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  • Weapon-R

yup the flash lite version 10 equipped in n900 can play apps in facebook such as farmville. N8 was equipped with flash lite version 4 means majority of the full web access will be able to deal with it.

Based on my observation here in n8 page. More or less at 30000 hits every 24 hours. Wondering what happened to the daily interest? Maybe some sabotage is going on around here and even at the voting results. Last week its 9.1 9.2 9.1 but now its 8.6 8.6 8.6

sigh... Anyway they can vote this phone down to hell and sabotage may occur but they cant stop people to buy this nokia n8 once it hits the market near to us around the world. Im 1 of those people who are eagerly waiting for the arrival of this phone.

Godspeed nokia...
Long live n8...

  • Anis

SymDroid OS v.10.0 S, 09 Jun 2010is n8 thick? here in gsm some pics looks like its thin. as long ... morei think it support it

  • SymDroid OS v.10.0 S

is n8 thick? here in gsm some pics looks like its thin. as long as its not thicker than nokia n73, i'm fine with that. too bad they did'nt made the n8 with adobe flash player10 , so it can play apps on facebook .

  • Im surprised

Within past 4 hrs there have been 6000 hits. Its unbelievable!

  • Anonymous

I have seen a lady using n8 prototype, i have no chance to see how well the new operating system is. But i can assure you the white one does look beautiful and thin and stylish. Very good design . Girls will like it

  • Anonymous

Amazing phone!

  • Black

mj, 09 Jun 2010what happen to the Daily interest?Donít bother with the Daily Interest Now is the time to look at the OPINION PAGES that reached 291 pages. Wooowww seems everybody in the world have posted their opinion.

  • Niraj

i use my 5-year old , 09 Jun 2010feature-wise the specs are great. the phone design should be bet... moreGuys dont forget N8 has hdmi, fm transmitter, 5 band 3.5G, USB OTG, 12 mp camera, 1/1.83" sensor, Xenon flash etc. These thing requires room to fit in the phone. Thats why N8 is thick. If N8 dont have all these than it would be also 10mm thin.

  • Sierra Razz

very nice phone n featuressssssssss... i love it....

  • kevinaux

i use my 5-year old , 09 Jun 2010feature-wise the specs are great. the phone design should be bet... moreReally mate, thickness will determine if a phone is considered smart? Not it's OS, not the features just how thick it is?

The real shame here is that you seem to have no idea about the effort that goes behind designing and building a phone of this magnitude. Fact that the phones that you just compared with come out short in so many ways when compared to N8 will never be understood by you.

But since you brought it up, when all these phones are available, visit a shop that sells all three and try pocketing each. Tell us then if the squarish end of the Milestone and Iphone 4 slides in easier in your tight jeans or the scooped tips of the N8 does.

  • Atlas

You are complaining about 2mm? WTF ?!?! This phone is obviously the best all arounder cell for 2010. The best priced. The most awaited and you have run out of ideas of what to complain about :-)

  • mj

what happen to the Daily interest?

  • Anonymous

i use my 5-year old , 09 Jun 2010feature-wise the specs are great. the phone design should be bet... moreProbably to support usb otg thickness is reqd.

  • Anna monimous

It supports fota and foti.

  • i use my 5-year old

feature-wise the specs are great. the phone design should be better than this though. i've seen the interview with the designers of this phone on youtube. they keep talking about this HONEST approach. WTF!!! NOKIA SHOULD SACK THEM. why they come with this 12.9 cm thickness!!!! milestone xt720 goes 10.9cm, apple goes 9.3cm... and N8....shame!!!

I don't mind with the big screen size on today's touch phones. But the phone thickness will determine whether your phone is a brick or smartphone.

  • deep space bar

Wizard, 08 Jun 2010Too bad it doesnt hAve a Handwriting recognitionlol there is a guy that write canto or mand on the n8 and is accurate to a tee and has amazing response time

  • Tom-Helge

N8, 09 Jun 2010This phone is going to be a MEGA HIT!!!!Yeah, it's going to be a MEGA HIT like Britney Spears to?.

  • Arjun

This phone is my favourite phone. It is certainly the best. and btw, visit for your phone needs

  • Engineer Man

As amazing as ARM processors are. They must come 2nd place to the BEST processors ever made.

No 1 always & forever RISC. Because their design architecture was leaps ahead of their time. Better than INTEL. If risc were leading the micro processor race that is INTEL today, RISC would be 10x more advanced in every instance & beauty of it's design logic.

  • Anonymous

Even if sammy,htc,se....release 1ghz or 1.2ghz phones they will never surpass n8's popularity.....
This only shows that nokia is still world leader ....