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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]No. It's not. It only has a bigger screen. That's it.
X10 doesn't even have multi-touch. There is no comparison between the two. N8 wins by miles.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2010Yeah may be, but nokia sure has a great reputation among its cus... moreph is not smart if no apps. i can't even get full web browsing exp on n8 cuz of poor browser and freeze every time

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2010reputation is the most important. loads of people including me h... moreYeah may be, but nokia sure has a great reputation among its customers, besides apple can't be termed as a smartphone as a pretty basic feature like multi tasking, flash internet, video calling etc are not available..
Apple sure got the touch area the best by far but apples are made for people who want style and are not interested in any kind of serious smartphone usage in any manner, thats why they continuesly focus on their style conscious market and improve gaming and style of the products..
Steve jobs is a person with another vision, he didn't think of it as a smartphone in the first category.:)

  • Anonymous

dk, 15 Oct 20105800 was like a test for nokia to check the touch market. It was... morereputation is the most important. loads of people including me had used 5800 and since then never trust in nokia for touchphone. First phone always needs to be best. Apple and AT&T spent like 150million dollars to launch first iphone. It was not perfect since no 3G but enough to shake up the mobile market. Without apple, there will be no android and touch symbian device and winmo won't die too. Apple is leader remember? Without ipad, tablet is probably ignored market. now everyone releasing new tab. mp3 and ipod is indistinguishable nowadays.

  • Anonymous

For people that lived in U.S:
A guy from says colored Nokia N8 (Silver, Green) will ship 10 business days from now. So I guess Nokia won't release other colors until the last week of October

  • Jon2

The only thing that this device lacks... is its INTERFACE.

But maybe they intentionally did not put MeeGo into this device, for there would be no competition left?

Every mobile phone company would sue Nokia for trying to monopolize the market lol

  • Anonymous

anyone who understands the power of symbian will adore this phone. samsung and iphone's extremely vivid pictures spoil the naturality and detail of their photos. and iphone surely needs to know that video stability was invented! n8 is the greatest till

  • David891

For all the ones interested in N8 speaker, here is a test comparing N8 speaker with deisre HD at arround 7:10

  • cnadra

Guys get spb mobile shell 3.7 for N8 and you can see the difference (five desktop + many other cool stuff. I have been using this software on my Omnia (WM6 OS) but after reading the review of WM7 I felt it is the right time to depart from this format. I mean no USB transfer + NO USB flash disk mode and depending too much on zune :( . N8 is the king :)

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]This is possible when updated to android 2.1,but not much better,and mainly because android market is much larger than symbian 3 market.

  • Anonymous

I've used this phone for more than a week now. "My return to the Nseries" I thought. The design is really nice and on the outside N8 is really impressive. Too bad the ^3 interface is absolutely terrible when you start dabbling deeper into its functions. I constantly have the feeling I'm using a half-finished product. I regret the purchase and at the moment I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

  • G

Why the mobile companies are in race of megapixel count. I dont think any user want more than 5 megapixel . No one is going to print posters from their mobile photos. All we need is good quality optics and image censor. Nokia can easily decrease their price if they give n8 type of camera module with 5mp. Now seeing price of n8 it is better to take one normal smart phone and one good camera with 10x optical zoom with rest of the money. I think nokia n82 had best camera with powerful xenon flash which was value for money. But only because of slow processor and software bugs made n82 unpopular. But i think now nokia can easily pack n82 camera module with good processor and stable software for reasonable price. I think it may happen in nokia n5 n6 and n7 series mobiles. But we have to wait another year or two.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2010feature phones are dead. smartphone war now is determined by app... moredead?
didn't you think what makes this phone so popular besides its Nokia name?

its features, that's what people are looking at in the first class

every feature added into such device is a + for such company

if it was made with MeeGo OS I'm sure that would simply blast all the competitors, there won't be samsung/iphone/htc/motorola/lg/crapberry headaches anymore.

but again, competition is good for consumers anyway.

  • Karan

its launched in india with a dealer price of 23,000inr

  • Dwane

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2010Hey bro, i'm not a techie myself but things get well as u stick ... morethanks for the tips. I'll check it out

  • Anonymous

Dwane, 15 Oct 2010Good comments my friend. Pls advise how we non geeks/techies can... moreHey bro, i'm not a techie myself but things get well as u stick around on sites like gallery.mobile9..
It doesn't have a section for symbian 3 as yet as it just came up, visit the s60 v5 gallery and find for hackers like farshad_enq..
I've been using nokia e51, and those were the likes i use on my phone.
Nokia has a huge amount of black hat hackers as they call them and they would be generous enough to help u out soon so just stick around on those sites and u could just find the app of ur choice.
Some help has already been provided by teams like hx and sgx in the areas of camera and screen ui, just in case u are unaware...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Oct 20105800 came out at the time when android was infant. Nokia just do... moreI agree that nokia has just been laying back and relaxing while enjoying a monopoly in smartphone market and it needs to pull its sleeves up... One of my roommates is a software designer at nokia and the way he has been working days and nights, i don't think nokia is gonna give its throne that easily...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2010feature phones are dead. smartphone war now is determined by app... morethat's only YOUR opinion

then let samsung remove 3G for example or USB besides its slower 3G/GPRS what you will do?.. buy it? it'll be even sucks more than its current specs.

people always see the features of the phone before buying one.

  • Engineer Man

I am waiting for Blue Nokia N8 either from Orange or from carphonewarehouse. Orange & carphonewarehouse only have N8 in silver & black on different operators for the now. I heard that we might have to wait till later November to get all the colour ones.

I could order one from Nokia directly but they only have 02, Tmobile or vodaphone. So I am on a different network. So this is not currently posible as they offer nothing better for the price of the tariff. Orange has been very good performance which I am pleased enough with.

  • Dwane

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2010hy brother you wanna buy galaxy go for it but when u talk about ... moreGood comments my friend. Pls advise how we non geeks/techies can get these free (or hacked) apps such office editor etc. I get my new N8 delivered to me tomorrow so this will be very helpful. Thanks