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  • Joe

In Android 140 levels of Angry birds is free but in ovi store only 6 whats this yaaar....

And when i tried to buy from ovi store it states card error.

Nokia ovi store is really not goood.

  • Nikki

Is the blue n8 version out already ????? pls in realy need an answer . TQ

  • Dk

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2010what is coming with this new firmware update for this nokia n8 a... moreyou can chat with ur friends on facebook, gtalk, yahoo, just use nimbuzz or ebuddy.. Have fun as for the updates, its gonna get a new web browser and the home tabs will get sooth and it will remove the full swipe feature for switching enabling it to be switched by just a small swipe... Its expected sometime before christmas

  • Evans

Is this phone a dual sim phone?

  • anhsul

Enzo Maldini, 17 Nov 2010Actually, i love the n8, its the best but im trying to proove t... moreyes you bought good phone. .

  • snonre

dunis, 18 Nov 2010please tell me , can i use skype on this phone? i asked one sell... moreThe skype app wont be available for the symbian^3 platform just yet. They say it will arrive before Christmas day. So just wait

  • Jay

[deleted post]But N8 does not need 1Ghz processor, i can open 20 apps (true multitasking) and still the phone does not lag.
I think Symbian4 will be a huge change.
And don't forget that Symbian is still nr 1 mobile OS.
It is the father of all mobile os.
But yes it can be inproved it is not perfect, IOS and Android are also not perfect.
We will see in which direction Nokia will go.

  • dunis

please tell me , can i use skype on this phone? i asked one seller and he said that you cant use skype with nokia n8. Please tell me the true.;]

  • Stynu

prasanth, 18 Nov 2010I am planning to buy this phone and only have one question? I... moreYeah.. it'll be Saved in message folder only..

  • Valentine Vinu...

I think its a better Phone.. one need to know hw to use it.. lol...:)

  • Jay

James, 18 Nov 2010Hallo...... I hav bought N8....I think that dat da battery ca... moreMy N8 battery is good, i need it to charge it every 3 days or heavy use 2 days.


i hope nokia N8 is d best multimedia phone ever & d most featute packed in d market......

  • andy burgin

Just read a article on a web page,that loads of N8s are having freezing or turning off problems an it always seems to happen with the first batch of releases with Nokia mobiles,my N8 froze twice an was sent a new one an had no problems since i have recieved the new one,contact Nokia Care if yours is freezing or not turning back on as the N8 as a 24month warranty with Nokia,i dived in an got the N86 early but had 3 of these in a week

  • Gitty

Gitty, 18 Nov 2010Yeah,it is saved in the msges>inbox !By using xplore u can move those received files anywhere !

  • Gitty

Mr K, 18 Nov 2010does this fone come with lifetime navigator?Yes ,lifetime free nevigatiön !

  • Gitty

prasanth, 18 Nov 2010I am planning to buy this phone and only have one question? I... moreYeah,it is saved in the msges>inbox !

  • Anonymous

what replaces infared how can i use the nokia n8 as a tv remote with out no infared can some one tell me i did it with my old nokia n 73

  • Anonymous

what is coming with this new firmware update for this nokia n8 and how faster will it get and will it be more eye candy and will the new web browser enable u to chat on facebook chat i mean to be exact been able to c who is online and being able to chat with them i wonder what will be the n8 successor maybe a 18 mega pixel some one tell me please

  • lol

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2010If you want a cheap plastic phone... buy a Samsung Galaxy. If... moredo u know that galaxy were the best phone now? in term of os and others advantage..

  • Nirav

Hi Guys,
Back to Nokia from my Samsung wave and it feels like home hehehe.....
Having used both the handsets here are my observations.
1.The handset has hot swap for memory card wave does not.
2.Can change tracks from headset which cannot be done from Wave.
3.Display a bit less brighter than the wave but becomes a bit difficult in dark conditions as i does not have the light sensor.
4.Samsung wave heats up with prolonged use, N8 does not!
5.Cannot search tracks from music player on N8 as it does not have the search option...What a Pity!

I am happy with N8 It is the best handset one can say.

P.s:I feel most of the comments in this forum come from people who have never used a Nokia as he does not know wht the handset can do and what it cannot do.
All the best and God Bless!