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It's just a PhotoShop from DeviantArt. Looks like a lot of people on the internet think it's true. :-)

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2013Internet browser is very slow. Can this be faster ? How?Maybe if you disable auto reloading or java... But honestly, most people use Opera Mini or Opera Mobile. Even people with 808 or 701. I use Opera Mini, using it right now actually, and it's fast.

  • nokia

i dnt knw if i cn migrate to androids or iphone,was thinking of buying samsung s2 jst to check if i cud b cmfrtable wid no i cudnt do that instead went to market n bought a flip cover for my n8 :-) to keep this fav phone of mine more safe n hello plz dnt leave symbian 60..use some senses guys..nyhow the flip cover is fine n my n8 is safe...

  • real joy

just connet to intrnet thru ur laptop,ovi click to software update n in couple of mins belle is loaded..keep phn connected thru usb,i dnt see ny loss of camera quality in belle,its a new phn after belle refrrsh..must go for it

  • ahmibrihi

assalam u alikum friends im using nokia n8 since 1 year very very good and owsom set ever in nokia company very good charging timing like small mobile and love it

  • Anonymous

Internet browser is very slow. Can this be faster ? How?

  • gtoexpress1966

The best phone I ever own til the s2 came out N8 I loved everything about except the 3.5 inch screen size camera great sound great build quality great wish nokia went android instead of windows samsung wouldn't be king now choices can make or brake u but nokia making a come back with the midrange superphone keep coming nokia I miss u along with other fans of NOKIA PHONES

  • Anonymous

while you are doing the upgrade to belle the presence of the sim into the phone is necesary?

Great phone the Nokia N8.

  • AnonD-49711

It is time to Nokia N8 lost its No.1 position for Popularity in few days.

  • AnonD-49711

this is very good smartphone forever...

  • Anonymous

i like this phone very much it`s the best

AnonD-140409, 28 Apr 2013can wassap,viber install to dis fone?Yes.

  • AnonD-140409

can wassap,viber install to dis fone?

Sandy148139, 27 Apr 2013How can i upgrade it to bella ???????? Plz let me know You can use Nokia Suite, it's free.

  • penee44

i have been this type of phone for some months now the prob is battery dos int keep long and sometimes freezing

MdN, 27 Apr 20133 years ago, on this day (April 27)... Nokia N8 goes officia... moreAnd 3 years later the phone is still incredibly populair.

  • Thandie

Wow, i have used 14 phones before this one and believe me this is the best of them all. The camera is really good and has more than enough space. Will think about another fone 2020 believe me.

  • john

its awesome camera clarity & video clarity

  • Sandy148139

How can i upgrade it to bella ????????

Plz let me know