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  • Nokia I love you

O My god... Folks frankly speaking if you dont have this phone, You dont know what you are missing out... This is the best mobile device ever produced by any mobile company. The camera is the best at par and video quality is mind blowing. Features wise this phone is outstanding.

  • ring

I hav galaxy s...I think that dat da battery
capacity is very I need 2 recharge it
daily....I would lik 2 knw whther its problem wid
ma phone or a common problem....

  • James


I hav bought N8....I think that dat da battery capacity is very I need 2 recharge it daily....I would lik 2 knw whther its problem wid ma phone or a common problem....

  • manfree

Anyone has tested divx playing?Is it smooth?

  • Anonymous

First I waited for N8
Second I wait for C7
Then I wait for C6
None of them I bought yet. Maybe I just go for C2-00. Simple, small phone with dual sim cards. Back to the envelope where phone is meant for voice communication.

  • mygadget

This is one best product that Nokia ever made...


  • Phil

Bry, 18 Nov 2010I have a question. I cant change the album name and I cant even ... moretap and hold the album name; it would pop-up an option to delete or rename

  • Mac

Enzo Maldini, 17 Nov 2010Actually, i love the n8, its the best but im trying to proove t... moreSo what is it? 3 things bugging you? You say you own this phone and yet you picking on simple aspects. Didn't you do your research before buying this phone. You want our sympathy for your poor decision or lack of intuition? We're sorry and yeah the N8 is a shit phone so there you go. You happy now? Now go return your N8 and back to your iPhone. By the way. If you actually test these phones then you should have picked those issues up before you purchased it??! Go return it cos you're never going to be happy, ever.

  • ahmed

marvalous . i just didn't think of a phone like t@. it'z superb!!!!!!!!!

  • snonre

Enzo Maldini, 17 Nov 2010I'm not here to demonstrate my identity. I assumed that many peo... moreWhat is your purpose here actually? Pls tell, cause all i see is that your promoting the Android OS and Iphone4. Whats the matter with you? This is the N8 forum for God's sake. What do you get out off trashing the N8? Is still going on as one of the most popular phone to be released by Nokia.

Jailbreaking an Iphone4 and rooting an android can be quite risky is not done properly. And symbian OS has a much easier way of hacking using HellOx. All you need to do is too acquire a cert and key file with your IMEI, sign the app, install it and let the app do all the hacking. As simple as that!

Dont laugh at Ovi store just yet, good apps are also coming toward its way. If you dont believe me just see for yourself. The new QT coding also enables developers to develop apps for the symbian^3 platform easier than ever (claimed to be easier than android).
Also, believe it or not, there has been an OVERLOAD of apps trying to get into Ovi Store. Nokia actually had to limit the number of apps coming through.

  • mastamolvi

Gitty, 17 Nov 2010Symbian^4 ,flash10.1 is coming !do u knw when

  • Bry

I have a question. I cant change the album name and I cant even delete my album (photo album) on my phone. There's no edit or delete option on my photo albums. Can anyone help me?

  • snonre

Enzo Maldini, 17 Nov 2010Excuse me using quotes constantly. Englsh isn't my natal languag... more"You are right, but still it's worse than iPhones's and Samsung Galaxy S. You can see it by pure stats, by looking the same game running on different phones and... have you seen U3 Engine running in the iPhone 4 or Rage? It blows away PSP and N3DS graphics. Well, even someone at Nintendo told N3DS couldn't run it."

You keep forgetting that the n8 is just a higher mid-range phone but it already has ONE OF THE BEST GPU in the market and its good enough to compete with galaxy s and iphone4 gpu (i dont know what GPU are they using)

Yes i've seen the U3 engine and Rage performing on the Iphone4 but they are still tech demos man. I bet that if they release a full game they will reduce the details and textures just to make it playable. And graphics like that will make your iphone 4 battery go kaput in no time :)

"What do you care, how does your battery perform against its spec or how long does it last in the real world? You look like you want to make a crime of Apple and Samsung for including a superior battery."

Bigger CPU = Bigger battery, nuff said

All i'm trying to say is, for a 1200mah battery, the n8 battery life is quite good, of course it cant compete with a higher capacity battery (duh!) so im asking you to find another smartphone with the same battery capacity and compare its battery life with the n8.

"I agree with this and I hope things get well done, but the "big-bang" isn't now with the N8, it was long ago with the 5800. Since then, they are playing the catching game."

I disagree. The 'big-bang' is with the n8, just not expected at first. Demands for the n8 are growing each day and it overshadows the supply. Even the Nokia factory in china said that they need more employees to keep up with the demand.

  • Chase

This phone would have been great about two years ago. Lets face it 1 GHz processors are where its at to use a 680 MHz processor is a major fail. All the other features are gr8 but that ARM 11 is the only reason I would not buy it. Sorry Nokia, better luck next time.

  • Anonymous

anyone know when the new firmware will be released for N8? I am really looking forward to the new browser!! :)

  • Anonymous

go buy samsung wave..
its smarter than smartphone..
fast like moto GP.

  • me

Android OS,(Froyo) is better.

  • aaptk

i love the fact that n8 haters probably make this phone even more popular...

i also enjoy posts that start with:
"i work in a mobile shop"
"i own both n8 and wave/iphone4/galaxy"
"i bought this phone and its crap"
"nokia is dead"
and so on

you can even notice a pattern. always apple and samsung afraid of competition

  • Anonymous

This phone is so bad, I hate it and wish I never let myself get conned again by Nokia after switching from an N97 which was worse.

  • Anonymous

nokia take so long to bring out the n8 and brought it out with buggy software when is nokia going to update it to symbain 4 and flash player 10 great phone but poor os and no video light