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  • Wheez

New waver, 21 Sep 2010You know its funny Wheez. Nokia lovers were always fine using &q... moreIt's not really that, I don't mind plastic myself, but if he thinks the N8 is low-end, his Samsungs definitely arn't any better.

Just fighting fire with fire, really, thats all.

  • N8 Boy

hello again , does anyone know sites for 3D games of N8 , like "need for spped shift,rally master,bonce evolution,asphalt 5,....." ?

  • New waver

[deleted post]You know its funny Wheez. Nokia lovers were always fine using "High end" devices with plastic casing. The first time Nokia comes out with full Anodized Aluminium body and they all start screaming PLASTIC to denote other brands.

Interesting. I guess that tends to happen after being abused in the same manner by people you know of as Apple Fanboys.

  • Wheez

N8 Boy, 21 Sep 2010you know N8 Users , i descover a somthing a littel bad about the... moreWhat's bad about that?

  • N8 Boy

you know N8 Users , i descover a somthing a littel bad about the N8 , the microUSB porte for the computer, its in the left side of the device

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Correct!

  • sani

Superb handset ever i felt in nokia,

Respond time is very less, nice in look.. camera no words on that just you all should feel that Guyz.
Direct pendrie input via external cable.

Exactly it is a personalized Computer... No more words on that EXCELLENT...

  • harish

the actual display pixels of NOKIA N8 is 1280*720

  • Anders Philipson

Nuwan, 02 Aug 2010Dear all, I just watched a video about Nokia N8's 'USB on the... moreJust to clarify Nuwan post IF THE HARD DRIVE REQUIRES MORE THAN 200MA OF POWER YOU MUST CONNECT THE HARD DRIVE TO AN EXTERNAL POWER SOURCE (PAGE 100 USER GUIDE)

Whilst that may apply to some portable HDD.
In my opinion it does will defeat the object to purchase anything below a 16Gb USB.
With the N8 having 16Gb on board as the increase in storage of anything else is less than 100%.. also if you defrag the USB drive (which you will need to do) it is recommended that the usb is only 85% full.

Doubling the size of the usb does not cost twice as much but spending 1/2 say 16gb may only get you 4GB of the same brand

There are reasons why a USB is now the thing to get.

More & more System Administrators are restricting direct access of a mobile via a usb cable, and anything with a operating system, smartphone (N8) NO!

Secondly personal security do you really want to "advertise" ownership in an internet cafe etc?

So with the N8 having 16Gb on board it does seem prudent to at least have something of equal capacity to where you can download to quickly to which should not run out to quickly.

From extrapolation a 12mp jpeg is approx 6-7 Mb! So investing in anything less than 16Gb will only be a temporary stop gap. if you have 10Gb stored on the phone what not backed up?

  • bubu

[deleted post]Cheerleader :???

do they name ur girls with the name of my pet :D

  • bubu

N8 rocks ... guarenteed buy :D

  • Anonymous

anonymous, 21 Sep 2010guys i need urgent help. N8 or Galaxy SGo for galaxy only if u cant wait for N8 :p

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Itz nt low end :D Itz mid range feature rich phone ! Dont blame nokia/n series just bcuz of N97 ! Nokia N8 beat all of ur samsunga and other phones :p

  • Anonymous

Sunny, 21 Sep 2010Cont... Don't think that --- It will be launched in India at the... more
N8 will be the biggest hit in India ( mean nokia will break its own record ) , and i can
write it in any wall ;).

  • Anonymous

Now i m waiting for price tag.which is most important i think 22000 to 23000 is reasonable price.otherwise i will not buy this phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2010Should i buy this or should i buy the Samsung Galaxy S???u shld go for N8 ;).

i will go for Nokia mobiles anyday than plastic samsung or lg .
but i might think abt Apple only if it has 3G video call facility

  • Anietie

It seems the N8 might not be having document editor for word, excel and ppt. It will only come with document viewer right? That'll be a big minus for me!

  • N8 Boy

you know thos peapol who vote for this device of 1/1/1 , i am talling you , we all love this device and we not gonne let him wherever happend , do you understand that !!
its the N8 number one for a lets 5or 6 years , not apple iphone4 or htc dezire z , or smasung .....
live nokia with the free navigation and 12mp camera , well done nokia , relly , i mean you are a great company know how to give all your services to us ........ and big thanks to you nokia .

  • anonymous

guys i need urgent help.
N8 or Galaxy S

  • N8 Boy

hei , you know i am very happy i will bay this great fast flageship device of nokia , is the N8 , i have to wait a littel for the prisse , and i will bay it .......... great phone we have hze except somthing i need it in smartphone is the slide out keybored ........ but it's ok i will use to it ,big thanks and very well done nokia .