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  • Anis

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2010look at gsmarena spec it state that thius phone support divx ... moreIt's kinda hard to explain :S yes and no

  • Anonymous

look at gsmarena spec

it state that thius phone support divx xvid codec

is it correct?

  • Adnan

ojakov, 17 Jun 2010Hello, everybody. With it's quad band 3G, will it work with U... moreYes. It will obviously support 3G. And it will support 3G for both t-mobile and AT,T

  • Pancho

Hurry up and release this in july

  • Goblin

Hey you chaps - look at the number of votes the N8 got already ! ! ! Very good specs, nice form factor and screen, and LOW PRICE, have catapulted this device in the record books BEFORE it has been released ! ! !

  • Justin

someonefromtheeast, 18 Jun 2010you're wright, but it come too late in my opinion. you can not g... moreYou've got point there dude. But this particular model meets what I expect from a smartphone for my particular use and in consideration of the fact that NOKIA phones are reliable anyways. I suppose, something new will come out by the time I have N8 in 6 months time and that Nokia or other brands will move the competition a level higher leaving the specs I do like, a notch down or even lower, I still don't mind. It still to me fits to what i want. I may not be as updated with the rest in terms of taste and preferences but I have just been looking at this particular model from a reputable brand name aside from the fact that I always keep handphone changeovers to the least, keeping what i have at the least 3 years until it no longer serves its purpose base on my current needs. But thank for that though.

  • Anonymous


there is meego ui guideline for mobile phone

symbian is said to be used for chaeper phones with high end features

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2010Two phones in two different categories. N8 is mid range hence th... moreIf Nokia N8 is a mid range phone and Iphone is a high end phone as u mentioned, then isn't it funny to see a mid range phones' spec is many times better than a high end phone?

Ridiculous isn't it. N8 is a high end phone with mid range price pa.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]What is Iphone 4G?

Is there such thing? I only know Iphone 4.

Please read and learn your own idolized product before posting pal.

N8 is a great device. Like it or not, I and many of us will get it when it is in store.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Well, apparently you are very insecure about your iphone. Else you will not be here defending your iphone.

Why? Feel threaten by N8? Cheaper and more powerful in many way :)

  • Elephant Man

People still bickering abt which phone is better, iphone this nokia that. He he all i know wen this n8 drops am getting it.

  • Anonymous

Is Nokia on self distract? Check this! They are about to release a flagship phone, one that's meant to send ripples around the world and re announce them officially back in the smartphone wars, then boom they go and release some messed up info about lowering there Q2 forecast coz of intense competition. Seems to me Nokia don't even have faith in there own products, how do they expect to gain new customers.

  • goron goron

come on apple boy,SE M600i or the older p800 have the touchscreen phone from along time ago.dont forget the bricksize nokia 7710 already have it before worldcup dont invent on anything new.they only make a hoax that other phone maker touch phone is not as gud iphone but in the end thats not true.thats why even the lag n5800xm so famous and sell like peanuts.
pls read more to know ur mobilephone well before u write something,specially bout history.
as a smartphone user and i believe all smartphone user around the globe will agree that iphone is not that is a gud phone but there are better.
if i have some money to spend i will not buy iphone again.
im still interest with symbian after i try using 5800xm it is an interesting cheap regret at all.same for SE M600 and omnia.
i do regret to spend my money for iphone 3G.for that kind of money i can even buy 2 smartphone.
if u try enough phones u can see that other phone company start to develope better OS and fast on UI and not worry for sym 3 will be saw their enemy produce alot gud quality phone.
and if nokia is gud enough to lead on smartphone industry they will fix that lag slow hang symbian and if they dont,they will lose million smartphone customers.including me.
im not a fanboy,so my judgement base on my exp from using the phone.and my exp with iOS is not really that gud.high for price low for alot of features.

  • Anonymous

wow 52000+ votes and the phone hasnt come out yet!! wow its gonna be an awesome hit!!1

  • Anonymous

is the Symbian ^3 OS latest we can get?

  • Immortal

ANGRY BIRD, 18 Jun 2010 Iphone is ruling the world ! Lolz :D ,How? :D ,With ur nonfunct... moreHa ha ha :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) for a mere upgradation from 5mp to 12mp,it'll take 10years for apple - This is really funny,angry bird you made us lol lol lol.totally agree with u by the way...

  • p0l4r21

ojakov, 17 Jun 2010Hello, everybody. With it's quad band 3G, will it work with U... moreYes it will work with american 3g bands. If I am not mistaken T-Mobile uses the euro bands in America. AT&T uses its own bands.

  • ray

[deleted post]i still don'ty get how it can ruin my dreams... i really think iphone is overrated, and in a few years become completely absolete. as long as apple thinks they can keep up with the developement with 1 phone every few years they will be overruled.
as soon as the hype wears of and people realise that apple was standing still in their development process it could be over quickly. the novelty of a responsive touchsreen is almost over... as soon as there are other companies fabricating touchscreens which are fast and responsive there will be real competition between apple and others. people will start to notice that looks isn't everything, especially not at a price apple wants. they're not going to be that exclusive anymore.

comparing to cars: you may drive a ferrari with all the luxury money can buy for $100.000. other people might drive a volkswagen which has the same luxury level as the ferrari, but costs only haf as much. WHY would i buy a ferrari than? it may be better in some ways like speed, but what is the use if you can't drive faster than the speed limit? some might like the ferrari because it handles better or for whatever reason. some might like the volkswagen better because its more reliable or safer or does want the luxury but not at a high price.

what i'm saying is that one should ALWAYS have RESPECT for someone elses opinion and let them decide for themselves what they want to buy and like.
For you an iphone is perfect, but for me something else is more important, so i don't want an iphone. especially if that means following the herd i'm not that interested, i've got my own opinion and i can easily think for myself what's good for me or not.


[deleted post] Iphone is ruling the world ! Lolz :D ,How? :D ,With ur nonfunctional outdated 5mp ? With ur useless low class internet ? U r making me to laugh on u n all Iphn users :D ! U r totally blind !
Ya throw ur iphn or breake it & slap urself 10 times bcuz u waste alot on featureless Iphn :D
ya may b N8 is cheap but important thing is it offers many features ,may b iphn ll take 10 years more to get it ! Eg 12 mp cam

  • Reyals

[deleted post]being threatened by the N8, iphone boy? and what has being copied of an iphone into N8? the menu structure is completely different, it's clearly a symbian menu not the iphone copy like samsung makes in some devices. the touchscreen? apple has no monopoly on using touchscreens, all manufacturers have them why not nokia?

and btw dropping this phone might not harm it as much as dropping an iphone with glass front and back....