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  • Anonymous

toteu000, 29 Jul 2010I don't get it why there are so many of you ignorant and angry f... moreI think you are the one not getting it. Of course if you use old or say out of date Nokia Symb. on slow processor seems fast. but do not think is time to upgrade the OS and then use faster processor.

Have you thought about if Nokia use his old OS on faster processor by how many times would be faster?? Nokia look like using or running window 95 on Existing CPU. Software and CPU need to move along together.

Nokia OS is really like using a Window 95 or say Window me on PC.

  • karthik

Most of the goats are speaking about Galaxy S.
Just went to look at the spec's -­g-i9000-specification#expand
Look Carefully.
Talk Time is 1500 mAh?
Poor Samy is not able to create a spec sheet, how they are going to create a real phone.
Guys n Gals - Don't waste your money on GHz, after all you are not going to run Eclipse or Visual Studio.


Nokia N8 thes is a best mobail phone in banglades

  • abul hossain mojumde

nokia n8 is sogood mobail


The phone is cool. I love nokia. I see that promoters of other products are bashing this phone. It all boils down to what customers like. So HUSH!!

  • Anonymous

Also they re working on a new android device

  • Anonymous

Guys the new meego device is coming soon it will be launched in Sept. it is going to pack a 1ghz processor (snapdragon or atom intel processor) with a 12 mp camera, the hardware is going to be special it s going to be thin too i just read an article about that, i am going to post tthe link later

  • shell

GVS, 29 Jul 2010Nokia is just gathering the audience by making false low price a... morei am sure that when you pluck out your credit card you WILL get the correct price. You think?

  • Shell

[deleted post]The phone looks great.

  • Rick

[deleted post]Yes the N8 will work in TnT.

  • tony

Symbian doesnt require 1Ghz of raw processing for optimal performance its 680MHz works better than android on 1ghz processor and dont forget symbians battery life your android and iphone can only dream of.

  • Anonymous

wow!!wat a phone even my 3 yr old boy doent want it

  • mithu

bro it does not depends on freq of procesors it also depends on applications of diffrent phones may b same application executes properly on n8 than galaxy ..............
it doesnt matter at all


toteu000, 29 Jul 2010I don't get it why there are so many of you ignorant and angry f... more*Thumbs up*

  • toteu000

I don't get it why there are so many of you ignorant and angry fools bashing this phone (or any other phone, brand, etc) Let's take few examples:
1: CPU: 680 MHz ARM11 and 256 MB RAM:- some OSs are not hungry for that crunching power of 1+GHz CPU and don't use as much RAM, therefore Nokia can afford to use a previews generation of CPU with lower clock speeds, because it can handle the OS good enough, it does not drain battery like crazy, and it doesn't get super HOT(i had problems with Moto Milestone(Droid) doing same things as my HTC Hero, the droid getting too hot in most common tasks like web browsing, even browsing the Market and installing apps).
2: Display Resolution of 360*640 on a 3.5 inch screen is perfectly fine, remember the iPhone's res and screen size, it didn't seem to bother anyone, and the N8's is even higher. I have a PSP with 480*272 resolution and is decent enough to watch a movie/cartoon on it.
3: Symbian^3 is a new OS, redesigned functionality wise. Of course, the UI resembles S60v5 a lot, but as far as i've seen it runs much smoother, and they've improve it a lot since it was first demoed.
4: Camera is very important for some people, after all, for a phone the most common uses are: making calls, texting/email, taking pictures/videos and web browsing --which are very well implemented on the N8. Other features like gaming appeal more to a niche segment of the market, and the phone also manages to run a few up to date cross platform titles.
I know there are phones with a lot more power under the hood, but you can't accomplish a lot more with that extra grunt.
Please excuse me if i made any language mistakes, i'm from Romania.

  • Anonymous

Rajesh, 29 Jul 2010Friends and Fans, Hi to you all. I have a thought and an experie... moreyes you are right and SE is following same direction. Introduce the phone look good but by the time comes out is totally out of date same as Xperia X10.

Beside all these Nokia had their first touch screen 5800 introduce not release with a lot of quality problem after 2 years Samsung, LG, or iPhone touch screen was already out. Now taking the 5800 and keep using same design and old OS and CPU showing you new part number. This to show they are having phones. phone tickles are now around 10-9mil but Nokia still doing things 13-18mil.

  • Rajesh

Friends and Fans, Hi to you all. I have a thought and an experience with Nokia phones to share with you. Nokia phones are always delayed in schedule. When you see them at the time of introduction you feel it is the best and when they are actually released the rival companies have had a dozens of phones in market which will make the best a moderate Nokia phone. Recently I had a very bad experience with couple of Nokia Phones. E72 a messenger in steel turned out to be a not so strong phone with a few hardware and software problems. E72 keyboard has a few flaws and the optical mouse turned out to be a cheap hardware when compared to Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Than I tried Nokia 6700 Slide. Which is built in aluminium casing but regret in 2 or 3 days phone started squeaking and making annyoing sounds while typing and opening/closing the phone. Very bad construction. Not to mention other so many phones from Nokia in last 2 years which are made of brittle plastics that scratch and squeaks in a few days of moderate use. The let down with all Nokia Carl Zeis optic phones from Nokia N73 till N97 is the quality of pics are so average when compared with Sony Ericsson phones. Lateley after have bad experience with 2 Nokia phones I opted to go for Sony Ericsson C510 for a temporary use till I get my hands on N8. To my surprise the camera is very very good in daylight or sufficient light. Nokia phones with Carl Zeis optics do not have smart focus. If you want to make a macro pic you have to used the menu to select macro mode or Carl Zeis takes a very bad shot. But in cheap C510 I just point at an image even if it is about 3 or 4 cm away the focus smartly takes the pic in macro mode and the pics are brilliant. And besides that C510 has a very fast menu and battery lasts me 3 full days with a lot of mp3 playback and taking tens of pics everyday. WOW, this is quality and it is being given to you at a very very cheap price when compared to Nokia and constuction of C510 has no problems whatsoever. But I do miss OVI maps and office features which I get on Symbiann phone. But all in all, my thought of the day is Nokia is going down...down...down. Bye for now....

  • Anonymous

Stick with the future of mobile- android, ios everything else is done.

  • Anonymous

My guess Is it will probably be out in feb 2011 don't hold your breath waiting on Nokia

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2010cheap plastic phone? really? how about researching first befo... moreBuying phones from China made the quality package much better than Nokia touch screen phones. Look all packaging of N97, 5800, and compare with packaging of Blackberry, iPhone or Samsung Wave even HTC Desire. Not even better packaging they even weight less.

Nokia make their phone in China and use even cheaper material than China Brand Name phones. Look another phone such as N76 with all color pilling.