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  • lokesh rana n8 is amazing..m using's first n series best phone..go for it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2010Sorry I meant to ask has, the N8 got a organiser/calender?yes

  • Anonymous

Let's put it in dis way, i used to be a die hard nokia fan.. my sets ( N72, N95 8gb, N79, 5220, 3110c, 5130, N96 etc) but all is past now. belive it or not now the future is in samsung's bada OS, Androids and Windows phone 7.. nokia is only good in making small mid range handsets only.

nokia's biggest known sets C7, N8, E7 like are no match with the HTC Desire hd or galaxy s or s8500 wave or X10 or iphone 4 etc.

trust me to go with s8500 wave or sgs i own both of em and u won't be disappointed, not to mention the regret you'll take after taking N8 over them.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2010can any N8 user tell me, is there auto white balance in nokia N8 ? yes it does have automatic white balance as well as all common presets

  • arshad

N8 rocks. where do i find proper themes for this phone???


(Anonymous)-- nokia n8 is not bad phone, i know that some people just jealous, i think this phone u lookin for go to this site­ephone&hl=en&show=dd&cid=15754643057­963555330&ei=DDrDTJL9CIrqNfGZzdEN&sa=tit­le&ved=0CAoQ8wIwATgA#p (:o) hope u like it.

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Anonymous, 23 Oct 2010go for samsung wave :)Over the n8? Lol. Price not an option, that statement would pass as a good joke.

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[deleted post]go for samsung wave :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2010Do you know what makes a phone smart? By definition, symbian ... more. . . and the n8 is not slow. Maybe thats what you tell yourself as a consolation so you can sleep at night. Read the review and the opinions from users WHO ACTUALLY BOUGHT THE PHONE and not these hopeless trolls.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2010u r wrong man..there are some ppl who r misguiding other ppl by ... moreDo you know what makes a phone smart?

By definition, symbian is the closest model if not the only true smartphone os.

Smartphones are meant to be portable computers with mobile phone functionality. How then can a phone be smart if it can't replicate the bases of computing, multi tasking? Several user applications running parallel? Symbian is the only mobile os that multi tasks. Android doesn't offer true multi tasking, bada doesn't even try and i'm sure nokia's feature phone s40 would get multitasking before ios if ever. Application suspend is not multitasking. If it was, cheap ass sony ericssons of 2006 would be called smartphones. Ask yourself, why is the iphone a smartphone and the sony ericsson k700 isn't? The answer, neither of them is a smartphone? You might argue that the k700 doesn't run a defined os but how much of an os really is ios? Bada, is one pathetic write up. How else can you describe an os that doesn't multi task yet freezes regularly when you try switching between frozen apps? And that with a 1ghz cpu. You guys should keep quite till you can atleast, download files of formats the browser doesn't recognize.

Now, samsung wave versus the almighty n8.
The only things the wave has over the n8 are screen resolution and contrast. Oh And if you use your mobile as a flash light you could find use for its single led cuz that thing can't even record the v in the word video. You may talk cpu and ram but thats all bullshit. They don't run the same os and hence don't have the same requirements. Oh, and the ui, that is subjective.

Lets talk n8. The list is endless. Do i start from hdmi? Usb otg? Bluetooth 3.0? Ovi maps for life? The worlds best mobile camera? Looks and build quality? Even number of apps, product support and os prospects all count in the n8s favour. And those are just the ones i can remember.


Sahil, 23 Oct 2010Hey can anybody tell me that i want to buy N8 it is good phone... morehiiiiii sahil i will use x6 that good phone but n8 is best phone in nokia soo i req u bue n8

  • Byron OA

Lovely phone! Might save up for one or a C7.

  • Rko userguider india

Marcio, 23 Oct 2010Hi people! I am live in Brazil, and I much like the N8! Its the ... moreMy girlfriend buy nokia n8 in black. Is silves is view nice but black is most popular color. I tell my gf to buy black. Black is my fav.col.

  • @MK

Hey Man what hppnd to ur site ???
I went there to download but the site is not avlbl :(((

I told u please upload those game some where and post the link here

thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

O2 Pay As You Go £330.00 Free Delviery :o)

  • Anonymous

Mark, 23 Oct 2010Wave is not even a smartphone.u r wrong man..there are some ppl who r misguiding other ppl by saying lies..u r one of them..some samsung haters are spreading this prove thr phones r the best phones..they dont even know what quality makes a phone a smartphone..

  • Mark

Parag shukla, 23 Oct 2010Had taken this phone after selling my GALAXY S! and i regret it... moreWave is not even a smartphone.

  • n8 owner

I've got the limited edition of the is an impressive phone,hardware is awsome,lot faster when compared to the s60 v5 on my old n97...the phone software is very responsive...all i can say stay loyal to nokia ,they are on their way bck...very good phone!

  • Anonymous

What are the must have apps for n8

google maps
ovi maps
msn live messenger
yahoo mesenger, not available (n.a.)
yahoo flickr, n.a.
Mtube, n.a.
Oxford advanced leaner dict, n.a.
opera mini and mobile
nokia internet radio, n.a.
nokia ovi browser, n.a
local bank apps
spb tv
livestation, n.a.

all those great games on iphone

go nokia

  • Anand Ikona

I am DEFINITELY getting an N8 now! Check out the Camera Samples in this post. Full of night pics, amazing!­oot-mumbai-by-night/