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Nokia N8

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  • Anonymous

x6 reached 4.6 million hit alreeady!

  • Anonymous

it has 256 ram ryt?

  • Anonymous

590 usd or 370 eu!

  • Anonymous

carl zeiss is not important! the rumored phone will have 480 x 800 resolution like the n900's.

  • Anonymous

yes it can play dvix xvid codec

  • Anonymous

Niraj, 29 Jun 2010Which phone you are talking about??sorry,nokia x6:))

  • Anonymous

this phone will be released before nokia world september 14 15

  • andy burgin

This is just showing how Nokia are losing touch in the Mobile Market an Something Fast as got to Change at Nokia or theres Sales an Shares will Decline faster,Nokia announce mobiles way to early an its takes them at least to get the Released,Nokia knew the new iPhone4 was on its way,so to compete with the iPhone the N8 should have released just about the same time or just a Week after,but we"ve still got 2 months to wait to get the N8,Nokia please stop annoying your buyers an just announce the Mobiles to be Released as soon as its ready to be released straight away,Why? as this stupid idea at Nokia carried on for Years an now under pressure an its the Own Fault

  • Mir

how long should they take to avail this product in the market, see, customers are losing there enthusiasm on this kind of delay.

  • trudis

How come this phone is not yet release.... iphone 4 is making money and 1.7M handset is sold with in 3 days.... what happen nokia....

  • Puneet

I wish they had more RAM on it....Everything out nowdays with that magnitude comes with standard 512mb...Do believe Nokia will come out with bang with some good smartphones but still waiting for MeeGo to go onto these handhelds

  • Niraj

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2010hey guys got the phone yesterday and here is my opinion: i hope... moreWhich phone you are talking about??

  • Anonymous

hey guys got the phone yesterday and here is my opinion:
i hope this will help everyone's problems

What I like:
1. the screen is awesome
2. Sound quality is one of the best and the headphones are like the one's with sony handsets
3. UI is simple and with themes it gets new icons so i'm happy
4. Camera is good not the best i'll say but better than some 5 MP phones i've seen
5.messaging is good have to get used to the keyboard though(it's different from the HTC)

Not to like:
1. build quality seems to suffer (metal bits would had given a better feel)
2. battery life is not that good after first recharge my phone is about to die out in a day.... but i did use WIFI a lot and music

  • Anis

[deleted post]you gotta send them a notice by E-mail

  • Van

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2010Is it a "temporary solution" as you called it? I am n... moreI appreciate your point of view, and i know u are n8 supporter, i m not convincing u to buy apple phone either.. Actually i m planning to buy a new phone and i like n8 so i just wanna know more about this phone.. But when i read comments on this forum i was disappointed b'coz no one is talking about n8 at all, people are just criticizing.. Some are supporting n8 while other are apple or samsung fans.. I just wanna know about the pros and cons of n8 exclusively.. Not about the advantage and disadvantage of n8 over other phones..

  • Anonymous


What about the divx/xvid support of this device mentioned in the it really true, that N8 supports these codecs???

  • Anonymous

Supratim, 29 Jun 2010They keep on increasing the H/W specs, but are they aware how pa... moreI don't think everyone think that Symbian is "painstaking".

Nokia not only improving in H/W specs.
They also improving in Symbian.
This is why there are Symbian^3 and ^4 now and Meego...etc.

  • Supratim

They keep on increasing the H/W specs, but are they aware how painstaking Symbian is, and how much the people hate it?

  • r 3 b 3 l

Superphone, 29 Jun 2010Please read this link before commenting about iphone or saying s... moreNo one says symbian is the most desirable but there is no competing the fact that symbian is the most powerful mobile os there is. And if you'ld ask me, i'ld place windows mobile ahead of android for now atleast.

That article is about sales figures and not a professional review on os capabilities and besides, the article was based on symbian ^1 not ^3.

  • andy burgin

On Endaget a 4 minute video of the N9 or N8 with Querty keypad an looks a very good mobile indeed,only a 8 mega-pixel camera on it,is this the first new meego phone or not will have to wait an see,also want to C7 proper images as Nokia says they are going to release the C7 but still no Video or Proper Images been officially shown,as the images we have seen looks more like a Samsung mobile than Nokia