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  • hamed

i cant wait for this
nokia has waked up finaly.
i gonna bye it when it comes.

  • Wheez

Dwane, 21 Sep 2010Sorry this link moreOptionally, if you have a youtube account, you can contact "otso56" and I'll reply you there.

  • Wheez

Dwane, 21 Sep 2010YO WHEEZ!!! ....WHEEZ!!!! I need your support again. Everyon... moreThe link doesnt seem to work but I think I know the video you mean. There's this finnish mobile phone forum who laughed at that video.

Here's some translations of what other people said about the video:

"The N8 seemed to have all kinds of shit running on the background, he should've done the comparison from a clean table. Also, unless I saw wrong, he seemed to be trying to scroll the N8 down even if it was scrolled to the bottom"

"Makes total sense to compare a product that has gotten several firmware updates to a product that is still a prototype. The N8 seemed to be connected to EDGE network while the iPhone was on wifi. Also it left quite a lame taste that the iPhone had the site loaded while he tried showing the N8 while the site was being loaded"

"Dear God what a damn retard has been given an N8 prototype to test"

"I'm greatly annoyed by these "prototype reviews" as you can tell absolutely nothing from them"

In reply to the above comment:

"Yeah, and especially the iPhone vs , where the user is very familiar with the iPhone UI and not so much with the thing he's comparing it to"

Somebody commented how it seemed slow like you did:
"Hardly, the iPhone OS has effects that make it seem faster than it really is. Like showing a picture of the application before it has actually opened"

Same goes for transition effects, it feels faster when you watch something happening on the screen rather than looking at still screen, while in reality you probably wait just about the same time.

The N8 probably is abit slower than the iPhone, or at least it feels like it cos of some of the things I brought up there. However, that's the only thing the iPhone is good in. The N8 is not the fastest or Symbian the prettiest, but featurewise I don't think any current phone can rival it. Also, as said, the N8 had NFS:Shift running in the background while showing half of the features like the maps and the browsers, even if the iPhone would've had too, it would've been frozen as it does not have real multitasking in this case. The N8 was actually RUNNING the game in the background. He also had many of the programs already started on the iPhone, although in the background, making it alot faster to open compared to the N8 who was booting the programs from the scratch

Also, the reason why iPhones browser is so fast and fluid is mainly about the flash it doesnt have. So in reality, the speed is gained by having one feature less. Personally I'm gonna disable flash on my N8 too cos I don't go to any site that uses flash for anything but ads I don't wanna see in the first place. It's a nice feature to have available IF you need it, but at least I rarely do.

Just read the comments in those videos, lots of people have realized how retarded that comparison is on many sources.

I've said it before and I've said it again. If you want a fast and flashy phone, get the iPhone. It IS (or at least feels) fast, but it has nothing on the N8 (or just about any other smartphone) when it comes to real features. Then it just depends if you need the features.

I don't think the N8 is slow in that video all things considered, unless you have a need to run NFS:Shift in the background always while navigating and browsing the web ;)

  • sam

i bought cheap i theater video glasses 50 inch when i put this video glasses on the screen not look good to me its oled screen its not clear i cant read the words because the screen pixel big not make screen clear and there is another video glasses that glasses made with tft 16 million color u think this one better or not?

  • Dwane

Dwane, 21 Sep 2010YO WHEEZ!!! ....WHEEZ!!!! I need your support again. Everyon... moreSorry this link­eature=player_embedded

  • New waver

Dwane, 21 Sep 2010YO WHEEZ!!! ....WHEEZ!!!! I need your support again. Everyon... moreThe link doesn't work mate.

  • SHAZ

Well i would also say OLED is a better screen coz it only consumes less power as compared with the other screens and as a result u vl get a gud battery back up too...And OLED also gives u a more brighter and clarity image quality as compared with other screens...its because of the special OLED technology..the black shaded pixels are actualy offed to give the correct output.Im presently using n85 which also does hav an OLED screen and it simply rocks..but d phone lacks in built quality,so im planning to get an N8.I think N8 was the phone for which i was waiting for.Im glad that N8 also comes with the OLED screen.Just waiting 4 it to get released.

  • Dwane

YO WHEEZ!!! ....WHEEZ!!!!

I need your support again. Everyone who reads this forum regularly knows I'm an N8 fan and have one on order.... BUT this video of the N8 v Iphone4 does not make me feel good

Please tell me the ones you tested were not this slow..???

  • Anonymous

Becool, 21 Sep 2010Bro all these r rumors...these dealers r just scaring ppl so the... morehi,dude,
may i know which country are you from?
And yr supplier said it will reach by 25th as in n8 will
b in yr country for sale by 25th?

  • Becool

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2010Although the N8 is loaded with features, it only has a 680 Mhz c... moreBro i dnt think we can compare N900 and N8...both r complete diff fones with diff OS...If u think u dnt need a upgrade its kool..its yr choice...enjoy your N900...just too tell u...N8 with the best GPU is as good as 1ghz proccesor....well N8 many awesome features...go check the specs..and amoled screen many more...

  • Anonymous

Becool, 21 Sep 2010Bro all these r rumors...these dealers r just scaring ppl so the... moreOk thanx! Hope it ll b in the stores by october

  • Becool

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2010Haha I was right,I know it ll take 2 months to b in the stores i... moreBro all these r rumors...these dealers r just scaring ppl so they pre-book the they can earn more profit...Coz evry new fone tat is launched goes to NPD fr a week then goes to other nokia dealers...iam a nokia dealer....So in tat one week NPD will sell fone at MRP rate and make good profit...well other dealers like us dnt sell fr too much profit...plz...wat i knw by by 1st week of oct N8 will supplier told me 25sept...but shipment has nt cme little more paitence...Me too is dying for dis fone...Sold my N97 few months back coz got good price then....AS i knw of anymore info will update all of u...

  • Anonymous

Although the N8 is loaded with features, it only has a 680 Mhz chip. Unless if you didn't buy the N900 which I did, I see no significant upgrade from the N900. Yes, it will most likely have Flash 10.1 on the N8, 12 megapixel cam and HD recording, I don't see how buying the N8 is worth it. To watch flash video properly you need at least a 2ghz chip. I will wait until that happens

  • Anonymous

Anjanu Sonkar, 21 Sep 2010It's available for Rs. 25,000( confirmed )…actually It’s availab... moreHaha I was right,I know it ll take 2 months to b in the stores in India ! End of december ie. January 2011 :D

  • Speed

I have seen many opinions that they are saying symbian 3 is not good or not up to the level of other OS out there but i say that first try then say what u want many people seen these opnions then think about buying them so dont mislead them.

Symbian 3 is designed to be best n fatest for N8 use.
It is a great phone must buy and a complete value for money.After iOS symbain is most user friendly OS.

It has a feature that no other phone has it can be connected to a pen-drive or thumb-drive how awesome is that beat other companies.

I love this phone and have already ordered it just waiting for it to come

  • Anjanu Sonkar

It's available for Rs. 25,000( confirmed )…actually It’s available in India for preorder for Rs.2500 and the phone will be available on Oct 10…if you dont book your phone till Oct 1st then you have to wait till December for the stock…confirmed

  • Wheez

sam, 21 Sep 2010which screen better tft,oled or lcdI'd say OLED, doesnt require the same kinda backlight thus you can have a clock or something as a screensaver instead of having the whole screen turned off.

  • N8 Boy

Etiquette, 21 Sep 2010Why its rating going down so rapidly? Can anybody answer?hey , go and check the new HTC Desire HD , Announced in september 2010,after the N8 about 5 month , the HTC Desire HD have only 49% , is that real happend , the nokia N8 take down the HTC Desire HD ??
The Nokia N8 is The Best .

  • sam

which screen better tft,oled or lcd

  • Anonymous

number one phone so far but 1ghz speed hould make it the unlitate one .i really stick to altek leo 14mp with 3optical zooooooooooommmm and android.