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  • Rohit (India)

does it hang often when i fill it with many apps? is 256 mb RAM enough? please guide

  • Anonymous

Have had my hand on n8 today!

Weight is Very light!
Screen should be larger,
screen resolution is okay with amoled

have not tried the camera and music loudspeaker yet

  • Anonymous

People,whatever you say and whatever you do,keep in mind that SYMBIAN outsales any other operating system ever made on planet Earth - with the exception of Windows ! ! ! Welcome to reality 2010 :-)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2010Yeah may be, but nokia sure has a great reputation among its cus... moreTotally agree. A smartphone is one that can do almost everything from Bluetooth filetransfer, USB on the go, HDMI out, and everthing else. Iphones is limited. You dont see many serious executive's using an iPhone right.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2010ph is not smart if no apps. i can't even get full web browsing e... moreA smart phones means that you do not need so many apps to make do something. It can do it on its own. What do you expect a perfect phone. Are you saying Samsung, iPhone, Motorola, Sonyericsson etc all have phone that do not lag or give problems. Be realistic. Anything thats mechanical or electronics will breakdown and give problems. Nothings perfect. Even the Galaxy S gave problems of lags when using the new Andriod 2.2.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2010this is way better if its on android platform but nokia is stuck... moreWhat rubbish are you talking. Symbian 3 is not outdated, its just been released except it looks slightly like the S60 5th edition. But internally it has a totally different architecture.Its not outdated but familiar. Are you saying that if you're married for years you would say your wife is outdated. Rubbish. Its solid and mature. Just like Mercedes and BMW cars, long history old brand but trustworthy.

  • Anonymous

I saw this phone half an hour ago, beautiful design

i notice the plastic cover for hdmi, headset jack is with shiny surface, i wonder if it is scratch resistant?

Nokia should make it rough surface, i hate shiny surface cause it is easily scratched

have not had my hand on it yet yet, all i can say perfecr size, very thin and very handsome design


n8 made in china,not good one like nokia others phone made in finland.perfect product of nokia is finland.always buy nokia finland product,not made in china.

  • subin

Cool, 15 Oct 2010Hi frieds.. In India i think only China Make of N8 will be avai... more U Do not buy Made in china,this is not excellent performance in every way,but Finland product is excellent one,In KSA if compare price china product is low cost, f inland similarly some high price,please buy Finland n8, Nokia is cheating by china made. Finland product may not be available in Asian countries.

  • Anonymous

this is way better if its on android platform but nokia is stucked with the outdated symbian OS

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]No. It's not. It only has a bigger screen. That's it.
X10 doesn't even have multi-touch. There is no comparison between the two. N8 wins by miles.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2010Yeah may be, but nokia sure has a great reputation among its cus... moreph is not smart if no apps. i can't even get full web browsing exp on n8 cuz of poor browser and freeze every time

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2010reputation is the most important. loads of people including me h... moreYeah may be, but nokia sure has a great reputation among its customers, besides apple can't be termed as a smartphone as a pretty basic feature like multi tasking, flash internet, video calling etc are not available..
Apple sure got the touch area the best by far but apples are made for people who want style and are not interested in any kind of serious smartphone usage in any manner, thats why they continuesly focus on their style conscious market and improve gaming and style of the products..
Steve jobs is a person with another vision, he didn't think of it as a smartphone in the first category.:)

  • Anonymous

dk, 15 Oct 20105800 was like a test for nokia to check the touch market. It was... morereputation is the most important. loads of people including me had used 5800 and since then never trust in nokia for touchphone. First phone always needs to be best. Apple and AT&T spent like 150million dollars to launch first iphone. It was not perfect since no 3G but enough to shake up the mobile market. Without apple, there will be no android and touch symbian device and winmo won't die too. Apple is leader remember? Without ipad, tablet is probably ignored market. now everyone releasing new tab. mp3 and ipod is indistinguishable nowadays.

  • Anonymous

For people that lived in U.S:
A guy from says colored Nokia N8 (Silver, Green) will ship 10 business days from now. So I guess Nokia won't release other colors until the last week of October

  • Jon2

The only thing that this device lacks... is its INTERFACE.

But maybe they intentionally did not put MeeGo into this device, for there would be no competition left?

Every mobile phone company would sue Nokia for trying to monopolize the market lol

  • Anonymous

anyone who understands the power of symbian will adore this phone. samsung and iphone's extremely vivid pictures spoil the naturality and detail of their photos. and iphone surely needs to know that video stability was invented! n8 is the greatest till

  • David891

For all the ones interested in N8 speaker, here is a test comparing N8 speaker with deisre HD at arround 7:10

  • cnadra

Guys get spb mobile shell 3.7 for N8 and you can see the difference (five desktop + many other cool stuff. I have been using this software on my Omnia (WM6 OS) but after reading the review of WM7 I felt it is the right time to depart from this format. I mean no USB transfer + NO USB flash disk mode and depending too much on zune :( . N8 is the king :)

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]This is possible when updated to android 2.1,but not much better,and mainly because android market is much larger than symbian 3 market.