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  • Carol

[deleted post]i don't mind having a laugh:P. As for Samsung, i don't know. Why aren't Samsung making good stuff? It is kind of the same question:-??. The big question is... Why those crappy handsets are selling:))). Joke. But i don't know, sorry... maybe cause they want to respect their old design or they didn't figured it out yet how that works

  • Detroit

@ Carol I think you need to apologize to the innocent folks you criticize weeks ago by acting ostentatious. the way things stand, you demean others opinion and put yours on top. And I would wonder how can you do such horrible thing cause N8 is 3 years old. Many bought it and many sold them but it looks like you're clinging on it till eternity. lol. no wonder you refuse to be guided or taught by others. Honestly, you have never being kind to some people you replied to them go back and look at it... this forum is for us all not one man show... good luck

  • Carol

AnonD-20890, 20 Jan 2013In idle condition (signal strong, living in town limit only), my... moreHey, when i refer to standby, i refer not to use it. Keep your phone with display off for 10 minutes, then select only the part in which your phone was in standby/idle. Then calculate the average usage. So, my phone has an average of 108 to 125 mA while in use: Zapping through the menu, playing some music, etc. Measurement time 4 minutes. I can have more or less on a long usage measurement(depending on what am i doing). Now, in idle (display is off and the program is in background, you must always keep the program in background to measure properly) i have 4mA average. Now i have a weaker signal. i always had 3mA. This i have in a 10 minutes measurement period. i always separate the time the phone was in use from the time was in idle. At start and at the end. You can do that by hitting the second button from the left (the icon has a vertical and a horizontal line) Now, the horizontal line will turn vertical, so, this vertical line will tell you only the power used in that second is pointing at, now just move the graphic left or right to put the vertical line at the beginning of standby time. Now, when is there, hit the second button from the right and there will appear more icons. The left upper square icon with a + is what we need. Press that one and move the graphic again till the point you start using your phone again (when the standby period was over) and do the same. You will notice that there will be another 2 vertical lines marking the beginning and the end of the standby. After all of this, hit the second button from the left again and the vertical line will become horizontal and will give you the average standby usage. As for daily cop. see how the phone behaves with it closed, all processes everything. That program might eat your battery up.

  • AnonD-20890

Carol, 20 Jan 2013Oh, i know what you mean now, that happens only if you select th... moreIn idle condition (signal strong, living in town limit only), my phone consumes 27 to 30 mA. It is sometimes varying (not frequently) within 35 mA.

I have only best profiles and dailycop (visit : ) running in the background.

After clearing the data and starting the reading (without closing the application), it is showing 72 mA.

When sending a SMS with energy profiler running in the background, it went to 95 mA !!!.

Is there any problem in my phone?.

  • ojaxz73

Mobile Hotspot,
Its a shame the N8 is not equipped with the mobile hotspot technology. Such a big disadvantage when compared with its blackberry rival.

  • carol

Ray Hipkiss, 20 Jan 2013Hi Carol, Well, if you enjoy getting stuck in to the Trolls ... more:)). I'm not quite like that. But i admit, i like to make some fun of Trolls, to make them feel du**. I know i'm an as* on this, but sometimes i can not help my self:)). Ok, commonly i only make some fun of them and never respond to their answers. But this guy kept lying to people and that was a no go:). Also, i'm pretty shore he was doing that cause he got frustrated when i told him to do some better work when installing n8 firmware. Cause Google maps works with belle refresh without problems:).

  • Carol

AnonD-20890, 20 Jan 2013I am not comparing. But telling the fact. In Nokia N79 and Nokia... moreOh, i know what you mean now, that happens only if you select the t9. And sorry, but i don't know if there is a fix for that. Or if this is even a reported bug. Never seen someone complaining about it even though i've noticed it to, a long time ago. Anyway, i didn't use t9 since, like, 5 years. Always test it, but never used it:). As for your battery... Yours is not in the top performance of what the N8 can do, but is in right parameters, it is ok. Maybe you have a week signal in your area and this can eat some battery to. You can try also to measure your battery consumption with Nokia Energy Profiler... It is a tricky program though. But after you learn the basis you can measure up your phones energy consumption in standby or when in use. A normal standby consumption should be 3mA (i get this in strong signal areas and also in offline mode, so i think this is what the system uses only to stay on), then from 5mA to 6mA in weak areas to 7/10mA in very week signal areas. Also this consumption can be caused by a program/by programs. So you can measure with and without your "always on" programs and see what happens. Unfortunately, this program is not anymore in Nokia store (don't know why) but the latest version you can download from here­39.0
but you will need to make an account...

  • Ray Hipkiss

Carol, 20 Jan 2013Hey Ray, i know he is just a small not knowing troll. I just lik... moreHi Carol,

Well, if you enjoy getting stuck in to the Trolls then by all means don't let me stand in your way ;-). And yes, you are spot on. It is worth correcting people, especially if they are deliberately posting misleading information.

All the best.


  • AnonD-20890

Carol, 20 Jan 2013hey. After each point then space, the first letter will be big, ... moreI am not comparing. But telling the fact. In Nokia N79 and Nokia 5320 expressmusic, only the first character after full stop (.) will be capitalized automatically. IS there any fix?.

My mobile's battery is lasting only 1.5 days upon medium usage (watching seven 720p songs and listening to five MP3 songs (of 128 Kbps each)). If I don't use any of them and just talk for 30 min (not continuously), it will last for 2 days and 2 hours.

Is it normal or less?.

  • Carol

AnonD-20890, 20 Jan 2013To carol : Is there any way to install Nokia store and Social... morehey. After each point then space, the first letter will be big, you cannot change that. Ex: my mom is out. She is at the... Without space inbetween wil be small. Ex: my mom is out.she is at the... Now if i understood the problem good, then there is no way you can change that. If i'm wrong, please explain again and better.:p

Store is a bit complicated to install in your mass mem. You can try though. Look at Nokia beta labs for the latest install kit download it and install it manualy. See if it's asking you where to install. But there is a problem. If you have already that version installed, it might not work. Also, when comes another update it might install back to phone-mem. But i don't know this cause i never tried to move store to mass mem. So the problems are posibilities. To move social to mass mem is quite simple, you just need to update it via Store. By default, Store is set to install all the apps qnd themes, in mass mem. If it not, just pres the right button scroll down and hit "instalation preferences". See if everythin is set to mass mem. If you already have latest social. Just uninstall it: first look for "social installer" uninstall it and then uninstall what's left. Ghen go to store ad install it again. Make shore it is programed to install in mass mem. That should do the trick:).

  • AnonD-20890

To carol :

Is there any way to install Nokia store and Social applications in mass memory or memory card (in this phone N8-00)?.

One problem :
When using T9 input while typing the messages, the first letter of some words are automatically capitalizing.
For example : typw the following text : Hi man what

How to disable it without disabling T9 input?.

  • AnonD-102996

Hi had this phone when it first came out loved it to death nokia my true when it comes to phones hated they went to windows back to the N8 one problem screen size 3.5 I sold it and got a 4.3 screen N8 super 9 on a 10 scale nokia best phone makers period!

  • Carol

Ray Hipkiss, 19 Jan 2013@Gurpreet What is your major malfunction? It has never been p... moreHey Ray, i know he is just a small not knowing troll. I just like to fight over things(i admit) :). But in the same time he is misleading people and that wasn't a very nice thing to do. So is good you comment to, so people will not go crazy about this phone option:)).

  • AnonD-73681

Ricardo, 19 Jan 2013how can I get that tooYou have to have installed the latest Nokia maps application pack (free at Nokiastore) and you open the Map Loader app and then search for updates. It automatically erases the old maps (if there are previously) from E:\Cities\diskcache and installs new ones. You have the option to erase or add new countries or regions to the phone memory. All Europe is around 5gb.

  • Ray Hipkiss

Gurpreet, 17 Jan 2013Its is possible :)@Gurpreet

What is your major malfunction? It has never been possible to assign a video to a contact in Symbian ^3. All you seem to be doing is Trolling, probably because you have a sad life and have nothing better to do.


I'd suggest you just ignore Gurpreet and not feed him anymore. He obviously gets some sort of thrill from it.

  • Ricardo

AnonD-73681, 19 Jan 2013Yesterday i downloaded the last update (7.12.12) of Nokia offlin... morehow can I get that too

  • cheema

HELLASISGREECE, 17 Jan 2013I have the N8 in blue (I also had it it black but I sold it). T... moreIt is too boring only camera is good

  • AnonD-73681

Yesterday i downloaded the last update (7.12.12) of Nokia offline maps for all of Europe and it's GREAT! Lots of details for big countries and much more streets and tiny villages for small countries too. I tried offline a few dozens of international trip routes and coudn't find any wrong until now. Numerous POI. Just amazing!

  • uvraj

hey m using n8 nd plz tell me hw can i get more space in phone memory?


12xu, 17 Jan 2013Hey buddy, from your nickname i understand you're from Greece, i... moreHey, kalispera!
Yes I'm from Athens as well.

I really love the N8. Along with the N9 and N900 those are my all time favorite smartphones.