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  • Wheez

Sony, 08 Sep 2010Why is there not Android in this the N8? This is a big negative ... moreWhy should it have android? I might not buy it if it had one?

It's still not really a mature OS, I think it's been reported that even idle it sucks shitloads of battery. It's helluva lot heavier than Symbian.

It's not bad, but it's not godlike either. I'd prefer Symbian myself.

  • Wheez

N8 indonesia, 08 Sep 2010Nokia, you make us bored and dissapointed. Why so long2 time unt... moreCos they probably weren't supposed to announce it so early, but they were "forced" to cos of that Eldar guy publishing a review of a prototype, so probably that's why so long time between announcement and release.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2010Hello can the n8 be used a hotspotYes ,it can use Hotspots

  • Sony

Why is there not Android in this the N8? This is a big negative thing.. I would never ever buy this phone without Android and I now that alot of people think the same.

  • Jay

N8 indonesia, 08 Sep 2010Nokia, you make us bored and dissapointed. Why so long2 time unt... moreAvailable from 30 of sept for 431 euro's in Netherlands.

  • N8 indonesia

Nokia, you make us bored and dissapointed. Why so long2 time until now not yet available? Hufh....

  • Wheez

RONALD, 08 Sep 2010Nokia n8 is designed to run symbian^4 later Q1 2011 :-).Any source for that? I'm pretty sure that is not correct.

  • Anonymous

Nice features!!!!
-best camera for a phone (MP, optics, xenon flash and sensor size)
-USB OTG (can play videos directly from USB drive)
-HD video and video editor
-Print photos directly by plugging the phone to a printer (see n8 manual)
-FM transmitter (play your music to your car radio)
-fast GPU (see benchmarks)
-gorilla glass
-anodized aluminum casing (fell 10 feet on pavement and survived)
-dual antenna hardware (top and bottom)
-can work on all networks around the globe
-can play avi and mkv (see USB OTG demo in youtube)
-supports QT framework (angrybirds got ported in 2 days)
-free navigation forever

did i miss anything? Try to search the internet for videos and articles about my post if you dont believe me


Nokia n8 is designed to run symbian^4 later Q1 2011 :-).

  • Avnish Jain

Nokia N8 pre booking starts in Chennai... !!!

Check this link for sure..­nokia-n8-pre-orders-booking-start-in.html?utm_so­urce=Gadgets&utm_medium=twitter

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2010Questions about fm transmitter on Nokia N8 Does anyone know i... moreN8 FM transmitter will sound average.Radio quality is not good compared to Cd/mp3s since radio frequencies downgrades the music quality. It will be at par with radio station sound quality. Theres a demo in youtube and 'www dot autotv dot com dot my'

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2010In Malaysia, it will come with the case. release date confirm fa... moreI though it was about RM 2200

  • Oi miss

[deleted post]you are a funny fellow.
the only thing the iPhone 4 beats the N8 in is Apps and smooth interface other then that N8 beats iPhone hands down.2 out of all features.
The iPhone is a little upgraded from the 3GS.
N8 is in a league of its own..

  • Glenn

vedavyasa, 07 Sep 2010When is Nokia Planning to Launch N 8 In India.from other sources... moreTo be lauched on the 30 Sept 2010,
Price range will be between Rs 27,000 to Rs 30,000.

  • dave

I'm curious if we can install all the apps from N82/N95 to this N8. S60/v5 apps are compatible with S3? It should!

  • Anonymous

wow what a phone i dream about it all day they it should be better then my sony ericsson vivaz hd

  • Anonymous

I'm amazed at all of the hate on Nokia.

The only reason for it that I can come up with is that the Apple Fanboys and the Sammy Boys are just jealous.

Jealous of the fact that Nokia is STILL the top dog worldwide and it's NOT going to change anytime soon.

They know it's not going to change and they can't stand it.

Can anyone else come up with any other viable reasons for the hate.

It's not opinions they are posting, it's spewing jealous hate

  • moorthy

thic price only 14000

  • Nokia Crazy Fan

It loook soo sexy shape , slim & smart with all out class configration ...pleassssssssssssssssssssssss Nokia launch it now other wise if it is not launch end of the month the I will sucide & I will leave written note for my dead Nokia is responsible as they were not launching this product into the market so If you want to save my life then do release it before the end of this month other wise .................. !!!

  • Anonymous

I'm going to hold out for this sucker to hit Amazon. Figure I can get it at least $50 USD cheaper.

Plus free shipping.....LOL