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AnonD-135952, 05 May 2013u mean i should download different firmware and flash?I don't know. First try flashing again with firmware you already have. If it doesn't work maybe try different firmware.

  • AnonD-135952

[deleted post]what do u mean?

  • AnonD-135952

MdN, 04 May 2013Maybe it's just software, flashing error, and you have to flash ... moreu mean i should download different firmware and flash?

  • Donald

although I'm a Nokia lover, but I choose android for some issue. in symbian 60 series facebook, YouTube, gmail and web browser are not good as android. for some kind of these issues I moved from n8 ( 8 month used) to Xperia pro(mk16a). when I' m think to go back to Nokia this things appears in my mind and I change my decision. if Nokia bring back the s60 os with many new feature as android I definitely go back. oh! I have a e63 for telephony and messaging.

  • star3

nokia's all devices were masterpieces..whethr 6600 n70 n73 n82 or the communicators..the e series.. I dnt knw wat has hapend yo this many loyal customers fans of symbian 60 n the technology n the sturdiness n everything that nokia phones used to stand for ...the reliability that this cmpany provided n the loyality we as customers have shown throughout these many years.... But nokia betrayed us by making useless lumias n leaving symbian n the customers like n orphan child.. Beginning to hate this company.. But still using my n8... But time is approaching to finally Move On..

  • Anonymous

Very good camera phone, but anyone can bet that when the iPhone 5S launches, Apple will say that their camera is the best in the world. Too bad Nokia didn't decide to make phones with good cameras and more attractive OSes. This way they could shut Apple's propaganda machine as one of the only advantages iPhones have is the better-than-average camera.

AnonD-135952, 04 May 2013pls help to survive my best friend,my n8. my n8 is dead,i can ... moreMaybe it's just software, flashing error, and you have to flash it again... Did you try "dead USB flashing"? Maybe it could save it.­ia-device-via-phoenix-usb-dead-flashing/

And if you want to try a different firmware you can get them here:­2586738027&productType=RM-596

I hope this helps. :-(

  • AnonD-135952

pls help to survive my best friend,my n8.
my n8 is dead,i can flash with phoenix but after programming is completed it starts to count verifying communication to device and cannot boot,when the power is pressed nothing happens,pls help is t a software or a hardware problem?

  • rozy

Used i-phone, galaxy S2, HTC Desire C and One S and now again back to Nokia N8. N8 although old model but still is most reliable and best Camera phone. Its sound quality for telephony, radio and music is also very nice.

Great phone. Except my battery drains pretty quick.

  • fan

no ..i still cant shift to sleeping sony...lame lumia...clone i phone....or Shamesung.. M so happy with the gr8 n8...

  • cmonzst

this phone is just terms of picture quality n clarity of s thiound,good stuff.

"Fix for messaging" update just arrived here (Croatia). Great to get updates for a phone released 3 years ago. :-)

shekh40say, 02 May 2013size of photo from my n8 is around 2MB but that from galaxy gran... morenokia n8 and nokia 808 do a lot of jpeg compression without any loss in quality , but the ones of samsung's are bullshit they are of bad quality and size is also more same with htc and iphone but their quality is better than samsung's

Anonymous, 03 May 2013can i install viber,fring to nokia n8 Yes. You can get them free from Nokia Store.

  • pabitra kumar Gain

I love nokia n8.

  • Jiffy

N8 drives me crazy. I always go back to N8 every time I use the latest smartphones from Samsung or even the iphone5. The n8's camera is just irresistible, it's far better than any phone. I've been using N8 for almost 2 years and it still looks new.

  • Anonymous

can i install viber,fring to nokia n8

  • AnonD-136698

Joy-808, 02 May 2013hey guys how many of u agree with me :- sthephen elop should ... moreWell it's not Elop's fault only. Nokia failed to respond to Market dynamics on time. If Nokia did that Symbian would've still ruling.

However now WP is gaining popularity. However time is what Nokia needs.. but it is what Nokia doesn't have either. If Nokia could reach at least breakeven point in mobile sector within this year, they'll survive.

  • Anonymous

shekh40say, 02 May 2013size of photo from my n8 is around 2MB but that from galaxy gran... moreIf u click the photo with camera pro app. ,size of photo will be around 10MB... n8 camera compress the size of photo but it does nt effect the quality of photo,