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  • snonre

snonre, 26 Oct 2010All biased videos man. Here are the REAL videos that show the N8... moreMore coming if you wish

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2010Man this Nokia Hater comes here every day without fail post same... morewhat the hell you talking about, there are thousand such kind videos on you tube,here is another four­eature=related

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Man this Nokia Hater comes here every day without fail post same 5 links of n8 from other N8 haters and he doesn't have a life.. He only has 5 links to say bay about N8 what a pity.. There 100's of links to say good about N8..


What is the IMEI nr of your cell?

  • mags

i'm using n8 right now everything is grrat and it keeps on getting better, 12mp camera is very good in videos and photo, very good touch reponce, video quality is very good in youtube and downloaded ones, it can also read usb, don't know bout the virus protection though everything is very good, this phone rocks... So for those people who are saying bad things about it YOU SHOULD TRY IT FOR YOU TO SAY SUCJ FOOLISH THINGS... Peace...

  • TJ

Received my N8 yesterday and very disapointed after such a long wait. Keep getting unknown error, please restart when I try and access the camera, it keeps freezing and having to restart, it wont play any of my videos or films, a lot of the apps I have downloaded won't open fully or freeze and when I open web pages it just freezes. Not happy!

  • snonre

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2010I have used Ovi map daily. It is very fast and doesn\t lag like ... moreIts already here mike (ovi maps 3.06 updated version, not beta)­.html

  • Anonymous

The recent released swype is actually designed for c7 not n8, the n8 version will be out soon, they state it in their betalabs site

  • Anonymous

Dk, 26 Oct 2010Has anyone tried any of new ovi maps or swype on n8? I have used Ovi map daily. It is very fast and doesn\t lag like Samsung. It also has walk navigation and can show the traffic flow and a lot of more features ie. 3d view and night mode. I also used it in foreign countries and the city guide is very helpful. Check youtube for the demo vids.

New Ovi Map 3.0.6(beta) will be released soon. It will support pinch-to-zoom.

  • 0v0

Definitely there will ba a surprice from Nokia for the Symbian^3 before the end of the year. So keep your eyes open & your hands ready.....

  • Deepak

Can you just tell me is N8 has russian langauge preloaded or not.

  • Dk

Has anyone tried any of new ovi maps or swype on n8?

  • Sahil

some of not most... as lack of info is dangerous

  • snonre

Abhishek, 26 Oct 2010N8 have bad quality of camera it doesn't have the clarity, even ... moreDid you remove the plastic film from the camera lens. you really have a N8 or are you just trolling

  • Abhishek

N8 have bad quality of camera it doesn't have the clarity, even 5mp claruty poor camera quality...iam not satisfied with my n8.

  • Sahil

i hav seen demo of both n8 & wave...
n8 wins over 12mp camera,bigger 3.5inch screen,playing 720p HD videos on HDTV(way better than wave),16gb internal,usb on the go,etc etc...

wave wins over Super amoled,video light while recording videos,in loudspeaker sound quality is same as n8(but wave has little bit clear)

i know all the flaws & gud things abt both..but 1 thing i wanna know from u guys pz tell me earphone quality of n8 is it same as wave.. i tested wave earphone which is loud but n8 earphone is not there when im testing...

most of the comments here r spreadg fake info abt n8 & wave..both r gud phones.. i wanna buy 1 as wave is limited..any1 needs help can ask me or call me on 9958358255...

  • Sam

Best price at Hotspot Store

  • N8 LOVER S

N8 Lover, 26 Oct 2010i dont care about what people said i still like this phone. its ... moreHey dude, sorry, but can you rename yourself as n8 lover 2 or something? Cause I have already used that name and people here knows me by my name. (But everyone have to admit that it's a cool name) So, let's do one thing, from today, I'll change my name to n8 lover s (as s is my name's initial). Cheer up bro, we're never going to leave nokia as nokia has always served us well enough to earn our trust. Take care all n8 fans. For others, just go back to your own phone's link where nobody reads your comment. Just get lost.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2010Symbian users are so restricted in using of apps or features, It... moreAgain what a view of life by an Android user.. Marvelous lol... how do u people walk in the streets with out being ripped off or robbed with a finger(thinking its a gun)... I cudn't stop laughing at Android users and I OS users ...