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  • nokia N97 mini user

now you can preorder nokia N8 in indonesia for Rp4,95 jt or 549 usd with free blueetooth headset for more info see in shipping in end of october

  • Anonymous

And I thought waiting on nokia phones "with" AT&T was bad. I see it happens with unlocked phones too. The N8 is my first unlocked phone and my expierience has not been good so far. Disappointed in Nokia.

  • philm

cancelled my preorder 2 weeks ago,its beyond a joke.

  • Ali Abdulla

[deleted post]its ugly as hell man XD XD.. i like the idea, but not the looks

  • Anonymous

I still can not belive this....delayed again!

Phone only:
Express (1-3 Days) ($9.99)

Standard (3-5 Days) ($3.99)

  • Anonymous

WTH! Dammit NOKIA... I'm so tired of the N8 being delayed. I'm in USA and pre-ordered too. This is some bull!

  • dude

[deleted post]i watch that video dude but iphone 4 faster than nokia n8. i dont care i still like both iphone and nokia n8

  • Anonymous

i live in the US and i perordered the N8. Got an e mail saying anticipated ship date is 24th september. Behold, i go tho the Nokia web site today and..... the release date has been shifted to end October!!!! i think there is something wrong somewhere and it all smells fishy to me. i am gonna cancel my preorder.
NB: someone better tell nokia to overhaul the people at customer care. they dont know whats going on in the company they work for. they just kepp repeating the same thing to yo no matter the question you ask ' machines!!!

  • AT

What the F***­/productdetail_10500_10101_-1_10000675?intc=esto­re-fw-ilc-hm_hero-con-na-nokiacom-us-na-n8_101

the launch date on USA website is changed to End of October... crap and shame Nokia...

  • Ryan

NOKIA are really a laughing stock right now the fact this phone should have been released in april this year.

I wanted this phone but will not be touching it until at least January/Feb because guaranteed it will have lots of faults mainly software on initial release.

Nokia must try remember Sony Ericsson had a 12megapixel camera with HD out 10 months ago so nothing is new here, that being said the Sony Vivaz was shocking poor in video quality and pictures so hopefully this will be better and also having HDMI connections.

I currently has the Galaxy S and really like it but no flash for pictures is very annoying and having no dedicated button for camera/video is also very annoying so I am still very temped in the N8.

Its a tough call for me to make as I think when I get bored with N8's main feature pics/videos then I will struggle as dont have high expectations of Symbian and think it will be very very boring.

I used to have the N900 which was a good phone in terms of hardware but NOKIA done there usual and stopped supporting it after 7 months so I dont have much confidence in them anymore as a company.

  • Mike

true, 21 Sep 2010the fact is over all samsung galaxy i9000 is the best among all ... moreJust a shame it's battery won't even last the day with average use, and the disgusting build quality.

  • true

the fact is over all samsung galaxy i9000 is the best among all the present availabled modles in market.

  • Dwane

Wheez, 21 Sep 2010A preview from MySymbian (which means two things 1) They are alo... moreI hit you back on you tube thingy

But the gist of what I said is yes I can now see it was an unfair test but I can how it could people off. I am standing by the N8 howerver

  • New waver

Dwane, 21 Sep 2010Sorry this link moreAnd heres the second video dwayne.

  • Wheez

A preview from MySymbian (which means two things 1) They are alot more familiar with Symbians features and functionality than your everyday iPhone fanboy 2) They might be slightly biased, too)­­

  • Sunny

Anjanu Sonkar, 21 Sep 2010It's available for Rs. 25,000( confirmed )…actually It’s availab... moreWhat is the source ?

  • New waver

Dwane, 21 Sep 2010Sorry this link moreThe video is shocking indeed. Though you can clearly see that it was an unfair comparison in all aspects.

iOS 4.1 Vs Pre-release Symbian^3.

Having all those apps running in the background on N8 through half of the comparison. Loading flash pages (Iphone doesn't load flash and hence opens the page quickly)

Opening everything first on iPhone and then on N8, hence giving it the headstart and the entire bandwidth to work with.

I wouldn't make too much of that video.

  • Wheez

Dwane, 21 Sep 2010I don't have a youtube account thoWell, I can send it to you via email too if you give it to me.

Tried rewording it twice but it still got caught, dunno what's up with that :D

  • dhp

Have anyone seen the theme effect on N8?

  • Dwane

Wheez, 21 Sep 2010Optionally, if you have a youtube account, you can contact "... moreI don't have a youtube account tho