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  • Anonymous

Symbian = Windows in the mobile world. Like it or hate it, that is a fact.

  • philippines

N8's rate is slowly gong up.. haha.. samsung haters.. take that!!

  • deep space bar

Engineer Man, 23 Jul 2010Because Linux distros bring outstanding software advancements to... morego get one
i highly suggest plus cross platform with Qt and iphone and android apps are able to be ported to symbian3 - multitouch support
maemo 5 - keyboard and touchscreen eg. milestone ;)

i'm looking forward cause opera mobile is a start and it's solid

so that's a good start on Qt apps

  • Engineer Man

Because Linux distros bring outstanding software advancements to every layer of the platform. It is capable of so much more with all the talent on tap & meamo certainly stands out over IOS.

Virtually it stands out from the crowd which gives it unique attributes that make some amazing GUI's, touch based interface, Amazing 3d effects you won't see on any other Unix based Platform.

Can't wait to see what the final Meegoo looks like, maybe it'll have some relation to Meamo, learn a few things, bring new things as always over any other mobile os. One thing is for sure, it'll stand out, it'll be powerful & nothing else will run as well either hopefully.

  • Engineer Man

I know but Meego although now in later conceptual design stages it doesn't look that good compared to earlier design stages where there were some really innovative ideas that stand out.

But right now Meego looks suprisingly bland & has changed a lot & still looks aweful. People liked the original concept of Meego because it had that Linux difference to the other OS's, themwise, icons, touch based GUI was nice.

But now it look like they have morphed it into some copycat style apple IOS similarity. We don't like that. We need great Linux ideas that make it stand out from the crowd which are unique, awesome & like meamo.

The draw a circle to Zoom is one of those touch gestures that makes it different. Innovative, simple, more useful like meamo which also included Android touch gestures.

Sadly more apps need to be created for meamo to catch on. I'd buy a phone such as the N900 with Meamo but it's really aimed at the specific developer & there aren't many apps taking off & if, ...very very slowly indeed. Otherwise Linux is the future over!

say no more

  • antennalover

symbian is like windows pc it's not effin picky.

  • tj

SidewindeR, 22 Jul 2010Symbian is no for the spoon-fed masses. Symbian is actually more... morei agree with you about choosing functionality and features over eye candy, but these days the user experience is just as (and maybe even more) important for most customers. and unfortunately nokia's recent touchscreen releases have been full of bugs and problems (namely the failure that was the n97), which i suppose has driven users away. i don't know too much about the technical side of operating systems and what not, but i would imagine that as symbian wasn't initially designed and developed for touchscreen phones, it simply cannot compete with other os that were designed for touchscreen. nokia have probably done the smart thing to keep symbian for the low and mid range devices, and meego for the high end phones meant to compete with the likes of android and ios.

  • Real Phoney

Symbian ^1, (Symbian ^2), Symbian ^3, Symbian ^4. Which one would you develop for?

Symbian Series 90 - Nokia 7710 - Platform DEAD

Symbian ^1 S60 5th - A few devices - Developers Needed - Poor Quality Devices - Platform DEAD

Symbian ^2 - No devices by Nokia - Developers Needed - We'll wait and see

Symbian ^3 - Nokia N8 - Developers Needed - With Symbian ^4 around the corner - We'll wait and see.

Nokia 5800 cannot even run Suymbian ^1 so don't even expect to get anything close to Symbian ^3. I think even if the homescreen was ported it would actually cause the phone to slow down alot.

Nokia 5800, Nokia N97, Nokia 5230, Nokia 5233, Nokia 5235, Nokia 5530, Nokia X6 (all versions), and Nokia C6 all have the same downfall (They were made by Nokia). Well besides the obvious, they all have the same crappy - ARM 11 434 MHz processor.

After the Nokia 5800 was launched alot of people complained about the Slow OS which was said to be caused by the inability of the processor to run such a simple interface (No multiple homescreens, No widgets etc). So someone please tell me why on earth and with whose reasoning was this same ARM 11 434 MHz processor allowed into more phones.

When will Nokia wake up and realise that The Samsung i8910 Omnia Hd has stuff that are comparable to the Nokia N8.

For example -

Nokia N8 - AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Samsung Omnia - AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors

Nokia N8 - 360 x 640 pixels, 3.5 inches
Samsung Omnia - 360 x 640 pixels, (3.7 inches)

Nokia N8 - Scratch resistant Gorilla glass display
Samsung Omnia - Scratch Resistant surface

Nokia N8 - 16 GB storage, 256MB RAM, 512 MB ROM, microSD, up to 32GB
Samsung Omnia - 8 GB/16 GB storage, 256 MB RAM, microSD, up to 32GB

Nokia N8 - 1/1.83'' sensor size, ND filter, geo-tagging, face and smile detection
Samsung Omnia - Geo-tagging, face, smile and blink detection, image stabilization, wide dynamic range, ISO 1600

Nokia N8 - Video Recording 720p@25fps
Samsung Omnia - HD 720p@24fps, D1 (720x480 pixels)@30fps, QVGA time-lapse and slow-mo video recording

Nokia N8 - Digital compass
- MP3/WMA/WAV/eAAC+ player
- DivX/XviD/MP4/H.264/H.263/WMV player
- Document viewer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)
Samsung Omnia - Digital compass
- MP3/WMA/WAV/RA/AAC/M4A music player
- Document viewer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)

Nokia N8 - Standard battery, Li-Ion 1200 mAh (BL-4D)
Samsung Omnia - Standard battery, Li-Ion 1500 mAh

Nokia N8 - ARM 11 680 MHz processor, 3D Graphics HW accelerator.
Samsung Omnia - ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz, PowerVR SGX graphics

The Samsung i8910 Omnia HD also has Virtual 5.1 channel Dolby surround

So I think rather than buying a (sure to be overpriced) Nokia N8 I'll hold on for a Symbian ^3 upgrade (or port ) for the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD. It sure is capable of running it.

You can go here for a full comparison­52&idPhone2=2691

  • Stephen Perry

Its about time that someone produced a mobile phone with a exelent camera,and Nokia certanly
have with the N8,and im going to have mine in the rather nice orange colour

  • Anonymous

It should be available on Nokia Usa around the 24th of August

  • Fahim

we are looking forward to see a great phone. but i want to see 1GHz processor, and very smooth touch screen. i will but the phone if i get the proper blending of speed and smoothness of the phone.

  • Luck

RONALD, 22 Jul 2010Such a great phone... but unfortunately by the time ... moreWhich phones are you exactly talking about? I can't think of any and I know a thing or 2 about cells :-)

  • Anonymous

Big daddy, 22 Jul 2010The N8 is good product I should know cause Im the on testing it!Are you some sort of QA in Nokia?
If yes, can you guys help to speed up the progress and make sure everything is ok?
Can help to ensure that this phone will be release at Q3 as promised?

  • SidewindeR

Symbian is no for the spoon-fed masses. Symbian is actually more complicated and powerful than anyone would normally think of. Just look at application platforms supported in symbian. Java, SIS, Qt, Python, Flash, Silverlight, the list just goes on. And each of them is powerful in its own way...
Symbian can work much faster and more efficiently than we think of. I wouldn't believe it either until I modded my phone and was astonished to see the difference in performance.
No other OS has more customisation possibilities than symbian. It even extends to the OS level...If the UI looks ugly, there are a lot of alternatives with even infinite homescreens. But I still prefer the Nokia default UI as it is much more user friendly and I prefer functionality over appearance.

  • Big daddy

The N8 is good product I should know cause Im the on testing it!


Such a great phone... but unfortunately by the time its released (looks like October as of now), there will most likely be plenty of even better phones available. Wish they'd release it sooner like next month

  • YJ

Good idea for developers to change N8 UI: get 5 home screen, screen #1 cannot fast change to screen #5. Just change by 12345.. 54321. Screen #3 is original with clock, calendar, date...

  • Ali Abdulla

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2010I have no comment on the UI. It's about personal preferences. I ... moreyeah, im just stuck between

, N8 and N9... if all goes well and N9 have the same cam as the N8,then im happy, hopefully it wont cost a fortune either XD

but knowing Nokia,i rrly doubt...however times have changed.. we'll c:P

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Your link looks weird.
Like some fake link to cheat people.
I do not dare to try.

But "low battery"?
Are you kidding?
Look at the spec before your post. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

Ali Abdulla, 22 Jul 2010"how can the OS be outdated if it is just about to come out... moreI have no comment on the UI. It's about personal preferences. I personally think N8's UI is quite good.
Better than IOS at least.

But when it comes to functionality, it is better than IOS or Android.

Maybe lesser home screen out of the box.
But it is enough for me.
Most likely Nokia will increase the number of home screen in their next updates or maybe some third party apps can help to do that.
But for me, it is enough even if it is just one home screen.

Hardware features wise, N8 is much more better than most of it same rank phone in the market.