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  • hayato

I've seen videos of n8 and i noticed that the background of the home screen rotates accordingly to what direction you tilt it, i think it's so cool it looks like there's a liquid inside. Obviously it's using the accelorometer. Is it a live wallpaper or is it just included on the theme itself?

About the USB OTG. Can it detect any device that can connect to USB? Or it can only detect storage devices.

Does it include free document editor out of the box? Or do we have to pay for it just like we do on any multimedia dedicated nokia handset?

Any experience on how the screen looks live? Is it good or just ordinary? I know some of you already have a taste of this device, i'm hoping an answer from you guys.

  • sea-breeze

[deleted post]Again price in the USA = 550$+50$ for the warranty=600$
price in europe= 490 Euro with warranty
price in middle east UAE exactly = 2200AED (derham) with warranty

So the expected price globally with warranty is between

380euro ~ 490euro ..., Thats the pre-order price , it should go down when launches at stores

Bye ..., Launch Date 14-9-2010

  • iphone4guy

Nice, but the iphone doesn't need stereo or an FM radio

*Posted from my iPhone 4, holding it in the proper way
To prove there are no signal issues when held correctly
not touching the weak spot as recommended by Apple.

  • sea-breeze

Pre-Order prce ranging from 440 to 470 euro :))))

love u nokia for the great price

  • r 3 b 3 l

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2010@ igo. You'll regret. Nokia have dropped Symbian on their high-e... moreDude, nokia has not and can not possibly drop symbian on their high end smartphones. What they did is drop symbian on their nseries line up. All eseries mobiles would run symbian. Now unless your gonna tell me that eseries ain't highend. . .

Plus its really funny you guys who post dumb shit here about symbian dying and blah blah. Wake up and see the horizon. If there is anything symbian is doing now, its staging a comeback. S^4 is shipping q1 next year dude. 3 upgrades in a year. Does that smell like dying.

  • Anonymous

@ igo. You'll regret. Nokia have dropped Symbian on their high-end smartphones. All future N-series will run on Meego. SE x10 even hangs with 1 ghz and 384 MB ram. OKay go with what you want.

Wait check the newest meego os snaphots at my nokia blog .com just connect that words okay.

  • igo

n8 must really be a cool phone, but i would prefer android, symbian just get through my nerves when their bugs strike. sooo, i prefer x10 even if i lose the camera, but n8 fans, dont get mad at me, im just sharing, cause nokia today releases phones with the same features, same OS, same everything exept for the look, but they differ very much in terms of price.. so i go for SE bec of that, another thing, nokia should learn to release other OS devices, they trust symbian too much.

  • Cedd

@ malou-wang
Of course it has the qwerty with chinese characters. If you'll buy N8 outside China like in Asia-Pacific, you still need to change the language in the phone's settings. But I know there's already an N8 pre-order in a Chinese website. Just check GSMBLOG in this site and search N8 pre-order then get the information there. By that you'll get everything in Chinese characters. Hope it helps.

@ dom
Good for you and for the Singaporeans. I'm still waiting here in the Philippines. I think it'll arrive sooner or later. :))

@ anon
Haha. You made me laugh. N8 a piece of brick? How many raise their hands? POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KIDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You better leave this site. Actually Motorola XT720 is the best example of piece of brick. A lot of useless spaces in front panel and back panel. I can also see screws! D*mn!

@ john.
Really iphone4? It is only popular in America but not in Asia and Europe. Alot of problems. Hardware reception issues.

Just to recall:
Main disadvantages
Hardware design is prone to reception issues
MicroSIM card support only
No Flash support in the web browser
No true multitasking for all applications
FaceTime video calls work only over Wi-Fi
No file transfer over Bluetooth or USB Mass Storage mode
No hardware shutter key for the camera
No FM radio
No stereo speakers
No microSD card slot
No smart dialing
Too dependent on iTunes for loading multimedia content
Poor loudspeaker performance

  • sea-breeze

guys after watching some video n8-samples .., the video is some how chuppy i mean not smooth as 30fps ... is it a problem with youtube HD or what ?! but other fones with HD recording @30fps are so smooth ?!!! please inform me ?

  • N8 guy

Hold your iPhone 4 up and play with the apps....and thats all it does..might as well get an iPod touch

  • .

[deleted post]Raise your iphone 4, now you got signal

  • malou-wang

does this phone has a qwerty keys with chinese character??? pls tell me

  • sea-breeze

does it support tracking touch autofocus ?

  • dom,singapore

good newsssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i
hv just called up nokia Singapore and they told me it will be released
anytime in spore not later than next sunday which is the 12th sept!!!!:)i have ask her to recomfirm what she said and she informed me that this is what she was told by NOKIA!!!cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@

  • N8guy

All u apple dorks are blind too see that apple has only made such small advancements from the iPhone 3GS.
MORE APPS woopy or even the still stink camera. Facetime was out ages ago and now that apple is using it you praise Apple.
Nokia N8 is the next best thing..from its 12MP camera,to USB on the go. Plug ins for your HD TV and an app for your music to bring up lyrics to have a sing along with friends!
FREE SAT NAV plus voice commands you can even customize them and get your kids to direct you!
Eat an Apple and ur apps

  • N8

Love it.
but rom, ram and processor cud be better.
I mean 512 MB RAM, 1 or 2 GB ROM and ARM 1GHz processor.
super amoled instead of amoled wud be great (thanks God its not resistive :)
love everything else though.
Not sure if symbian 3 will play the magic until its mature and think of it if the phone is hanged due to this, you can not just open the rear to pull the battery which sounds horrible (Nokia, are u gonna make symbian 3 really bug free?)
Gorilla glass is good and i wish this is not like other brands offering 30 times stronger than plastic glass and still scratched and broken easily.
all type of connectivity (IR is kinda obsolete in phones so doesn't count) v3.0 blutooth and especially USB On-the-go support is kool.
Camera: simply the best and good part is its with 1/1.83'' sensor and xenon which i love :>
FM transmitter+ HDMI + Anodized aluminum casing and guys much more make this phone a great deal.
Ahmm btw i wud wait for a better processor+rom+ram

  • Wheez

Luke, 03 Sep 2010Will u cop on...yeh big freakin deal the iphone is good for what... more15 years? It's lacking another 15 years!

Nokia's first somewhat "modern" mobile phone came out 1981, being the world first too.

  • X

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2010not better than Samsung Galaxy S or Wave Bada OS is KING!Bad-A os is the king of bad os

  • Luke

guys price of N8 In Ireland is 575 Euro...for anyone who wanted to know...and website says it will be available on the 22nd of september :)

  • Luke

the FACTs, 03 Sep 2010yess i totally agree with u symbian is dieing so that pretty muc... moreWill u cop on...yeh big freakin deal the iphone is good for what it is and im not an iphone hater i like the iphone but is just a baby compared to N8...its completely obvious that the N8 is better....just think of it this has been manufacturing mobile phones for over 15 years way before apple even dreamed of making a mobile phone....i understand why there is such a long wait for the N8 Because Nokia want it to be perfect....sure they have had failures in the past (N97,N96). but at least there phones dont have obvious faults ON THE DAY THEY ARE RELEASED! (Iphone4)....even if you use the simple commpare tool on this site and see both phones side by side, you'll see the N8 wipes the Floor with Iphone with it.i cant wait to get my N8 cause im gonna do an indepth review and post it here...and your gonna be laughed at. peace out N8 Lovers!