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  • Wasim

I am at present using nokia 5800XM and want to upgrade with nokia N8. Can anyone explain what is the sound (music) quality and loudness in nokia N8 in comparison to nokia 5800XM in case of both through headset and phone loudspeaker? as i am a music enthusiast. Thanks in advance.

  • Nokiaboy

Ok, yeah, someone here commented that if you want an Android like phone, then get an Android phone, but there are a few major drawbacks to any Android phones: power consumption (low battery duration), no free drive instructions, no good camera, period!

So still, if you want N8 hardware specs and Android looks the solutions is here:

So, Froyo looks on N8 quite possible :)

  • Gary

There is so much demand for this cell phone, Nokia will increase production as from 1-Nov. People have to be patient. Eventually everyone will get his. I did order mine on last Monday and it will only be delivered on Monday the 1-Nov ! I am from Nuernberg, Germany.

  • riddhi

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2010can some one please tell me if the screen readable under direct ... moreYes it is. Surprisingly so. Its not completely and perfectly bright right under a 12 noon sun, but i can read it clearly while walking about in daylight...

  • N8 sux

Hi all, don buy this phone.

Yest my frnd bought it n there were few lag issues, hangs when switching between apps.

Camera interface is old style,.. N u cant open back panel to change ur battery while carrying it. Not cool.

  • Mac

SFAN, 21 Oct 2010@Dago Symbian is programmed through C++ with qt support. Andro... moreYour point? Nokia N8 is a wonderfull phone SGS is a wonderfull phone as well in its own right. Why do you need to tell people what to think? What you state may be valid to you but to others it doesn't matter at all. The N8 has achieved the happy medium here between everything. The phone performs well in every department. Very good in some and above average in others. It is good. It ticks the boxes in everything and provides choice. HD, games, videos are smooth. UI good but not brilliant. It gets the job done better than before. Under the hood symbian ^3 has seen more than 200 changes from the old. Cannot be seen now but with the updates it will surface for users of this mobile. This works for millions of people. Just like the SGS works for millions. Provide your valued insight to the SGS fans please. The balance in this phone is unrivalled. By the way, android runs a linux kernel, not pure linux. Meego does run pure linux. That is why nokia stayed away from android. Their os is pure bred. Not a hack thats has rights owned by others. Oh and by the way, nokia have bed with who for meego....? I think you will see that processor very soon from nokia. Much more efficient than others with intel chips! Then others will copy their tech again and nokia will be a leader again?!! LOL. I hope they dont share like samsung holding the s amoled screens back and not supplying others with it. Playing the trump card huh? Then introduce it soon after in their WP7 phones? LOL! Dirt in others eyes.

  • mk

Mesuto Oshiru, 21 Oct 2010Thanks mate,its a nice site you made. But i just wonder bout gam... more u r welcome..... Feel free coz they r free. They r all eng versions. They r huge in size but resumable, u can even use a slower network....enjoy all of em

  • Mesuto Oshiru

[deleted post]Thanks mate,its a nice site you made. But i just wonder bout games language,is it english or russian?

  • CyberThug

Ye, really it is a masterpiece. It can do all things a PC can do..

  • Mesuto Oshiru

Why people keep telling lie,this phone is fine nothing wrong with it. Maybe you got fake N8,or just don't know how to use it. I've been use many nokia phone and never face any heavy problem,coz i know how to use it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2010HOW DO you turn off javascript on N8?JuST go to setting in web browser

  • Anonymous

HOW DO you turn off javascript on N8?

  • velu

rohit, 21 Oct 2010samsung wave give me 4 days backup 1 gh processor very fast ... moresamsung wave gives 4 days backup ??
r u carrying a power generator inside samsung wave ??

  • Sails

News Flash!

Most N8 users are probably currently using Opera.
There is a way to make the stock browser fast. Turn off javascript. Most well designed sites work nicely without it and the browser loading and rendering become really fast.

  • jan laczynski

I got this phone in indonesia, I give it a 9 out of 10 as it has ticked all the right boxes and performs very well

  • Dheeraj

Very poor cpu nothing new in menu system 12 mega pixelnot seems to be good.Nokia n 8 restart hang problem .

  • rohit

Sails, 20 Oct 2010Of the things you listed... -Camera is stunning. Definitely t... moresamsung wave give me 4 days backup
1 gh processor
very fast
mind blowing games
trust me see with your eyes

  • Phoenix

In concurrence with previous reports, N8's screen performs extremely well in direct sunlight and outdoors. As said by Rishi, the light sensor helps in this regard by pushing up the brightness in outdoor conditions, and vice versa, pulls it down indoors and in the dark. As you might have seen in screen comparisons with iPhone in the dark the N8's screen looks dull and dark, this is because the light sensor decides correctly that a lower level brightness is good enough in that condition. This also helps increase the battery's overall output per charge.

  • Dago Dumbutt

[deleted post]Bwahahaha... so after all this it will be 'Android-like' LOL! Why not get the real Android and skip the 'Android-like' experience???

  • SFAN

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2010Really? Then why is the video on the N8 far better than the Andr... moreSorry if you misunderstood my statement.
I never said higher resolution is better, I said higher resolution requires more RAM and processor power.

N8 supports divx and xvid... a lot of other encoders to enhance the quality of HD videos.
Please read before you start cussing.