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  • Anonymous

James, 18 Nov 2010Hallo...... I hav bought N8....I think that dat da battery ca... moreoff your widgets on main screen

  • Andres

My N8 had arrive today. Now the things are clear, those who said that N8 were slow, restart by itself, lagging and so on c'mon...they're just empty talks, I am an eye witness of the sophisticated N8. 2 weeks ago my wife bought an SE android phone, it's complicated when I typing letters on SMS, not responsive, tends to hit the wrong letters or numbers, only a few usable applications etc.
I was easy going with N8, Nokia is more user-friendly.

  • Anonymous

Anyone tried activating powersave mode by pressing power button at the top and selecting from list. Its amazing how much faster the homescreen switches when powersave is activated Other thinhs seem to go faster too. Try and compare. Its quite something.

  • snonre

There had been rumors that apps like quake 3, ps1 emulator, and some other cool stuff coming soon to the symbian^3 platform. Cant wait!

  • Anonymous

yea its a shome they did not includ the video light along side the xenon flash they should of put led light instead of that dull red light the led light can do the same and better

  • Bob

The best phone I have ever Lags, no hangs, no choppy videos, plays mkv format, using 1tb hdd to watch movies.gps works great.and the best thing is its 12 mp snapper.

Loved n8

  • Arrie

The best! Well done Nokia 12 mp wow!! awesome phone

  • Becool

bobby, 18 Nov 2010people dont buy this phone it just lags net speed is terrible sl... moreGet lost u liar..iam using N8 since 1 month now...perfect fone till date..have all the amazing games on my fone like,NFS,avatar,raging thunder,real football,asplhalt 5.... hero of sparta and watching movies on my fone...display is awesome...Guys plz dnt believe these liars who have never even touched the N8...

  • ted

th3D, 18 Nov 2010some say its lags, and it is wat i expected, since its processor... moreI own a Nokia N8 and I don't see any issues with performance..The phone is quite responsive.

  • th3D

some say its lags, and it is wat i expected, since its processor is onli a little faster than other symbian touchscreen nokias with ARM11. Those others lag a lot, like 5800, 5530, and watever. And i saw how choppy N8 for HD videorecording. Sad to se Nokia releasing a so underpowered handset, putting themselves on the bottom of the performance race, and STILL they cannot get better battery life than this?

Very disappointing. Im a nokia fan but this is not much to be a fan of. I had hoped symbian^3 would work well, but it cant even beat samsungs crappy Bada in usability? Losing to the losers.

  • Ray Hipkiss

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2010nokia needs to upgrade this poor stone age looking symbain 3 os ... more Unfortunately no firmware upgrade will allow night time video recording. The reason being there isn't a LED light on the camera, only a xenon flash which can't be used as a permanent light, only a flash. It's a shame they didn't include both though.

  • Ray Hipkiss

Viral, 18 Nov 2010I dont know if its a common problem or not, but i am also facing... more I faced the same problem until I turned off automatic wireless scanning and put the home screen widgets into off-line mode, only putting them into on-line mode when I need to. Wifi will always be a battery drainer.
Now I can easily get 2 to 3 days use from the battery.
Also playing games will kill your battery.

  • Ray Hipkiss

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2010The 99c iPhone version is the best, it has no ads.The Nokia version doesn't have ads either. Granted it is more expensive than the Apple version with fewer levels but it is a brand new game as far as Nokia is concerned and some free level updates are on their way soon. Once the game has been available for Symbian as long as it has been for iphone the price will indeed come down to bargain levels, and who knows maybe even free as some top end games available on the ovi store are now free.

  • Anonymous

Shall I upgrade to the Sony Ecrisson Experia or N8? Whitch one is the best...

  • Viral

James, 18 Nov 2010Hallo...... I hav bought N8....I think that dat da battery ca... moreI dont know if its a common problem or not, but i am also facing the problem.

  • Ray Hipkiss

Joe, 18 Nov 2010In Android 140 levels of Angry birds is free but in ovi store on... more The Android version is AD supported, that's why it's free.
The Nokia and Iphone versions will cost you. £3 for Nokia and 99 pence for Apple. If you are having trouble paying with a card then charge it to your mobile phone account.

All the best

  • Viral

prasanth, 18 Nov 2010I am planning to buy this phone and only have one question? I... moreIts sad to see ignorant ppl comment out here and misguide prashanth.If you dont know then dont answer just shut up.
Prashanth in response to your query,when u send through bluetooth the file will first be saved in bluetooth, however you can then save it in your music player. First transfer the file, then go to msgs where its saved, open the msg,then click back, click back again go to music player go to options click on refresh library once you refresh library automatically all files from bluetooth that r music files will be saved in music player it will also show u files updated. u can check it in your music player the file will be there. You can now delete your file from messages and play it from music player... :)
For those idiots who dont know please shut up and dont wrongly inform people. i hope they r reading this.

  • Ray Hipkiss

manfree, 18 Nov 2010Anyone has tested divx playing?Is it smooth?very smooth indeed.

  • Anonymous

Joe, 18 Nov 2010In Android 140 levels of Angry birds is free but in ovi store on... moreThe 99c iPhone version is the best, it has no ads.

  • D_x6

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2010no, x6 doesnt have that function you can, however, connect x6 t... moreIf i purchase n8 usb cable from market then i will not able to connect that usb cable in my x6.X6 doesnt have that connecting port or n8 and x6 UI is different