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Nokia N8

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  • custodian90

bye2 iphone...

  • Anonymous

ALVIN, 18 Jul 2010wht price now...half the price of iphone 4 or double the spec of iphone 4

  • Anonymous

meghana halan, 18 Jul 2010i used this handset in us i didn't feel good one of the waste ... moreStop being a liar here, n8 is not released to public, only prototype


wht price now...

  • meghana halan

i used this handset in us i didn't feel good
one of the waste handset of nokia..........


Nokia should never use android !

  • laxminarayanagoginen

wat was the price of x8

  • Cindy

Many people are complaining about Nokia's choice of using Symbian, MeeGo, amd Maemo. Please read this to understand WHY they made this decision.­bian_and_meego_are_best_for_nokia_1.htm


¤Flash Support¤ YouTube fans and gamers rejoice Ė Flash is supported on the Nokia N8. Itís a Flash 10.1 compatible Flash runtime (ActionScript 3) and player, called Flash Lite. A point to note: the device does not support all of Flash 10 features for graphics but all video-related features are supported.


WebTV is another new weapon added to the
Nokia N8 ís arsenal. The Web TV application
delivers TV programs, news and entertainment
from channels like Paramount, E! Entertainment,
CNN and National Geographic. Locally relevant
Web TV content will also available from the Ovi


The Nokia N8 is crafted from a single piece of
anodised aluminium. The process of anodising
the aluminum increases its corrosion and wear
resistance. With the casings í ultra scratch-
resistant powers, you can scratch a set of keys
on the back of the device and with a quick wipe
the mark will magically disappear. The anodised
aluminium doesn ít just banish scratches, it also
means itís possible to bring the N8 to the market
in a rainbow of colours.

  • YJ

Symbian ^3 OS seem to be simple with low memory in ROM and low system request. And N8 can update to Symbian ^4? Soft same Android 2.1 to 2.2 or hard like HD2 run Android? Who can confirm it?

  • Anonymous

This is bad, 18 Jul 2010The N8 is surely a beast! But one thing which I still can't mad... moreHmmmmm make up your mind when you see them in the flesh!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2010I read somewhere that the battery on this one is not removable. ... moreThe battery can be removed and replaced. It states that the back cover is screwed on and IF the battery needs replacing you just need to unscrew the back cover!

  • This is bad

The N8 is surely a beast! But one thing which I still can't made up my mind with. Which color should I take? The five color variants are just GORGEOUS! Really in a huge dilemma. Need some help here.

  • Anonymous

Rufus, 18 Jul 2010evrythng luks 2 b f9 wid ths 1.. excpt, dey shud hve provided a ... moreN8's camera lens have highly scratch resistance glass.
So no worry about the scratches.
For dust, you can wipe it with a piece of glass wiping cloth which shall be provided.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2010It will the best if N8 can read rmv and rmvb file or even avi fi... moreI think it should be able to play rmv and avi file.
Not sure about rmvb.
But you definitely can find an app that can open the rmvb file.

  • Jose

N8 support AVI files....

Jose Chennai

  • Rufus

evrythng luks 2 b f9 wid ths 1.. excpt, dey shud hve provided a prtction 4 da camera.. a shutter or smethgn lyk tht.. 12 mp n no protction frm scratches n dust.. too bad..