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  • manfree

Vivaz is almost the same and now it has half price.

  • Becool

Guys the real user like me know tat the fone is restarts...have some 15 games..more than 30 apps...themes...8 gb card installed tat has been to N97 to bb 9700 and now in N8...Guys plz dnt believe dis dirty liars who r jealous of N8...just go buy it....and sooon N8 will be getting new browser and dragable home screen...Best fone ever...Nokia rocks...

  • rani

ajay kk hyd , 10 Nov 2010hi friends i want you this phone rate and 3g enable or not , how... morehiii gues i want you rate this phone guy and nokia 3g enable handset minimum rate

  • ajay kk hyd

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2010If they are tested and published by Ovi store, it should be safe... morehi friends i want you this phone rate and 3g enable or not , how pis phone

  • Anonymous

nokia really needs to work on the symbain 3 y did they not used meago 5 in this phone

  • Nokia N8

I have been following other sites to check how N8 is and i am having a feeling that all those people who says N8 is bad are lying.

Because everyone else apart from GSMARENA seems to have good experience with N8.

Check Phone Arena User Reviews for N8..

  • brynn

I have give it one more chance today and give it full reset..

go to fone -- fone management--factory settings..

u are presented with 2 options,restore or delete data and restore..

Be careful what u choose i choose delete data and restore which brings it back to from the fresh out of box settings..

WARNING you get no enter fone lock 12345 so be careful cause once selected your option fone restarts and takes about 7 minutes to restart,but i had 8.6GB on mass memory,memory card of 32GB already removed obviously.

Instead of 32GB card i used 16gb card and so far its been fine..I really think its a lot to handle is 32GB plus its a sandisk class 2 card so not the fastest..

At this moment still debating its really slowed down and only using approved ovi stuff,now if people are going to have a go at me and say ovi store is not often compatible with the new s^3 then thats nokias fault not mine as far as i am concerned nokia states this will come with ovi..Its also nokias fault if they approve 32gb card and it really cannot handle it..

So my honest answer is be wary ,the n8 is no n97 its a lot different under the hood and quicker but as people are saying check what you install ..Gsmarena or somewhere states you cannot use over a 2gb movie or 1.5gb if you wish to fast forward.To me it still just looks like 5th edition ,which it is but tweaked.

There are some models out there with faulty memory allocation problems but by now these should have been through peoples hands and solved either by returning fone for a swap.

battery,audio,fotos,video,are good..
video hdmi playback,screen briteness,web browser not good inmy n8 ..

There is an update on way but why then did nokia hold off for so long?? They are saying they cannot account for everybodys usage and patterns,well nokia thats your fault there are thousands of peole who would test your device for free..Why not invit 2000 people to a weeks stay somewhere with different usage patterns to flush out the bugs..You ask for people to test a new device with just a weeks holiday somewhere and no pay you would be inundated with more requaests than you could handle..

Accept the above limitations and the n8 is a rock solid smartfone with top specs but at this moment me personnelly am bit let down with nokia promising so much but people use fones different ways to me..I am more multimedia then buinessy things..

  • Anonymous

only for haters!

  • Point view

I don't know why GSMarena ignore User Experience in thier evaluation. When you say the phone score xx , you have to cover all aspects such as User Experience but not only specs. I will give real example: when you say n8 scored 8.x , i think this way u misleading the the reader. Because and from my experience if iPhone 4 scores 6.x , nokia n8 should score 1.x

  • hani

hey guys dont act like child some of you a telling that the n8 is superb and the others are saying that it is a peace of shit.

guess what i got my n8 2 days ago and it superb

so for those who are saying that the n8 is not good that means that they didn't used it. so stop acting like child n8 haters.

  • Suman

[deleted post]Hey!!!!!
I loved the story mate...Its awesome and yes its a practical situation...Lastly i loved the point that every one loves their phone and has their comfort levels, its Not just screen and eye candy UI that makes a phone its all about how you get your work done with ease.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]You have too much time on your hands.

  • David891

Himanshu kapoor, 09 Nov 2010if u r going for the camera phone so pls pls pls dont go for thi... moreI guess you should remove the safety plastic from the lens, or ur just an annoying troll.

  • Tanvir_666

Himanshu kapoor, 09 Nov 2010if u r going for the camera phone so pls pls pls dont go for thi... moreLOL ..... what a joke...... Even all the N8 haters told that N8's camera is outstanding..... You've exceeded them too......

  • Himanshu kapoor

if u r going for the camera phone so pls pls pls dont go for this phone. if u compare it with sony 5mp camera dat is better dan dis 12mp. dont take dis phone...

  • David891

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2010i just bought this phn today....was waiting fr so long 2 buy thi... moreHow much not powerful does the xenon flash is then?
And what are you comparing it with? with dual LED or with a digital camera's xenon flash?
Cause I guess they don't put xenon in it when it is only slightly brighter as LED..

  • Anonymous

i just bought this phn today....was waiting fr so long 2 buy this...finally gt one...nw this phn is awesome...touch response is really gud...sound is good in both speakers n headphones...os doesnt look slow(mayb its new)...hope it runs like this...the only snag bout this phn is its flash...IT AINT MUCH POWERFUL...n distance covered by flash is pretty less...besides that it is a awesome phn...
n can someone tell me hw to register yourself on ovi to get unlimited songs download...

  • Sails

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2010I was right when i chose satio,no pr0bs at all,and i think symbi... moreWhat you are reading in comments is loads of trolls.

For example there was a nice conversation between someone from India, Canada and Poland where they complained to each other about N8 crashing problem. Too bad the guy didn't realise GSMArena showed the same IP hash to all comments.

Then there was a guy who complained how he should never have changed his N7 to N8. Of course he didn't know enough about Nokia phones to know that there never was an N7.

Then there are the copy paste trolls etc. This is not a very good site to get accurate picture. You should just go to a store and test it yourself.

  • Anonymous

I just wanted a camera ph0ne,even if its n0t a super 0S,,A simple camera ph0ne would do.

  • Anonymous

I was right when i chose satio,no pr0bs at all,and i think symbian is running fine in s.e.

i kn0w that this n8 was a big bo0m for n0kia,'all in 0ne'..until it was launched..but what im reading n0w here in c0mments,all in all,was a half failure..

more pros = more complicated
less pros= less complicated

i just want 2 say,im happy with my se satio,
even if its 1 and half yr.old with this n8.