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  • Pppppc

95% daily interest. Yeah right! Do u know what that means? That, of all the guys who log in to the GSMArena site 95% of them check out this forum (N 8's forum), but ofcourse there are those of the 95% that check out other forums. This's called a real hit. Whether a hater or a fan u are glued to this forum. Lol!!

  • Anonymous

I'm not normally a Nokia fan, but I had the pleasure of playing with an N8 a couple of days back, and its actually impressive. Dont be fooled by the 680mhz processor, this phone is FAST. keeping up with the 1ghz phones easy, simply because all the visuals are processed on the dedicated GPU, leaving the CPU free to just process background tasks, something not possible with the current snapdragons or hummingbirds.

Symbian has been obviously improved as well, the whole interface feels much more touch friendly, the double tab nonsense of before has gone, which along with capacitive technology in the screen makes everything feel really nice and smooth.

I only got to talk to the Nokia guy for about 10 minutes, but I've been in the mobile industry for 3 years, I've had Iphones, Samsung handsets (Android, and currently BADA, SE handsets running Symbian, basically everything you can imagine. I've always avoided Nokia phones due to a strong dislike, but the N8 is seriously making me consider my next choice of upgrade.

Dont hate it, before you try it, trust me.

  • TC

SidewindeR, 11 Sep 2010OMG... 95% daily interest!!! Yeah we're back in business baby...... moreIt will be an epic failiure because Symbian3 is still Symbian and not being able to easily remove the battery aftet one a the many traditional crashes will make most customers very angry. The small screen-resolution is not ok on a top end multimedia top end smartphone, and the traditionally small Nokia battery is definetly mot acceptable today, and only 256 mb ram is not enough to be able to multitask.
Android is based on Linux and it is much better than Symbian, and MeeGo can maybe be as good as Android but its constant delays indicate problems with MeeGo. Nokias only chance to compete against the markets top phones from HTC and Samsung is to abandon the Symbian failiure. Nokia fans are even more blind and fanatic than IPhone-fans.

  • Anonymous

u can use the phone before buying it!!!!!
u can see every side of the phone with info!!!!!
click now (Nokia Official)­kia-n8/gallery#galleryTab=demo

  • SidewindeR

OMG... 95% daily interest!!! Yeah we're back in business baby.... This is sure going to be an epic when it comes out. The most awaited phone of the year.

  • Syd

I just got Samsung Galaxy S, and i must admit the screen is out of this world!
but there are so many features i miss from nokia (upgraded from nokia 5800) like profiles, flash support on websites Galaxy doesnt even show any flash content browsing web is kinda boring compared to 5800!

  • prasanna

i cant wait to see this fone....i wannaa buy it soon and say a bye to my N79 ......i wish that this N8 released pretty soon..........

  • X

Still waiting

  • Anonymous

bisngit, 11 Sep 2010what is the zooming capability on this phone?Photo shoot with 2x digital zoom zoom
Video recording with 3x digital zoom-zoom-zoom

  • hayato

I think it has something to do with my comment about the facts. I asked if he is japanese because he kept on saying the term "baka" which literally translates to "stupid" in english. Maybe i'm misunderstood.

Or is it because i used a vulgar word. But i covered the "u" with asterisk, and it is meant for someone deserving.

But anyway, any of you guys prefer a silicone case? Nokia is selling some, does it mean n8 is prone to scratches? I don't like silicone cases, but i might get one. Dark grey is my choice of color :)

  • Anonymous

bisngit, 11 Sep 2010what is the zooming capability on this phone?there are pinch to zoom in photo, web browser, ovi maps(not sure if it is there out of the box, but i can confirm that we can pinch zoom in ovi maps in n8, there is already a youtube video , go to look for it)

  • Anonymous

I played with a green Nokia N8 for only a few minutes at the demo. The color was not exactly on top of my list. The black one looked better in my opinion. The N8 felt rugged, tough, and solid in the hand. Itís not the prettiest thing in the world, but I have a feeling it will grow on me.

I didnít have time to dive deep into the OS. The interface of Symbian^3 felt expectedly similar to Symbian^1 found on the N97, N97 mini, X6, etc. The major differences I noticed during my hands-on were the multiple homescreens, Cover-Flow albums (not sure how Nokia calls it), and the visual multi-tasker. The homescreen widgets and app menus felt basically the same. Next time I have the opportunity to look at the Nokia N8 and Symbian^3, I would like to pay more attention to how it handles offline mode and switching between wifi and 3G connections.

There was multi-touch aka pinch-to-zoom on the photos and web browser, but not on Ovi Maps. It felt snappy! I was disappointed that I couldnít test the web browser because there was no wifi and the AT&T services could not get a connection at the location.

  • Anonymous

I played with the camera on the Nokia N8 a bit. Iím a fan of wide-angle lens and the Nokia N8 has it! Digital zoom looks good. Objects didnít appear blurry or pixelated on the screen when zoomed in. The face detection focus was pretty cool, too. I couldnít give the xenon flash a proper test, but flash properly fired when I took a photo of an object against a large window with morning sunlight shining in. It looked good from the deviceís screen, but I couldnít upload it online for closer inspection.

Overall, I think the Nokia N8′s 12mp camera with xenon flash and HD recording will be the major selling point for me. Those who hate Symbian will most likely still hate Symbian^3. The UI changes arenít noticeable but that was already expected. The Nokia N8 will be available late summer of 2010 for EUR 370.

  • hayato

Why t7xh(is that my ip before?) is blocked? Is there anything bad i said or done before?

  • @MiR

AMANITA, 10 Sep 2010 Who cares abt iphone icons ? On Symbian icons can b changed usi... moreHey AMANITA,what's QT? Where to download it? Can it really convert android apps & games into symbian games?

  • Anonymous

The official Ovi Blog asked their Music team what theyíre looking forward to most at Nokia World and one of the membersí response caught my eye. Steven Stewart, Senior Manager at Ovi Music said, ďI think people are going to be surprised with how truly amazing the new devices are.Ē Read on for the rest of Stevenís response.

Itís so satisfying to see Nokia creating a new generation of ďdo-it-allĒ phones that you will lust after. Fast, sleek, sexy, and powerful. Pictures donít do them justice. Once I held them in my hand and had the full experience, I didnít want to let go. My biggest problem now is deciding which of the many phones to use as my main device! Right now, the Nokia N8 has a hold on my heart, but others are fighting to show me why they should be the one in my pocket.

Iím all hyped up for Nokia World! What new phones from Nokia will we lust after?

  • bisngit

what is the zooming capability on this phone?

  • Anonymous

Reuters reported this morning that the Nokia E7 will be announced at Nokia World 2010 as the new flagship device from Nokia. They cited two sources with direct knowledge of Nokiaís plans. Reutersí sources also shared that it will have a large touchscreen (how large???) and a full keyboard. Our guess is that the Nokia E7 is the leaked RM-626 phone.

  • pavithran

friends there is no phone to beat this really fantastic features iphone is nothing in front of this phone hand off to nokia thanks have a great experience by using this phone

  • Anonymous

Yxs, 11 Sep 2010When it's released many people will write different reviews. Som... moreI'm afraid you are 100% correct. The press is essentially American press (they are the most vocal). And they are as a rule 'patriotic' concerning markets and products. And as it stands, iphone is their godchild. So yes, they'll say that 'it's not as slick as iOS'. With or without any grounds for this statement, it won't matter. People will read and believe it.