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  • Anonymous

Quewstions about hdmi and usbotg

do we need a cable to connect micro hdmi in n8 to tv set?if yes, what is that cable?

Can we copy the file in other nokia phones to n8 using usb otg

can the bluettotoh mpouse scroll to zoom the puicture?

What is the feature that is missing on n8 but exist in s60v3.2n

  • mk

Polarbit's Raging Thunder 2 (gr8 3d graphics but nfs can beat it),and Fuzzies (gr8 addictive gameplay) are out now. Both r of 20mb in size... Many mor awsum games 2 com soon... Symbian is back again in gaming department...

  • jeff

im currently using n82 and my next phone is n8.. only xenon flash can make me change my nokia phone and nokia n8 has it.. time to change. yehey.


Does Samsung Galaxy S have true multitasking like symbian?? If it does,then why do we still need to use a task killer?? I mean,we can cancel any program thats running by holding the menu key,why do I need to go to settings and then select close all running apps,can't we do it from the multitasking task bar....guys please explain me. I am a user of symbian,so don't know much about Android phones. I really need true multitasking and good battery. Thanx and regards.

  • jeff

how to hard reset ? go to this website.. its there.

  • clay

some people say n8 sucks......but can anyone suggest any phone with this kind of spec n selling at 500 ???!

  • rahulNEWN8

plzz...tll me the way to hard reset the phone to factory settings.....

symbian3 sucks!!!!!...

n plz suggest some good antivirus compatible with it...shud i buy the Quickheal mobile antivirus for it?

coz hackers hv already started making virus for symbian3...if android os cudnt sustain the virus problem ,thn symbian3 is an easy prey..

  • max

i ought this mobile 3 days ago....initially it seemed the best mobile i have ever had..but yesterday after connecting it via usb to my lappy, it started showing problems....many a times apps r not initializing, browsing became slow, after using video recording whn i directly exit it restarted...i think my lappy might hv some virus...thats why the problem occured...but symbian 3 is the best nokia cud afford...but its far behind the android,ios n bada...come nokia geeks , plz find a way out to mount android on this phone...memory management isnt at all good..i wonder if symbian 3 cudnt handle viruses thn whts the use of usb on the go..whn most pendrives r not virus free

  • Harish, Mumbai

Andres, 16 Oct 2010That's right! I am totally agree with you. Your opinion about us... moreTotally agree with that!
The only logical choice after owning the N82 for 30 months is the N8..nothing else can come close to the awesome combo of Carl Zeiss and Xenon!!

  • anonyMouse

Can Symbian^3 keep up with Android 2.2 Froyo?

  • Anonymous

My complaints about n8, axctually not big issues

screen can be made larger
homescreen still need to be improved a bit, i am not big fan of widgets, follow finger movement
plastic port cover should use rough surface texture

give me the ovi browser, new obvi maps and swype now

  • Anonymous

in bangladesh grey is asking around 60000 where as nokia official price around 35000 and there will be a pre order wait and get a good deal

  • vijetha

any complaints abt n8

  • Anonymous

Nokia N8 is overall very good fone. i m using last 5 days

  • aiman

the best handphone from nokia.window moblie 7 on nokia is the best.

  • snonre

harsh, 16 Oct 2010Vido recording light id available in N8?Sorry mate, video light is not available on the N8. But if you still want a video light, go for the C7. But you will lose the xenon flash.

  • harsh

Vido recording light id available in N8?

  • Andres

G, 15 Oct 2010Why the mobile companies are in race of megapixel count. I dont ... moreThat's right! I am totally agree with you. Your opinion about using N82 camera module on N8 is a clever opinion. I am a N82 user and I think the same as yours - N82 quality 5mp camera is more than sufficient. honestly after using my N82 for 3 years, N8 is my one and only choice phone to replace my N82.

  • bhaiya lal singh

very good

  • Anonymous

Marc, 16 Oct 2010My brother just bought this phone, I tested the camera, the funn... moremay be you didn't pull off safety plastic/poly skin on camera, so it is reflecting back on camera