw wen nokia will ging to improve the ovi store and apps & games in it.

  • Anonymous

Joe, 19 Nov 2010Guys & Gals why the rating is going down?? Rate this phone i... moreHaters (aka Droid & iPhone fanboys) try to drag N8 down.

  • Joe

Guys & Gals why the rating is going down?? Rate this phone it should be on top.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2010I brought the N8 the day it got launched but had to return it! T... more3pHh: "Well said Dani, It's the Nokia twats that want to go cheap not the Chinese! Symbian OS is $hite so people admit it that this N8 is CRAP!"

isn't that your words itard fanboy?... and you want people to take your comments seriously?

guess what? iphone is useless with all its hangs and slowness without support for flash pages without usb port and with crap battery life, it's just for ret^rd-minded people like you.

  • Anonymous

HI,,Can n8 use windows mobile.

  • raikoyi

is there any features or apps that can lock files,folders,photo n videos as a privacy ...??help!!!!!!

  • vikas

I am using N8 for ten days, no problems,excellent value for money. A class camera & touch response.
Only hanged once after installing swype so i switched off the application,now o.k. Not able to use speed dial, it restarts every time I use speed dial.
Most of useful apps are available for this phone & are working fine.
I donot know why people make an issue of number of apps in iOS & android , while even simple apps like call recorder is not available.
By the time u start using an android phone a new upgrade is available & u come to know that your hadware does not support it. With Nokia at least u can online upgrade it.
I was using Samsung omnia hd & i could not upgrade it even in gaurntee period.

  • parker

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2010There is no risk just make sure you got your docs, contacts, pic... morethanks for your answer...

btw... I have been a nokia user ever since...

it's just that I have installed an app that caused some issues... I really like the phone... it really suits my needs...

  • Anonymous

nokia failed, 19 Nov 2010Nokia has again admitted that N8 is faulty. Link- http://www.e... moreI brought the N8 the day it got launched but had to return it! The sales guy said to me "you sure it's faulty" I told him that it kept freezing / resetting etc but that was early days...and was kind enough to post the comments on the forum but THEN....people on here think I'm a Steve Jobs FANBOY....!!! I wanted to let others know the issue with the N8 NOT co's I want an Iphone! IF you all read this and want to know I use a BB Bold....I'm NOT saying that this is better or worse than the Iphone OR N8, they are just different and I'm here to help others saving them going through the nightmares I've had in getting a new contract taking on a handset that has issues! Thanks for reading and NOT being biased!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2010If the handsets produced in china were any faulty am sure Nokia ... moreWell said Dani, It's the Nokia twats that want to go cheap not the Chinese! Symbian OS is $hite so people admit it that this N8 is CRAP!

  • michael hovermale

GUYS, has anyone encountered reformatted their N8 using the POWER BUTTON,VOLUME DOWN,CAMERA BUTTON & MENU BUTTON at the SAME TIME, then after formatted my MAPS & GPS application is missing in my phone, NOKIA really needs to have a MAJOR FIRMWARE UPDATE, not like MY NOKIA E72, love it so much i keep as my secondary phone.

  • Anonymous

Any alternative to emtube? For n8

  • Sails

So many new apps coming to OVI store. Its already pretty impossible to try to keep up. Maybe I should quit my job to play more with N8 ;) ?