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  • Anonymous

N8s cam can be updated from 12MP to 17MP via firmware, come on are u drank :D do u 've a headache

  • N8 Voting Results

One thing that I have learned.

It doesn't matter what are the Voting Results.

You should check the number of Votes. More the votes, more popular it is.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I don't know how you do your math, If I break a phone that's cost $500 and nothing's lost in value. Hmmmnn unless the broken parts will turn into a $500 dollar bill instantly.

I know the N8 is cheap in ur eyes, yes its quite cheap literally and that's why there are loads of people waiting for this bcoz its a rare "BANG FOR THE BUCKS". Not all people are willing to pay $1,000 for a shiny Iphone while they can have half of the price but still satisfies their dream phone specs.

  • Babu

Is it windows mobile

  • Niraj

[deleted post]I think you mean Iphone.. Yes u r right.!! Lol

  • Anonymous

?, 20 Jun 2010whichs touch screen is better apple 4 's or n8's?N8 has a better touch screen (it has an AMOLED screen)

  • krag

we need this phone to be realeased. it looks very innovative and interesting. i would also like to be one of the first owners of this phone. anyone knows when it will be available for pre-order?

  • Mian Jee

Can You Run Symbian^1 Applications On Symbian^3 Devices Like Nokia N8 ?
Does Anybody Have Answer For This ?

  • r2

EdB, 20 Jun 2010Why is it that the iPhone4's secondary camera will make video ca... moreNokia phones have been making video calls in the us since 2003. 3g networks in the us use a different frequency from europe so nokia phones for the us are made seperately And tagged us edition. The problem is u getting the wrmg phone. The n8 would be able to make video calls anywhere on the globe. It supports all frequencies.

  • Anonymous

N8, 20 Jun 2010You complain so much about ram.The ram on the N8 is just fine.Mo... moreNokia phones are failing to compete at this level and RAM is one the main culprit. Nokia listens to annoys too much that's why they are loosing out.

  • ?

whichs touch screen is better apple 4 's or n8's?

  • SidewindeR

Niraj, 20 Jun 2010In my opinion you are right. Samsung products are cheap and non ... moreAnd best of all, the support that nokia provides its customers is beyond any cellphone manufacturer. I was surprised when nokia released firmware updates recently to the so called outdated 5800. It just shows how caring nokia is unlike samsung who tend to abandon it's customers after each phone is released. And not to mention the PC studio is one of the worst PC sync software solutions. It's useles compared to the PC suite or OVI suite of nokia.

  • N8 Rules

N8, 20 Jun 2010You complain so much about ram.The ram on the N8 is just fine.Mo... moreWe Don't beg for users, Users Beg for Us Nokia is the best

  • Niraj

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2010Samsung products are toys with good plastic. I had samsung movie... moreIn my opinion you are right. Samsung products are cheap and non realiable.

  • nolly

nokia is the best phone i ever see or have in the wold, all the features of each phone work... i love nokia.

  • Anonymous

Samsung products are toys with good plastic. I had samsung movie camera fullhd,dvd recorder,40 inch lcd. I sold them all and turn back to Sony at all my home electronics. Samsung are budget products with low reliability,far beyond sony,panasonic,jvc,sharp,onkyo,denon,canon. Samsung mobiles have good lcd displays. In rest,just trash

  • andy burgin

Nokia will be suprising Apple with some new phones in the 3/4 of 2010- early 2011,with a Meego an Symbian ^4 mobile,they say the symbian^3 software is ready now,so the Production of the N8 should be started now,but will the sales of the iPhone4 dint the N8,but its a price war now an Apple as alwaysed overpriced the iPhone an the N8 £320 sim free, we will be able to see if Nokia is back beating Apple

  • Anonymous

i really adore nokia.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2010I searched for Nokia N98 & got result for N8. There is no in... moreN 98 is a rumor at the moment, nothing solid yet. The N800 and N810 were just were just mini tablets that did not have GSM functionality. Just like wifi enabled iPods.

  • Anonymous

if theres omnia hd2 samsung is a copycat!