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  • Anonymous

Wheez, 03 Sep 201015 years? It's lacking another 15 years! Nokia's first somewh... morethanks for that...its exactly my point Nokia knows what they are doing with phones....they take there time and get it release phones too soon and they are plagued with problems.


I asked nokia dealer of India (m.p) and he said that it well be avalible from october only :(

  • cindy

what happen to N8, nokia N8 first released in singapore this week, and other countries start releasing is by january2010... is too long.. what the hell nokia doing this...

  • AL

nmg, 04 Sep 2010I like the N8, but i do think its to little to late. Apple, A... morefrom what u say nmg i feel that nokia is better than everything else as it is providing all the facilities available with its different competitors in one device as apple has applications but lacks on camera etc. android has satnav but lacks on other fronts similarly RIM has pushmail but lacks on applications etc. so what nokia is doing is its already strong on other fronts and now accpeting changes or innovations made by other competitors too and to say its not innovative is completely wrong there r several examples showing nokias thurst for doing smthng new take it USB-OTG or to say the new meego platform being launched with intel.

  • Wheez

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2010i notice that many people are confused by the good thiongs of... moreIt will have all swype and multi touch including pinch to zoom.

I don't think Swype will be included or whether it will be ready by the time the phone comes out, but it's coming.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2010if i remember it correctly satnav for android aint free since yo... morei notice that many people are confused by the good thiongs of ovi maps

in short, ovi maps can work offline in almost every countries, you just need to connect it to pc to download maps data.

If you download map data right on yourphone using phone data plan , it may cost money. If you agps to lock your location faster, i may cost as well

ovi maps can make satnav device obsolete, it is free for lifetime free maps data
n8 camera rival point and shoot camera
if only it can support wii remote controllerand psp controller!
Wish for swype and multitouch on keyboard and pinch to zoom to come to nokia n8

  • yuda

nice one

  • Wheez

Commenting on some of the stuff that was posted overnight:

N8 will most likely not be the last N-series device with Symbian, that was said by the Nokia lead, what they did say that it will be the last N-series with S^3, but Symbian4 is in the works and it's very likely (according to them) for it to make an appearance on an N-series device.

The accelerometer is a very basic function of this (and just about every other modern smartphone). On N8 though, the screen will not turn if you hold the device upside down (as in Nokia would be a horizontal mirroring) or it wont also turn sideways if the home button is pointing to the left. So the phone is in portrait mode when it's held "normally" with the home button pointing down and it can be turned into horizontal mode by turning the phone horizontally (so that the home button points right). Has nothing to do with themes or live wallpapers really, it's just a very basic function.

I'd supposed the USB OTG works with other devices than storage too, but the problem will probably be drivers, I'm sure there are ways to juggle them in, but it might end up problematic.

As for iOS, Android, RIMs (or just about any phone taking Nokias market), I can agree that it has taken abit long. Then again, no one would complain if this phone was announced month ago, instead of like april. Look at the hits of this phone here in GSM arena. It has more hits than the God damn iPhone 4 or just about any other high end smartphone of the day, so there's certainly a huge amount of interest in this phone and remember that the people who change their phones within few months just cos something new is out is a pretty marginal group, so yes, those phone manufacturers that was mentioned might take the phone geek/freak markets :D Not to mention that the N8 isn't all that phonegeek/freak'ish phone, since for example it lacks the monster specs that appeal to said geeks :D

  • Joldex

been waiting for this for so long... haix

  • Anonymous

nmg, 04 Sep 2010I like the N8, but i do think its to little to late. Apple, A... moreif i remember it correctly satnav for android aint free since you need data unlike ovi maps which ONLY needs the maps preinstalled. this was one of the main points of ovi maps. do correct me if im wrong

  • ralphie02

[deleted post]as much as i hate iphone, pls dont use that argument bcoz its really stupid. its just a rating based on random people, have of them dont even know what they're talking about......

  • nmg

I like the N8, but i do think its to little to late.

Apple, Adroid and RIM are stealing the smartphone market and nokia just dont create the same excitment around there products as them. Apple have proven its not all about hardware, Apps as well as good marketing play the most important part. Nokia have there place in the market but that is in no way the smartphone market. RIM has the best PUSH networking in the world so nokia start offering PUSH email, Apple have the best App store in the world so Nokia release OVI and Android started offering free satnav so nokia started free mapping. Nokia are not insperational and have not created a new good concept or idea for years. It is sad to see but thing change and nokia have had there day at the top just like others will exceed Apple, Adroid and RIM in the future.

  • wasim

hayato, 04 Sep 2010I've seen videos of n8 and i noticed that the background of the ... moreya n8 having free full version of photo n video editor

  • Anonymous

andy burgin, 02 Sep 2010Now the N8 is officially on the Way,Loads will be want to see an... morei like nokia n8 aloot waiting for it ...


Anonymous, 04 Sep 2010N8 is far better than the Milestone 2! MIlestone weighs 169 g... moreThis is not enough strong points to proved that 'N8 is better than the Milestone 2'.


AMANITA, 04 Sep 2010Meego has adobe flash 10.1,firefox browser ! N900 can run meego ... moreR u sure we can run Meego on N8 ? :o

  • .

singh, 04 Sep 2010I,m just yery exiciting 2 see this????????????Do you need second opinion? Are you telling your feeling or what...?

  • sakthi

its looks very nice


Meego has adobe flash 10.1,firefox browser ! N900 can run meego with 600mhz then N8 can too (unofficially)

  • singh

I,m just yery exiciting 2 see this????????????